Behind her back

high school drama


7. Childhood friend

Travis pvo My parents made us move from Colorado to North Carolina for there dumb job. When i say us i’m referring to me and my sister Besh. I was a little excited because i heard my childhood friend moved here, I remember what she still looks like,how her laugh sounds and everything,she was my best friend. “Travis come on,we start school tomorrow” Besh said pulling my sleeve “i’m coming, do you remember my childhood best friends name?” i asked “i remember everything else about her but her name” “oh her i remember her, i hear she lives down here!” she said excited “ya i know but whats her name?” i said frustrated “oh i don’t remember,mom probably knows ask here” she grabbed her keys and we walked out to her car. When we got home i ran inside to find my mom on the phone so i stopped and hid behind the wall, i guess i was eavesdropping, “oh he would love that, i remember one time she convinced him to climb the tallest tree in the neighborhood and we had to call the fire station to get him down,” laughed and waited for the other person to talk, then she replied “ oh of course, well nice talking to you bye,bye” she hung up and finished making lunch “Hey mom , how was that?” i asked sitting on the counter across from her “oh it was just an old friend” she said “mom,” “yes son?” “do you remember that girls name that i hung out with when i was little?” i asked “oh of course, she was so sweet, i think it was……..
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