Behind her back

high school drama


2. broke my leg

*BEEP BEEP* I clicked the snooze button on my alarm clock and lazily through the covers on the floor, and rolled out of bed knowing that today is just going to be the same fucking drama as all the other days.Except i was happy i get to hang out with my best friend Claudia. Ever sense that one day me and her never stopped talking to each other, we even got our phones taken away for texting each other.I went to my bathroom and put on some mascara,eyeliner,baby lip. then i picked out an outfit that was cute but comfy. when i got to school i saw Claudia waiting for me by my locker, “hey” she said “hey,so what u doing later” i asked “well, i have a project to finish up” i totally forgot about my project “oh shit,can you help me with mine” i begged “fine” she gave in “let get to class before the sluts come” i said shutting my locker. the day went by pretty fast , and i didn't see Pasly at all,but i saw Harry alone by his locker,so i decided that i was going to walk past him. As i was passing him i tripped over a text book. “oh my God are you OK” he came rushing to my side looking at my foot “ow no it hurts really bad” i was already crying my eyes out “it looks broke” he said making eye contact “can you help me to the office” i asked “of course” he said Harry picked me up bridal style to the office. “thanks Harry” i whispered doubting if he heard me he turned around and said “your welcome,see you around” before leaving as the nurse wrapped my leg.
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