Behind her back

high school drama


3. brake up

The final bell rang and i wanted to go check on Alexis.On my way i bumped into Sara, “hey Harry we need to talk,its about Pasly” she said stepping in front of me “ i’m kinda busy,but what's up” i was anxious to see Alexis and Sara keep stopping me “weeeell ,you know the incident with Alexis…” she exaggerated,now she had my attention “go on,what really happened to her” i asked “Paisley paid Aaron to trip her,but make it look like it was an accident” she blurted out,i don’t think she was suppose to tell me by her face. After my little talk with Sara, I rushed over to Alexis locker, where she was standing with Claudia holding her book bag,while she stuffed books in with one hand, the other holding her crutches. “hey you ok” i asked ,taking the books from her and putting them in her bag “oh hey Harry,and i’m fine” she said looking away “ listen, I know who did this to you and…” she cut me off “yeah me to, Sara told me” she said with a smartalic tone “i’m confused, what did i do” i asked “ I don’t know ask Sara” she said throwing her backpack on her shoulders,than walking away Later I saw Sara and Pasly at Starbucks laughing.I walked up and pulled Sara away from Pasly outside, “ WHAT DID YOU TELL ALEXIS,AND I WANT THE TRUTH” i demanded looking her straight in the eyes “fine,i told her you and Pasly planned to get her hurt so she couldn't go to homecoming” she looked down at her shoes and then back to me “ its not a big deal,no one was going to ask her anyway” “ you better go and tell her the truth tomorrow,or i’ll tell everyone you forced Aaron to have sex with you!, got it” I said before walking to my car and leaving her standing there. The next day i meet Pasly at her locker, “hey babe, are you OK you look stressed” she said like she didn't know what happened “YEAH i wonder why” i answered “OK, maybe i do, but she was getting in the way” she said like she was innocent “NO, you know what we’re done” i said before storming off over to Sara’s locker. “you better tell her today,” i said “ i did this morning” she answered “she said she needed to talk to you” as she shut her locker and walked away. finally didn't have to worry about Pasly anymore,and, i have one more shot with Alexis.
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