Behind her back

high school drama


1. before it started

“ I can't believe you would say that behind my back,i thought you were my friend,i guess i was wrong!!” I shouted “But i didn't I would never do that and you know that” Sara answered “Fuck that, you were the only one i told” I said before I left the room. Sara p.v.o “but i didn't say anything,why did she think it was me” i said to myself. Pasly came from behind the giant tree me and Alexis claimed, I guess that won't happen anymore, “omg you should have seen your face ‘but i didn't do it”she said in a mocking voice “ I had a feeling you had something to do with this” I growled back “of course you did, but i did it for a reason” she smiled at me so i knew it wasn't good “what reason do you have,all you did was make me lose my best friend” I was so mad now that i know i lost my best friend because of Pasly, out of the people it was her to split us up. “ I always wanted to be your friend but she would never let you pick who you should be friends with so i did you a favor i gave you free choice,now you can chose, me who will let you do what you want or her who bosses you around 24/7?” she had a point now that i think of it. “you sound like you're in 4th grade with this dumb friend thing,but you have a point” I said looking at the floor “so i’ll give it a shot.” Alexis P.V.O the bell rang and i was heading toward my second class,when i saw Sara and Pasly, i was fired up knowing pasly did this. As i walked passed, Sara looked down while Pasly gave me a dirty look/smirk. i was not in a good mood to talk to any one at the moment,and i was going to have to stand in front of the class today for a presentation. “Alexis you're late for my class” Miss.Lineard said, normally shes my favorite teacher but right now she was getting on my nerves,and all she said was ‘you're late’. “sorry” i said sarcastically making here give me a dirty look. “OK than, the first person is……..” she held on, i hate when teachers did that “ Claudia” i didn't really know Claudia because most people consider her as a geek, but she seemed nice and smart, so i decided to go talk to her. “hey, Claudia” i said “me” she was very insecure “yeah you, i was wondering if you want to go shopping with me this weekend?” i asked “seriously, i would love to” she squealed NEXT CLASS was chorus which really sucked because Pasly and her boyfriend were in,yeah me. as i sat down in my seat Pasly came in hand-hand with Harry. Harry was the hottest guy in school,he's smart,athletic,and everything a girl wants from a guy. “looks whose all alone” Pasly said loud enough to make everyone laugh at me except Harry, “seriously” Harry said and pulled her to there seat. And that is how all the drama happened. 1 YEAR LATER,..................
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