Behind her back

high school drama


8. Aaron's fuck up

Travis pvo ch 9 the next morning i was at my locker trying to get it open, a kid named Harry came up to me. “you need some help?” he said handing me his book bag “oh um i think so” i replied scratching the back of my neck “what's your combination?” “oh um 43-15-5” “so you're the new kid Aaron right,i’m harry” “I've heard and ya i'm the new kid” “cool,you should sit with us at lunch” “ok cool” from then i went to my class and he went to his. * ring* ring* the lunch bell rang and i meet Harry and the rest of his jock friends at the lunch table,he showed me where everyone sat, i was looking at the lunch line and i saw the most beautiful girl laughing.Harry put his hand on my shoulder looking at the girl to “her name is Alexis” “shes fucking hot” one of his friends named Aaron said “she is, does she have a boyfriend?” i asked “yes, i would have asked her but Harry had to” Aaron said “plus i could do so much better than him in a bed” Aaron ‘whispered’ in my ear “WHAT DID YOU SAY, YOU LITTLE FUCKASS” Harry raised his voice a little and slammed the chair into the table and left. Harry’s pvo “WHAT DID YOU SAY, YOU LITTLE FUCKASS” I raised my voice a little and slammed the chair into the table and left. I was so frustrated that i wasn't paying attention i ran into someone and we both feel on the floor,i got salad and ranch all over me.Great now i’m a mess, “what the fuck, watch where you're going” i said , when i looked up from brushing myself off i saw Alexis standing there with salad all over her looking at my like i was a criminal.she hates when people yell at her. She ran and dropped her tray in the trash and left the cafeteria, and me running after. I can’t believe i just yelled at Alexis.
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