The Night Of Christmas

For the Christmas writing competition. Thank you for reading if you do! Seasons Greetings!


1. The Night Of Christmas

Like the owls, never sleeping,

Hear the storms as they are weeping,

Feel the blankets pulled to noses on the longest winter night,

Watch the shadows come a-creeping,

And the sun that's still in keeping,

Of the clouds that hide the reaping of the waiting morning light;

And the snow falls slowly down,

To our tired and patient town,

Full of children at their windows waiting for the break of day,

There's no miser here to frown,

As the moon lends sun its crown,

And the robins start to sound meanwhile the snow decides to stay;

We'll see relatives who miss us,

And admit to all that this was,

Once again, the greatest day we share together for the year,

Oh the winter, it will kiss us

Goodbye on The Night of Christmas,

And I hope your heart will swell for the next one coming near.

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