On tour with One Direction

I always dreamed of performing. I use to have my hair brush glued to my hand as a child, singing my favorite songs in the mirror, making up dance moves to every song that came out.

Now I'm doing it in front of millions of people, only this time, I'm doing it with One Direction.


21. The Horan's




Today is the day that I leave. Harry doesn't know yet, he hasn't really talked to me much, I know it's only been two days but still. He turns the other way now, not that I mind. I was kind of hoping he didn't take an attachment to me. 

But who am I kidding? He's Harry Styles, he doesn't take an attachment to anything. 

I pull my suit case to the door, turning to zip my jacket up. He strolls out of the kitchen and almost drops his cup whenever he sees me. "Where are you going?" He asks and stands there. 

"I have a flight." I say in a nonchalant tone. 

"For where?" His head moves forward, his face contracts together in complete confusion. 

"Ireland." I say simple and he straightens up, something shifting in him. 

"For?" He says with a straight and dull tone. 

"Harry, why are you asking so many questions?" I whine, starting to get fed up with him. "I need to go." I say whenever I hear the beep of the taxi. 

"Let me drive you." He says in a hurry. 

"The cab is already here?" I tell him but he doesn't listen, as usual. I wave the cab off and wait for Harry, he comes out of the bed room in a white t shirt and black jeans. He grabs his coat and we walk out to his car. "I can't actually get in that." I say to him. 

He's at the drivers side, looking at me. "You're not that short." He states. 

"Yes, this is a big car for someone who's only 5'3"." I say with my hand on my hip. "Can you just help pull me in whenever I get up the seat?" He nods his head and jumps in. He grabs my hand and pulls me threw the door. "Thank you." I say and he doesn't say anything back. 

It's about a half hour to the airport, Harry decided not to say anything until we were almost there. "Why are you going? I thought you hated him?" He says but doesn't look at me. 

"I never hated him." 

"Sure acted like it." He murmurs. 

"You act like you hate me, so what? Do you hate me?" I watch his fingers tighten around the wheel, he wants to say something but doesn't know how. "Don't get mad, just talk." 

"It's not that simple." He states and turns into the airport. 

"Harry, you're never going to get anywhere if you can't talk about what's going on in there." I poke his head, "and in there." I poke his chest. 

He looks down at my finger and then at me. "You're going to miss your flight." He says with a dull tone. I nod and get out of the car, hitting the ground with a hard thud. I wave to him as he drives off, he doesn't even acknowledge me. 

I text Niall and tell him I'm getting on my flight now and turn my phone to airplane mode. I sit in my seat and plug in my headphones, I wonder why Harry was so mad and bothered that I'm going to Niall. 


Almost an hour and a half later, I arrive in Dublin. I look around for my little blonde furby but I can't see him. I stand on my tippy toes looking around while I wait for my bag to turn on the baggage claim. 
"Is that her?" I hear someone whisper and I turn around, there's a small crowd forming around me and I don't understand. "Holy shit! That's her!" Someone screams and before I can turn to run, there's cameras flashing, people throwing pens and paper at me. 

It was very overwhelming. "Hi! Braelynn over here!" People kept screaming in my face, asking for pictures, autographs, an older man even asked me to lick his hand. That comment made me shudder a little. I'm trying to look over the head of the crowd but I can't see. Finally security comes running over to help me, grabbing me and bags from the crowd and he threw me over his shoulder.

"Mr. Horan is in the black car out back. Run." They say and give me my bags. 

I don't hesitate, I grab all my things and run to the black sedan waiting outside. I jump in the door as it opens for me and lay my head back on the seat. "Holy. Shit." I say and let my bags drop the floor. 

"Get bombarded?" I smile at his voice and turn my head. 

"Crazy fans, oh my god." I tell him and puts his arm up on the seat. I cuddle into his side and he drapes his arm around me. " you smell good." I state and he laughs. 

"I hope so, I just showered." Niall teases. 

"What? You shower?" I tease and he pokes my side. "Are we going to your house?" I ask and he nods. I'm so tried, my eyes are drooping the further we go, thankfully Niall's house isn't the far from the airport. 
We pull up to a little house. There's a lot of grass behind it, it feels like I'm back home. I turn around to grab my stuff but Niall tells me to just go inside, saying that he's got it. "I'm not going in there by myself!" I whisper-shout. 

"No ones even home, yer fine!" He says so I take his word for it and walk in the front door. 

Fuck you Niall.

His whole damn family is here in the living room, which is the first thing you open the door up to. "Ah..." I say and Niall walks in behind me, smiling a full smile at me as I scowl to him. 

"Braelynn, that's my mum, dad, my brother." He went on, but I already knew who these people were. 
But I acted like I didn't lurk their son's Wikipedia over and over again. Well, this got really awkward.

"Hi, I'm Braelynn." I say with a smile. 

"Oh we know." His mother says, "he talks about you all the time." She tells me in a joking tone, making my cheeks heat up real quick. 

"Mom!" Niall shouts behind me and I turn to him, his face is red raw too. My leg is grabbed by a little boy, I turn my body around and see Theo holding on to my leg. "That's Theo." he tells me. 

"I know." I said and bent down to him. I grab his nose and he giggles, asking me to give it back. "I'll give you hug for my nose back." He whines and I'm more than happy to get a hug from this little lady killer. 

"Here you go." I say and out his nose "back on". "He's even cuter in person." I say and Greg looks at me. "He's all over Niall's Instagram." 

"Ah, right." He says and Theo thugs at my pant leg. I look at him laughing as he reaches up for me, telling me to pick him up. 
I do as he wants and he's grabbing my nose, "oh no! How am I going to smell!" I play and he laughs. Niall's arm goes around my hips and as he play with Theo while I hold him, he grabs at Niall's nose. 

"How am I going to know what Braelynn smells like?" Niall pouts and I look at him, so cheesy. "I need that back because she smelt pretty good." I can't believe he's saying this in front of his mom, but by the looks of it, she's loving it. 

"So glad you came, Braelynn." She says to me, "come come, do you know how to cook?" She asks. 

"Do I ever." I say and lick my lips. 


Niall sits beside me, Theo on the other side and Greg beside Niall. He keeps touching my thigh, he's way to close to my sweet spot right now and I'm hungry and wanna eat. "Stop it, not right now." I whisper and wiggles his eyebrows at me. 

"What do you like to eat?" Maura says to me. 

"Hmm, what don't I like." I tell her. 

"Another Niall." His dad laughs. I look at niall and wiggle my eyebrows this time, having him kiss my nose. We finish eating and I help take the dirty plates off the table, "you don't have to do that." Niall says while he wraps his arms around me from behind and rests his head on my shoulder.

"Yes, please go sit. You are our guest." His mother says. 

"Guys, I'm Canadian. It's in my blood to help you, weather you like it or not. Let me do the dishes." I offer and she looks between me and Niall. 

"If you do not marry this women you will never marry ever." She says and points to Niall, making my cheeks burn for the second time today. Niall kisses my cheek and leave the room, but not before he slaps my ass. 

His mum laughs, "I can't believe he did that in front of you." I whisper to her. 

"He's an Irishmen, not much you can do." She shrugs and laughs. 

I finish up the dishes and wipe down the table and put the rolls away. I lean back on the counter, my back was killing me. Plains are terrible and the lay over I had in Poland was brutal even though it was only a half hour lay over. 
Niall catches my attention as he walks into the kitchen, he's staring me down as he maneuvers his body threw the chairs I didn't push in yet. His hands go to the curve on my side and his lips go straight to my neck. I turn my head to the side and give him more access, he moves his way to my lips and I touch his waist. 
"Thank you for coming." He says to me in a whisper. 

"Thank you for flying me." I giggle and poke his nose. Theo runs in the room just as Niall was about to kiss me again, he's screaming for Niall to play with him. "Go play, I'm going to finish in here." He groans and picks him up, leaving the kitchen.

I finish cleaning up and push the chairs in. I walk into the living room and watch Niall throw Theo in the air, it was. A wonderful sound to hear the little boy scream laughter at his uncle. "Come sit." Maura says to me, patting the place beside her on the couch. "Niall, get your eyes off her for a minuet, can Ya? I'm allowed to talk to her." This women knows how to make a chick blush. 

She's asking a bunch of questions. Like about my school, my old job, what I did, what I had to do. And then she mentions my mother, "and what does your mum think about all this?" 

Niall stops playing with Theo and he looks at me, waiting for my reaction. "Ah well, she was very proud of me. I think she still is." I smile and look up. 

"What do you mean?" She asks. 

"My mum died about a month ago.." I told her and she shoots her head at Niall. "Out of the things you've said about this girl and you forget to tell me her mum has past?" 

"No it's fine, really! I'm okay now." I tell her and she touches my cheek, I close my eyes and lean into her hand. 

"You're still hurting?" She whispers to me, but I know that Niall's listening. I nod my head to her for s response. "Why my darling." 

"I've been threw a lot." I explain and touch her arm, she smiles at me. "I'm okay though, I'm a big girl." She laughs and rubs my arm. 

"Let me show you around the house." Niall says and stands up, "we'll put your bags away too." He said and picked them up. I tried to grab one to help but he wasn't having it. "That's the bathroom, that's Gregs old room, my parents room." We stop outside of s door, he pushes it opened. "My room." He says and shuts the door as I walk in. 
He pressed me up against the door and grabbed my jaw, kissing me and touching me. I was out of breath and I wanted it but his whole family was over right now. "Not yet." I say and push him to the side. 

"What, why?" He says with a little puppy pout. 

"Your family is downstairs..." I say with a 'are you dumb' kind of tone.

"That's okay, we were having a Christmas party whenever Theo was conceived." He explained and I laughed very very hard. "Just come over here and love the fuck out of me." He says and I do as I'm told. His hands play on the small of my back and mine gracefully grab on to his shoulders, pulling him closer. "This is a good song." He says and puts his head up to listen to the song that's playing downstairs. "Dance with me?" He whispers and I nod, pressing myself to him even further and slowly moving in a circle, his forehead is leaned on mine and I sigh a very nice sigh. 

My head lays on his shoulder and he kisses my neck, "It's nice to have you back." I whisper to him and he nods in agreement. We stop whenever we hear our names being called, "We should go downstairs." I say and he kisses my lips, I smile into the kiss and he pulls me downstairs. 

"Yes." Niall says with a little attitude. 

"I'm not interrupting anything am I?" His mum says to us and raises her eyebrows, a little smirk on her lips.

"No, I was just showing her around." Niall gulped. "Then we danced." He explain.

"Ah huh, well, we're going out. Can we leave Theo here or do you want us to take him?" Maura asks us, Greg keeps staring at me, almost like he doesn't trust me. Or didn't like me, either  way I spoke up, "We'll watch him." Greg's face went from 'suspicious' to 'wow.' Right away. I don't think he was expecting me to say yes.

Theo was jumping up and down at the idea of Niall and I watching him. "Whoa whoa whoa, hold on a second." Niall was quick to counteract my words. "If they take him I can show you around a little more." He's giving me that look, the one that says, "My parents aren't going to home, I can show you things that you never knew were possible." Kind of look. I giggled at him.

"Well, we can take Theo with us." I said and he stood there looking at me, asking with his eyes if I was actually serious. I held my laugh as I picked Theo, "We're going to have so much fun, aren't we?" I asked him and he started laughing whenever I pretended to drop him  from my arms, but caught him and wiggled my hair in his face. "Right, Uncle Niall?" 

"Loads." He said, he loves Theo to death but I knew what he wanted. It's just fun to piss him off. 

i'm actually more in love with Theo than I am Niall, he's so goddamn cute! anyway, HOW WAS YOUR CHRISTMAS? mine was kind of shitty, my boyfriend and i of two years broke up on christmas day... Some things just aren't meant to be i guess, so if you notice my writing kind of take an emotional turn.. this is why! xxbella   

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