On tour with One Direction

I always dreamed of performing. I use to have my hair brush glued to my hand as a child, singing my favorite songs in the mirror, making up dance moves to every song that came out.

Now I'm doing it in front of millions of people, only this time, I'm doing it with One Direction.


6. The After Show



CAUTION!!! Sex will be in this chapter. If you can't handle sex scenes, don't read past her & niall going to the club. You've been warned.


We went out to eat, finally. I was starving by the time we finished up. I had helped the boys with singing Better than Words and it was the most fun I've ever had.


I feel like I'm on top of the world right now and it was totally worth waiting my whole life to preform. I started singing whenever I was 7 years old and now I'm 19, I waited forever for this moment. It felt good to have (most) of the boys telling me I did a really good job, but Niall... He wouldn't leave me alone, his hands were touching me every time no one was looking.

Worst part of it was, I had a hotel with him and I'm wearing a dress. I had to repeatedly swat his away from my thighs and pull my dress down, I don't know what got into him and I don't know if I like it or not.


"Oh my god I am so full I could pass out!" I said laughing and threw myself on my bed. I pushed up on my elbows and watched Niall walk over to his suit case and take his shirt off, my eyes widened whenever I got good look at his toned muscles.

This is a total cliché but I wanted to walk over there and run my hands all over him. But I didn't. I just watched as he sprayed Playboy cologne over his body and threw on a new t-shirt. He went into the bathroom and came out with different pants on, "are you going somewhere?" I asked whenever he put his shoes on.

"Yes, wanna come?" He asked and I nodded my head, slowly getting up from the bed. I changed into a flowy skirt and a tight black long sleeve, grabbed my Converses and walked out with him. I looked behind me, "are the others coming?" I asked.

"Nope." He said and walked into the elevator. He had keys in his hands as he pressed the button and I honestly became kind of nervous. I cleared my throat as we waited for the elevator to take us to the main level. "Ready?" Niall asked as he unlocked a car, I could hear it in distance somewhere. I followed Niall over to it and stood there looking at him, there is no way I'm going to get in that.

"Niall..." I said and he stopped getting in the Rover, he looked out at me. "I can't like... Reach?" He looked at me and then burst out laughing.

My cheeks heated up and he came over to me, still laughing, and picked me up. He put me in the passenger seat like a little kid and I just sunk into it. That was so embarrassing.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"You can dance, so we're going to go dance." He wiggled his eyebrows at me and I giggled. About half an hour later we arrived at a club and he parked away from the crowd, helping me out of the car and gently placing me down on the pavement.

"Thank you." I said and fixed my skirt and walked behind him. I grabbed the back of his shirt because people were getting in front of me and I didn't want to loose him. I found a seat as soon as I got in and ran to it, I watched Niall go to the bar and he came back with two drinks.

"Don't know what you like so I got you a whiskey sour." He said and sat in front of me.

"This is actually my favourite." I said and chugged it, slamming the cup back on the table.

"Holy shit." Niall said, starring at me.

"My dads an Irish man, too." I winked. The look on Niall's face told me he didn't believe me. So I showed him a picture of my red-head, freckle infested dad chugging back a beer. "Even his birthday is St.Patrick's day."

"No way." Niall said laughing and chugged back his drink. The only part of drinking I hate is I'm such a light weight. Because three drinks later, I'm almost ready for bed. "I'll give the benefit of the doubt, those are very strong drinks!" He said over the music. I nodded my head and tripped, running into Niall who was laughing like crazy.

Clearly he was drunk too. Niall went to get more drinks and I was left by myself on the dance floor, I was sweating and felt gross when other people pushed themselves up on me. I was grabbed by some guy and we started dancing, I loved it because damn he could dance.

He was dipping me and twirling me and he wasn't even creepy like the others guys in here. His hands stayed in a respectful place but low enough to single he wanted me. I pushed away after the song over but he had other plans, "I need to go." I slurred and he shook his head. Finally letting go of my hand and allowing me to find Niall.

But I couldn't.

I called his name and asked the bar tender if he had seen him. Apparently Niall walked out the door during the last song. I was left by myself to walk out the door, almost white girl wasted, trying to find Niall. I walked up to the car and knocked on the window, he looked at me and got out. "Why did you leave?" I asked.

"Because you were with that guy." He looked like a child, his face red with alcohol and his tone was drowning in jealousy. But why? We just met and he's jealous?

"Sooooo...?" I asked, totally not getting why he's so mad. His fist hit the side of the car, making me jump back. I closed my eyes and my head filled with a bunch of flashbacks.

"I took you here!" He yelled. I started to back away, Niall was scaring the shit out of me. "Not him!" He pointed to the club. I was about to turn and run but I fell over, Niall toward me and I wanted to scream but instead I curled into a ball and tucked my head inside my body. "Wha-what are you?" He asked gently.

I flinched whenever he touched my arm and slowly pulled me up, by this time I was sober and crying. "What's wrong?" He asked as he picked me up like a child and cradled me. "I didn't mean to scare you, I was just jealous. Brae I'm so sorry!" My legs were wrapped around him and my face was buried into his neck and his was in mine.

He put me in the car and started it, I would be worried but we were both pretty sober by now. I couldn't stop crying and my mouth was becoming dry due to the tears and sobs that kept coming from me. Niall's hand was in mine but I couldn't look at him, not yet anyway.

We finally got back to our hotel and I hopped out of the car and ran back to the room. I opened the door and ran to the bathroom, locking myself in there. There was faint knock at the door and Niall's voice asking me to come out and to him, and after a few tries from him, I did.

I slowly peaked my head out of the door and he looked at me with red eyes, he's been crying. I stepped out fully, shutting the bathroom light off and looking at him. He shook his head and placed his arm above my head, clicking the bathroom door closed. My back was pressed up against the door and my eyes fluttered shut, my chest became heavy as I prayed that nothing else would happen. "Please don't ..." I begged. My mouth opened as a heavy breaths fell from it, and his hand touched my cheek.

"Who did this to you?" He asked, face inches from mine. "I would never hurt you? Why would someone ever hit you?" His voice was full of pain as he looked at me with heavy eyes.

"It was a long time ago, but it stuck with me." I carefully explained. A past like that doesn't just go away, I've gotten over it, mostly. I couldn't help myself when I let my hands run down his shirt, gripping the middle of it. My fingers twirled the fabric and my eyes scanned his body.

His finger tips touched my chin, making me look up at him. I stopped playing with his shirt and just hung on to the ends of it while we looked at each other. Both our blue eyes were locked on one another and his fingers stayed on my chin, making sure I didn't look away again. I felt myself becoming really antsy, I wanted to feel more than just his t-shirt but I knew I couldn't.

I've only known him for almost four days, this can't move that fast. It's not suppose to, moving that quick can ruin everything and I don't even think we trust each other. Ah fuck, who am I kidding?

His lips were pressed against mine and my chest heaved up so far that I touched his chest with my boobs. Our lips were still pressed together while he played with the zipper of my skirt, mine fiddling with his belt. It felt so wrong doing this, almost like I was going to regret the next day, but right now in this moment, everything felt so right.

A soft moan fell from my mouth as his lips carried their way down to my neck whilst his fingers dragged down my back in the most passionate way ever. I've never been touched so gently in my whole life, I'm not use to this kind of affection.

My body became full of goose bumps as my skirt fell to the floor and my shirt was taken up over my head. I had finally gotten his belt undone and then popped the zipper of his pants. He grabbed underneath my thighs and lifted me up against the wall, my legs wrapped around him as my arms went up above my head while he kissed my stomach. "I'm sorry it's not as flat as the other girls you've been with..." I confessed.

"No baby, you're perfect. You've got something for me to hold on to and I love that." He took me off the wall, our lips connected as he did so and laid me on the bed. I took his shirt off and put it on the floor, I was glad he wasn't rushing this and taking his time with it.

My fingers slid around his neck as my other hand traveled down his toned chest. His blonde tickled my face as his lips went down my stomach and he got on his knees in front of me. I propped myself up on my elbows as I watched him take off my panties, his lips kissing the insides of my thighs as he did so. It's become so bad that I felt myself wanting to rush this and push him inside me, he's teasing and I'm not a fan of that. "Niall..." I moaned but whined at the same time.

"Okay." He whispered and giggled a little. "But we need to be quite because if they hear us they'll switch us." He said when he came back up. He was hovered over me and my fingers dug themselves into the band of his boxers and pulled them down, his kicked them off but didn't do anything just yet. He stayed there over top of me, using one arm to hold himself up and the other to touch my cheek. His mouth kissed my nose and I wiggled it at him, "you're so damn beautiful." He told me and lifted my legs up so that they were sitting up by his ribs.

Slowly and gently he pushed in. I was thankful because it's been awhile since I've done this, so it was a little uncomfortable. But once I got use to him, I was biting the skin of his collar bone trying not to scream. My finger nails dug into him and went down his back only to make their way to his hair and then to his face where I grabbed it and kissed his lips. My back arched and his mouth kissed the valley between my chest and came back up to my neck. "Tell me when you're close." I said in his ear.

He nodded and I held myself in while I waited for him. "Like 3 seconds." He gasped out. It was so hot the way he starred at me while we both came. Our eyes locked together as we came undone to each other and he collapsed beside me. "Holy. Fuck." He said in between breaths.

I laid there, my body sore and exhausted. I couldn't even reply to him I was so overwhelmed, with what? I'm still not sure. Maybe the fact that I just had burning passionate sex with Niall, but I don't know. He pulled me into his side and I gladly excepted it, he kissed my forehead again and again, telling me how happy he feels. I sat up and went into the bathroom to clean off, only to have him join my shower.




SOOOOOO FIRST SEX SCENE OF THE BOOK WHATS UP?! Lol, hope you guys like it! (Like the chapter... Not the sex! Hahaha) anyway, just saying that I LOVE feedback and there's always this one person (I think the user is harrybananas) but they're always giving me feed back & I can't be more thankful for that! I'll probably update tomorrow or the next! Xxbella

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