On tour with One Direction

I always dreamed of performing. I use to have my hair brush glued to my hand as a child, singing my favorite songs in the mirror, making up dance moves to every song that came out.

Now I'm doing it in front of millions of people, only this time, I'm doing it with One Direction.


5. Show Time

5: So the day is here, the day that we're up at 5 in the morning and gone to eat before we take stage for rehearsal. To say I'm nervous would be an underestimate, I'm actually about to pee my pants. 

"Right now you'll be doing covers of other songs. Can you dance?" The stage manager asked. I nodded my head, "alright good, go to this room and learn the dances." She smiled at me and I was on my way. 

Niall patted my back as I walked away and Harry scuffed at me. I pretended I was scratching my face, with my middle finger of course. He didn't like that too much. 

I walked into the studio and everyone started cheering, I stayed by the door. I wasn't sure what to do, "we were hoping you'd say yes to dancing!" One of the girls screamed and ran over to me, pulling me inside the door. I looked around, "okay so the first song we're going to do is Dive, by Beyonce!" Everyone squealed. 

I knew this song off by heart, even the dance moves that are used in the video. Weather or not they're going to use those moves, it's beyond me. "Grab a water bottle and pretend it's your mic!" A water bottle was thrown at me and I got into position. 

Luckily the moves were pretty similar. Next was déjà vu, also by the Queen herself. Again, the moves to the video were basically the same. "So," I asked, almost out of breath. "Beyonce's not going to come at me and kill me for pretty much using the same moves and using her songs.... Right?" I looked up at them, they all looked around and started laughing. 

"No silly, she's making money off you!" One of the boys said. I looked at him, how could she be making money off me? "It's called royalties, singers get them whenever someone else uses their song and or moves. It's simple, they bought all these songs from the artists and same with most of the moves, it's in writing if she wants to sue you." He winked, making me gulp. 
"Okay what's next?" I asked. 

"Can you rap?" One guy asked me. 

"Ah... Like what kind?" Everyone laughed at my question. 

"Like Hello, Good Morning?" 

"I LOVE that song!" I squealed. 


Four and a half hours later, I've got my moves down and the songs too. "You're up first." The manager said to me as I was getting into my first outfit. It was a short, blue sparkly dress that was kind of like feathers at the bottom. Déjà Vu was the first song up. 

My hair was in messy curls and I could see the boys walking over to me. I put on the heels and niall looked at me, "Jesus." He muttered, my cheeks heated. 
"Braelynn!" I was pushed on to the lifting floor board and handed a mic. "Your dancers will be on there first, Harry's going to introduce you."

Oh great. I listened, he sounded so happy whenever he introduced me to the crowd. "You'll do great!" Zayn said and he hugged me. 
"I'm sweating like a whore in a church!" I yelled over the music. 
He laughed and patted my back, as did the others. Harry came down and my music started, I was slowly being lifted up. "Turn around! Your back is facing the crowd first!" Someone yelled to me, I obeyed and turned around. 

I flicked my hands and took a deep breath, I noticed my dancers and they all winked at me. My beat hit and josh nodded at me, letting me know that my que was coming up in five seconds. I stood up fully, hearing the crowd roar and feeling my adrenaline shoot threw my veins, I put the mic to my mouth and counted. 
"Baby it seems like, everywhere I go, I see you." I did my moves with the dancers, surprising myself with how good I was doing at keeping up. 

"From your eyes, you know it's like I breathe you. Helplessly I reminisce, don't want to. Compare nobody to you!" My arm went to the air, dragging it down my body and popping it up with my chest, just like everyone else. I slide to my knees, pulling my hair up with my hands and hitting the stage with it just like I was taught. 

"Boy I try to catch myself but I'm out of control! Your sexiness is so appealing I can't let it go!" And que the belly dancing. "No I can't get over you, cause everything I see is you and I don't want no substitute." I rolled on my back and lifted it up, the mic just above my mouth as I screamed the lyrics in like my life depended on it. 

The crowd was going wild and I was feeding off them, I even forgot that I was on stage until I finished the song and got off stage to get into my next outfit. Whenever I was lifted off I was tackled by four boys, Harry staying back. Of course, probably forgot that his tampon doesn't go in his ass. 
"You did amazing!" 

"That was so cool! I wish I could dance!"

"I can't wait to see more!" And finally niall was last. He picked me up and hugged me, I had to wrap my legs around him or I was going to fall and break an ankle, "that was the hottest performance I've ever seen." He whispered in my ear and I pulled back, looking at him. 

His eyes were a dark blue and my cheeks heated pink. He slowly let me down, sliding me off his body as my feet touched the ground. "Let's go let's go let's go! You need to be changed!" I was dragged away from them and had my outfit torn off me as another one was put on, and this one I could barely breathe in. 

Sooooo what do yas think?! LET ME KNOW! Xxbella 

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