On tour with One Direction

I always dreamed of performing. I use to have my hair brush glued to my hand as a child, singing my favorite songs in the mirror, making up dance moves to every song that came out.

Now I'm doing it in front of millions of people, only this time, I'm doing it with One Direction.


18. She should be with me






"She needs a doctor, Harry! Leave that guy to himself, we need to go!" Liam shouted but Harry was too busy trying to fight that guy. Why did he care so much? Just the other day he told her he liked it better whenever she wasn't here. 

"No, that guy can go fuck himself! Get a punch in for me too harry!" I called out, my arms were holding Braelynn, she seemed almost lifeless. "Braelynn, can you hear me?" I whispered in her ear and she moaned a little. "You're going to be okay." I told her and her arm dropped off my shoulder. 

"This is getting bad, Harry! Let's go, mate!" Liam shouted and pulled Harry out of that guys face. Fuck him and his family, I'd spit on his grave if I was giving the chance. 

"Is she okay?" Harry asked whenever we got in the car, "we need the closest hospital!" Harry said to the taxi and he nodded his head. "This is going to be all over the news." He said with his fingers holding up his head. 

"We'll worry about that later, what's she doing now?" Louis asked and pulled her hair out of her face. "I hope she's just tired." He groaned. I had her laying in my lap, my arm supporting her head as my head was lying on her stomach. 

I was praying that she be okay, that she'll just wake up dizzy and hopefully she'd forget this whole thing. Soft sobs came from her mouth and actual tears ran down her face, she was awake, she just couldn't move or talk. 

"This is so bad." Liam said and mimicked Harry's position with his elbows on his knees, leaning forward and had his head in his hands shaking it. "So bad." He leaned back in his seat and laid his head back. 

"It's okay." I spoke quietly, running my fingers threw her hair and kissing her cheek. My chest was aching and it took a lot not to cry in front of everyone. 

"Just wanted her to have a good birthday." Liam spoke again, his eyes were closed shut. You could tell he automatically blaming himself, he was wishing he never offered the idea of going out tonight. 
But this was half my fault, if she still had me she wouldn't have needed another guy. I shook my head, completely disappointed in myself. 

We arrived at the hospital and we rushed out, Harry was the first one to call for a nurse. "Do you speak English? Do you? Hey excuse me, can you speak English?" He went around to everyone in the hospital until he finally found someone. 

"What happened?" The nurse asked. 

"We're more than sure she was almost date-raped." Harry explained, his hands were shaking and he was starting to sweat. "Some guy at one of the bars was mad that she wasn't going home with him, she needs help!" He said and grabbed her from my arms.  "Please!" She shouted and the girl put Braelynn in a wheel chair. 

We all started walking behind the nurse but she stopped us, pointing to  the sign above her head. It was a doctors and staff only, we all groaned but sat down in the waiting room. None of us talked, none of us made eye contact with anything except the floor.

I decided to look at twitter, people were blowing up my interactions with pictures that someone took of us tonight. Everyone was asking what happened, for Braelynn being a girl and being on tour with us, the fans loved her. I expected them  to hate her for everything she's got. I made a tweet,  "Sometimes men get a little too greedy.  They think they can have whatever want and do whatever they want." 

That caused a whole new questionnaire. I checked the boys other tweets; Liam said something about Braelynn being in hospital due to not paying enough attention. Figured he'd say something like that.  Zayn tried his hardest not to tell them what exactly happened, stating that she's very lucky she found Harry when she did.

Louis didn't say anything, he hasn't really said much all night. He's just kind of in a daze or something, his hands on hanging over his knees-fingers linked together and eyes closed. 

Harry was very blunt. "We don't get along very often  but I was not about to have some  guy lace her drink." 

Our phones were being blown up, I turned mine off and then Zayn got a phone call. We all knew exactly who it was on the other line whenever he held his phone away from his face because they were screaming at him. "Settle down, she's fine!" He said back and rolled his eyes. "No one ever said anything, there's a few pictures but that's nothing. She could've just passed out or something. She is 20 and in Mexico." 

The nurse came out and we all stood up, "Is she okay?" Harry asked. 

"Yes she is fine, just needs rest." The nurse explained.

"Can she come home?" I asked and she nodded, we all followed her out back and Braelynn was sitting up with her eyes half opened and she smiled when we walked in. "Hey." I said and sat beside her. She smiled at me, still too weak to reply back. 

"How are we going to get her out of here?" Louis asked, and we all shrugged. "Someone has to carry her." I tried to put her in my arms but  she squirmed, clearly she's still mad at me.  "Obviously not you  Nialler." Louis scuffed, I frowned. 

Zayn ended up taking her out to  the car and back to the hotel, we were sure that there was no cameras around whenever we went out the back door. Security was big whenever we got back to the hotel, but there  was no one around. "I'll take her up to the room and then I'm going to bed, way too drunk for this." Zayn said as Harry opened the hotel room. 

We all went back to our own rooms and I laid in bed, I wonder if her and Harry get along better now that they're roommates. I couldn't see it  but you never know, she did say that she would rather puke than even kiss Harry. 



I groaned every time I turned in my sleep. It's weird how a little powder can make your whole body feel like you were hit by  a car, I hate that guy. I think  I woke Harry up a few times and I  didn't even have the strength to say I was sorry. I have an  interview in two days in New  York, what am I going to do? Pray that I'll be okay by then, but tomorrow we're leaving Mexico and taking a break.  Management told me I had to stay with Harry,  I  can't go  home  because my aunt doesn't have the time to look after me right now, because apparently Harry does. 

I woke up almost two hours early for the plane, I just couldn't sleep. I ran a bath a slowly lowered myself into it, letting the steaming hot  water relax my muscles before I sat on  a plane for hours. I got out of the bath about an hour later and changed into a pair of Lululemons  and a baggy sweater, that  was a horrid time trying to get my body to comprehend what I was trying to  get it to do. 

I pulled hair into a messy bun and walked out into the bedroom again. Harry was sitting up on his phone, "How are you feeling?" He asked.

"I don't even know."  I told him and he nodded his head, I  laid back on my bed and sighed. "Sorry if I kept you up."  

"You did, but it's okay." I rolled my eyes at him, and sat back  up. "We need to leave soon." He said and got up, walking into the bathroom and started the shower. I got up and put my suitcase together, it was a lot heavier today. I wanted to fucking scream, I could do almost nothing and it was so  annoying. I walked out into the hallway, dragging my suitcase out the door and standing there for a second, holding the wall to support myself.
Louis grabbed my suit case for me and rubbed my back. I wanted to cry but I sucked it up and walked beside him, using his hand whenever I needed it to keep myself from falling over. I grabbed on to Harry whenever we got in the elevator, it going  down made me really dizzy. I blew out a long breath and held myself back up. 

The drive to the airport was just as bad as I thought it was going to be and it made me prolong the plane ride even more. Even with it being a private jet and having really nice seats, I was still uncomfortable.  I groaned as I sat down on the couch-like chair and pulled my blanket over me, putting my hood up and watching the boys walk in. Niall and I held a weird eye contact, I miss him so much. 

After today he's going to be in his home town, probably with that girl that they all have. He can't deny that there's a girl waiting back home for him, they probably all have one. He's going to be there for almost two weeks,and I'll be with Harry. I'm not really complaining right now, it's mostly just the fact that he's probably going to be gone and I'm going to be stuck at his flat for almost two weeks because I don't know how to drive the 'London way".

"How are you feeling?" Liam asked me. 

"Have you ever been in a car accident?" I asked him, leaning against his chest. Liam and I had a really close friendship, brother and sister kind of close. 

"No." He said and looked down at me, his arm was above my head on the seat. 

"Okay well, whenever you get hit in a car accident, it's literally like you've been hit by a truck. Or kind of like your whole body has completely seized up." 

"I'm still not sure what that's like." He laughed, making my body move. I groaned and stopped, "I'm so sorry!" He said.

"No it's fine. I should be okay by tomorrow."  I cuddled into his side and closed my eyes. A few hours had past and we were in the air, I wasn't asleep but I'm guessing the others thought I was because they were talking about me. 

"What are you going to do?" Niall's voice asked, I don't know who he was talking to, but I was about to.

"She's just staying with me, Niall. Calm down, it's not like you stood up and said she could go with you." Harry, obviously.

"I would've if I knew she would say yes. You're probably not even going to take care of her, last time she stayed there you pushed her and told her to go away." Niall drilled Harry.

"No I didn't." Harry laughed. 

"Right, that's why she was crying to me in your room saying that she was going to break up the band because you're an asshole." I wanted to scream at Niall right now, but then I heard Harry actually gulp. "Don't even look at me like that." Niall  scuffed. "She should be coming with me." 

"Then what would Tess think whenever you got home and you had another girl with you?" Harry's voice spit venom and I seized  up, I acted like I was just waking up and I looked around at the boys. They were all looking  at me, "Are we there yet?" I asked and everyone, even Liam, visibly relaxed. 

"Did I miss something?" I asked  and they all shook their heads at me and kept quiet. Niall kept staring at me, I stared back not really sure what to say. But after awhile he bowed his head and never looked at me  again until we landed.  14 hours later. 

I felt better, my body wasn't as sore as it was but I still had a hard time trying to walk. As soon as we landed, Louis' girlfriend ran up to him and almost knocked him over. She introduced herself to me, "Hi there, I'm Eleanor." She smiled.

I shook her hand, "Braelynn." I smiled back and she told me that she already knew that and apparently everyone talks about me.Which is okay with me, I like my name being known. Then I seen Zayn get tackled by Perrie, and then Liam by Sophia, but she was chill about it. She wasn't like the other girls, all excited she walked up to him and hugged him long and hard before kissing his forehead and smiling. 

I walked over to Harry, "Where to now?" I asked him and he just walked away, I followed and we got into a car. If the media seen this they would slaughter me for it, the fans probably wouldn't like me very much anymore. There were no cameras around though, the only people that knew we were coming here were their girlfriends, so we were good, for now.

I walked into Harry's flat after a really freaking awkward car ride and set my stuff down. "You can take my room again." He pointed down the hall and I nodded, taking my stuff with me. I had to take it one at a time because my body was still sore  and I didn't want to as Harry to help me.  I just kind of sat on his bed and looked around, he clearly had a case of OCD because his clothes were all grouped. T-shirts with t-shirts, sweaters with sweaters, ect.

I got up and walked out, stopping at the end of the  living room as I watch Harry stare blankly at a photo frame. I swallowed my pride and tried to start a conversation, but as soon as he noticed me he put the frame flat down on the end table and stared at me. "Going to see your family?" I asked and he shook his head. "Isn't that what our break is for?" 

"Yes, it's for seeing friends and family." He paused to look at me, "If you had any." He got up and walked into his room, coming out in a new out fit a few minuets later, he just walked out the door without even telling me where he was going, I tried to ask but he was already out  the door and into the garage. I watched him pull out in a Rover and take off down the street. I looked at the photo that he was holding, it was a picture of two very beautiful women.

One had long blond-ish hair, clearly his sister because they are identical. The other women has very dark hair and doesn't really look like either of them but she's defiantly his mom, so he has a sister and a mother why isn't he going to see them? I turned the frame back over and walked into the kitchen, I could probably make supper. 

I wasn't sure if Harry was going to come home but I made him food anyway. I found chicken breast in Harry's freezer, this made me really happy because you can do anything with chicken. I put it in a pan and added a few seasonings to it and put it in the oven, I looked around for veggies and finally found broccoli and steamed it. But I need something else, just two things isn't going cut.

I tapped my chin as I looked threw the cupboards. But there was nothing, so I guess this was all we're going to have for supper. I waited for the chicken and poured alfredo sauce over it, yes I have an addiction to anything alfredo. I sat down at the table, I was feeling very lonely as I looked around the room with nothing but painted walls and a few nik-naks to keep my eyes wandering.

Maybe this is why Harry is so cruel sometimes, he's lonely. I finished eating and I decided to take a nap, it was 7:00pm here [i don't know like london's time thing.. so i'm going to keep it Canadian.] I wrapped the blankets around me and I was honestly enjoying the smell of Harry, and within minuets,  I was asleep.

this chapter is literally so long. I'm so sorry! hahaha i love you all so much and all the comments you guys leave for me are brilliant! I reply to all them,  so don't forget to check!


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