On tour with One Direction

I always dreamed of performing. I use to have my hair brush glued to my hand as a child, singing my favorite songs in the mirror, making up dance moves to every song that came out.

Now I'm doing it in front of millions of people, only this time, I'm doing it with One Direction.


29. Our Home





[two weeks later]



We finally picked out a place and we were moving in today! I was so excited, it was a nice size house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It was a three story home and the basement was just renewed, it looked like a living room down there it just needed furniture.

"Don't lift anything!" Niall called to me whenever I went to put one of the boxes in the back of the truck.

"Niall, I'm pregnant, not injured." I pouted. I was still able to lift things, I was only 8 weeks.

He jumped off the back of the truck and touched my cheek, "please just listen for once and stop being stubborn." He pleaded and kissed my forehead. "Go in the house and sit with my mum." I groaned and walked back in the house.

"He won't let me do anything." I said and slouched on the chair.

"Why not?" She asked and sat on the couch in front of me. My eyes went wide, I forgot that we weren't telling anyone yet.

"Because he's a man and I'm just girl." I whined.

"Ah." She looked at me like she was skeptical of my words. "Braelynn hunny, you do know I've had two kids." She said with a warm, welcoming smile. I nodded my head, "I know the signs of pregnancy." She up and left, laughing at my reaction as I sat there with my arms crossed and my jaw dropped.

"How did you know?" I asked, walking in behind her.

"A mother just knows." She winks and hands me a cup of green tea. I sip on it as I hear Niall's voice yelling at Greg, "they're always fighting." Marua said and walked out into the living room.

I rolled my eyes as I heard Niall call Greg an idiot. Marua was scolding them both and finally Niall came in the room and told me we were ready to go. The people from the furniture store were meeting is there and I couldn't be happier.

We got in Niall's Mercedes and the movers followed us there. "Your mom knows." I told him.

"You told her?" He seemed a little disappointed.

"No no, she told me that she already knew. She said that mothers always know." I used quotations to her words. He laughed and held my hand, "I'm so excited." I said with my hand on my stomach.

Niall looks at my hand and I see him smile to himself. His thumb drew circles in my hand, making me smile to myself. We arrived at our new spot, the dark blue house with bricks around the doorway made me happy. I never thought in a million years this would happen to me!

I got out of the car and pulled my sweater tighter around me whenever the wind blew my hair in my face. I started walking into the house, everything echoed and I sighed a good sigh as I walk threw it. My mind is already building plans for this house.

I walk into one of the upstairs bedrooms, it painted white but it was soon to be painted for the baby. I smiled as I began to explore, the living room was huge, a fire place was at the back. A huge window took up most of the wall opposite of it, this house made me happy.





Boxes still needed to be unpacked but everything was in place. Niall and I sat in our new couch, the fireplace going and we both a wine glass with Apple juice in it as we cuddled. "We forgot a TV" I said and sat up. "I can't believe we forgot a TV."

Niall laughed at me, "soon baby, soon. We need to get the baby's room finished first."

"We need to know what we're having before we do that." I said and snuggled closer to him. The blanket was wrapped around both of us, Niall pulled the blanket closer and put me on his lap. He was cradling me while rubbing my belly.

"Hurry up." He whispered to it. "I wish it didn't take nine whole months." He pouted.

"Yeah, you're telling me." I put my head in his neck, drawing small circles on his chest before we placed our glasses on the table and went to bed. Our bedroom was completely set up yet, everything was painted except the babies room and almost everything had a place.

I laid in our new bed, spawned out on the blankets. I was completely in love with our new duvet. It was fluffy and soft, everything that I love! "I can't wait to sleep in this." I said, standing on my knees at the foot of the bed, grabbing him by his shirt and pulling him toward me.

"Maybe we should break it in?" He whispered against my lips.

"I agree." I said and pulled him down to the bed, this time it was me hovering over him. I don't know what it is, maybe it's a pregnancy thing, but my sex drive is threw the roof lately.

I rip his shirt off, throwing it behind me and tugging at his sweat pants. "Easy baby, be gentle." He says and I look at him, my head snapping up to him. "Alright alright, you take the lead." He laughed and I smirked to myself.

My lips wrapped around him, he instantly fisted the sheets. I bobbed my head up and down and whatever I couldn't fit in my mouth I stroked with my hand. One going with my mouth and the other on his balls, massaging them.  I felt cocky whenever I heard him moan, being quick to remove my own pants and lowering myself on him.

His hands grabbed my hips and started moving me back and fourth, his mouth parting and his breathing getting heavy. My head rolled back and I started moaning softly, my hands rubbing up and down his chest. I squealed a little whenever he turned me over, my legs going around his neck and him thrusting hard. 

His blue eyes stared at mine while we both reached our climax. I screamed his name and he collapsed beside me, pulling me into him and I gladly accepted the affection. "I hope that this never stops." He says, closing his eyes.

"It won't." I promised and kissed his lips softly. We both crawled up into the sheets and pulled the blankets up before  cuddling into each other. It took me a long time to fall asleep but it only took Niall a few  minuets. I tossed and turned and when I finally came to the conclusion that I wasn't going to sleep anytime soon  I got up. As soon as I stood up I ran for the bathroom, banging my knees off the floor as I hurled into the toilet. "Oh man." I said and wiped my mouth, standing up to brush my teeth. 

I put on my bath robe on and walked out into the kitchen, I opened the fridge and grabbed the milk. I've always loved warm milk whenever I couldn't sleep, and seeing as though it's 3  am, warm  milk seems appropriate. I  sipped it and looked out the window. It's 11 am where my aunt lives, maybe I  should call her. I pick up my phone and dial  her number, "Hello? "

"Hey." I whisper.

"Braelynn? Hi!" She screeched.  "What are you doing? What time is it there."

"3 am." I giggled.

"Why aren't you asleep?"


"Why  not? Where are you anyway?" 

"Ireland, and because I have bad morning sickness." 

"What the fuck are you doing in Ire- Morning sickness?" She almost chocked. "Braelynn, are you and Niall." I laughed out loud, slapping my hand over my mouth so I wouldn't wake Niall up. "BRAELYNN!" She screamed.

"Shh, yes Sarah. We're expecting, I'm a little over 7 weeks. I moved here with him and we just moved into a house together." I explained. "I was wondering if you wanted to move out here too? Be close to me and the baby and all, I'll need company whenever Niall goes on tour." I said. "There's a house down the street from that's up for sale, or rent." I looked out my kitchen window. "Please?" I almost begged.

"Let me get back to you on that, I need to go now though. I'll call you soon!" She said  she loved me and we hung up. I wanted her out here so bad, I miss her with everything I have in me. I placed my cup in the sink and went back to the bedroom. I slipped on a pair of pajama pants and a tank top and got back in bed with Niall, his arms absent-mindlessly grabbed hold of me. 




We were all meeting up today to go to Niall's place. He said he had a surprise for all of us, I bet you any money I know what he;s going to say. I rolled my eyes at the thought, the others boarded the plane and we took off for Mullingar. 

I laid back in my seat and blocked out the conversations everyone was having with each other. They all wanted to know what the new house looked like, what Niall was going to say, who was going to be the best man. I couldn't help but scuff to myself at them, why do they care so much? The best man is probably going to be Liam, him and Niall are the tightest out of all of us and the house probably isn't that great because Niall and Braelynn are both country people. 

Fuck this, why did I even agree to this. Why did I even pick up my phone whenever I seen Niall's name come across the screen? I huffed and closed my eyes, I've been thinking about Braelynn a lot lately. I miss seeing her everyday and I know I hated her, I still hate her, she drives me fucking mad! 

About an hour and half later, we were landing in Mullingar. Niall was waiting outside for us, thank God no fans knew we were coming here, that made things a little easier. We all got in his car, Liam in the front and I was pushed between Louis and Zayn. "She doesn't know you're coming, so just be quiet whenever you get there." He warned us and I rolled my eyes. What a surprise she's going to get, happy pregnancy. 

We rolled up in front of a decently sized house. It was a three story and I liked the look of it, I'm surprised Niall likes it honestly. Everyone crept in the house, I just walked in. No one said anything and I decided to look around, Niall said she would be in their bedroom. The way he says 'our' so much makes me want to hurl. I walked over to an opened door, she was sitting on the bed with her glasses on, hair pulled back by a clip and the rest over her shoulders. 

She had on a plaid  shirt and grey gym pants, she was completely dazed into whatever she was staring at so she didn't notice me. I swallowed hard whenever I watched her get up, walking into the en-suite bathroom. My eyes darted to her ass, holy fuck. 

I walked back out and Niall called her name, even the way he says her fucking name makes me want to punch him. "Yeah?" She says and walked out of the bedroom, she's starting to show. I gulped as she walked down the hallway with her head down and tucking a piece of loose hair behind her ear. She stopped once she seen us, standing at the end of the hallway like what she did to me so many times whenever I would come home piss drunk. 

Her eyes started to water and she ran, I figured she would've ran to Liam first but she jumped on me, almost knocking me over. Her grip on me sent shocks threw my whole body, and when she let go to go  hug Louis, I felt a void in my body. I watched in jealous as she latched herself to everyone of them telling  them how much she's missed them. 

"What's this?" Zayn says and pokes her swollen belly gently. She blushes and Niall puts his arm around her and smirks, she stares at him in awe and it makes my teeth fucking grind. 

"We're expecting." He says and everyone goes nuts over it. They all hug him, I wait, my eyes busy on Braelynn as she looks back at me. Her eyes are a grey-blue right  now and I know she's trying to read me, the way she's chewing the inside of her cheek and looking me up  and down, sorry, not this time. I'm a locked away book. 

"I'm happy for you, mate." I say and hug him. I look at Braelynn with pure hate and she dips her head down, completely dismissing my dirty look. "When ya's due?" I ask. 

"Not sure yet." Niall says, "But we're sure she's past 12 weeks, maybe." He says and kisses the top of her head, she instantly smiles from the affection and I rolled my eyes, again. We all sit down in their living room and I'm the first to grab the bottle of wine, Braelynn's eyes catch mine and I know she's begging me not to. I sigh at her and put the bottle down. 

Her eyebrows stitch together at me, I stare back and she smiles at me. She gets up and I follow her, no one noticed. "What the fuck." I whisper-yell to her and she turns around. "What are you doing?" I ask her  and she looks at me. 

"What are you  talking about Harry?" She asks and opens the fridge. "Juice?" She asks and holds up a container of apple juice. I shake my head, "Suit yourself." 

"Why are you doing this?" I ask and grab the juice out of her hand, reaching up and grabbing the glass she's trying to reach. I pour her glass for her, "This is a little much doing you think?" I give her the glass and she stares at me as she drinks it, what the hell is wrong with her.

"What's a little much?" She asks, and I groan. Why is she making this is bloody difficult. "You mean.. Moving in with my fiance?" She asks sarcastically, raising an eyebrow. "Having a baby?" 

"My baby." I correct her and she starts laughing. 

"No, Harry. You and I did it a long time ago, I'm like not even 13 weeks. That's like two  and half months, we did it almost a year ago." 

"I know it's mine." I said with tension.

"Are you fucking crazy?" She spat at me, "What are you trying to fucking prove right now?" She whisper-shouted. "You're getting no  where with this, I don't even understand why you're acting so fucking jealous. You hate me." She poked my chest really hard, I had to rub the spot that she finger pushed me. My jaw tensed. "Don't even look at me like that, this is pathetic and I don't even know why you're standing here saying that." She pushed past me and my head hung low, my finger tugged at my hair as I tried not to scream.

Why do I want that baby to be mine so bad? Why do I even want her so bad? I walked back in the living room, she was clung to Niall while she drank from her cup, her hand rubbing small circles on her belly. "What are you  going to name if it's a boy?" Zayn asked, "Probably Zian. Right?" What a lame joke, that wasn't even remotely funny.

"No." Braelynn giggled and I dropped my head. Her laugh is something I've been craving to hear, I could listen to it all day. Why did I ever treat her like fucking shit, she could be mine right now if I at least tried.  "If it's a boy we were thinking like Alec or something." She blushed. 

"And a girl?" Louis asked.

"We don't know yet." Niall spoke. She watches him with such an amazement, he's just saying a few words and she looks at him like he's saying his vows. "We wanna wait until we actually see what we're having first." His arm tightened around her and she loved it, she loves affection. That's one thing I've learned about her, she'll love till she dies if you show her affection.  She kind of reminds me of a kitten. 

"I  gatta get ready." She stood up and kissed his head as she took off into the room. 

"Where she going?" I asked.

"Her aunt is moving out here, right across the street." He said and nodded his head over to the side.

"Ah, and she's picking her up?" I asked, and he nodded. She walked out of the bed a few minuets later in dark skinny jeans, white tank top that really showed her stomach off and the same flannel top she was wear. Her hair was pulled into a bun on the top of her head and when she walked by, I could smell her scent. 

"Stop that." Niall's voice broke me out of my thought, I opened my eyes and looked at him. "I know what you're thinking, Styles. Get it out of your head right now." He warned, making me laugh. 

"I'm sorry?" I asked.

"Don't act fucking stupid." He said and leaned forward a little, "your eyes haven't left her since she walked out of that bedroom, I know you Harry. Stop thinking of that shit. " He air pointed to my head, my jaw clenched shut and I sent him daggers with my eyes. "You can't even look at me like that, you're the one that treated her like shit. Maybe you wouldn't be so miserable if you knew how to treat a girl." He spat in my face with such venom that I flinched. 

"Fuck you, Niall. You're just talking out your ass right now, I wasn't staring at her and you can't fucking prove anything." I said with a cocky grin. 

"Admit it, you hated watching me propose to her at the concert. You're always the last one to congratulate me on something with her and you constantly stare at her while she's bust staring at me." He pointed to himself. Fuck him. I got up off the couch and walked outside, I don't need this shit. 

I  hope when that baby is born  it comes out looking like me, throw that in his face and laugh. A baby girl with brown curls and green-blue eyes, maybe even dimples like mine. I couldn't help but smile to myself at the thought of holding my own child, I would drop everything for her.

I was brought out of my thoughts as Niall's car pulled in the driveway with Braelynn and I'm guessing her aunt in the passenger side. They look almost exactly a like, and if that's her aunt I wondered what her mum looked like. "That's Harry." She said with a smile whenever she seen me. I smiled and shook her hand, I could tell she was trying not to freak out, she was completely star-struck. "Why are you out here?" Braelynn asked as her aunt went inside. 

"Niall's being a douche." I sighed and stretched my arms out above my head. She giggled and pulled my shirt down, I wanted nothing more than to have her hands touching me, anywhere would be nice. Her skin was so soft and touchable last time I touched her, but now it's Niall feeling her every day and night, not me. The more I told myself to get over it, the more I wanted to cry because I  didn't want to accept that she won't ever be mine just yet.

I followed her into the house like a little lost puppy, I'm so pathetic. Niall wrapped his arms around her as soon as she walked in, kissing her and moving his hands down to her ass. I swallowed hard and looked away, what a proper dick. "Have you met them all?" She  asked her aunt she stood there, staring at all of us with wide eyes, nodding her head. "They're not that famous." She  giggled and her aunt scuffed, saying 'yeah right'. 

Her aunt doesn't  look  that old, I wonder what her age actually is. "I'm going to  go explore  my new home, and this little town, and everything." Her aunt made eye contact with me, I smirked, I know that look. "Probably going to set my bed up and take a nap, I'm really tired." She muttered and Braelynn said okay, her aunt was sending me so many hints right now. 

"Oh wait, Sarah." Braelynn called and her aunt turned around. "Do you want help?" She asked.

"Help would be nice." And thank you Braelynn, I stood up. "I'll help." I said and walked out the door, her aunt eyeing me up and down, clearly undressing me already. I rubbed my hands together as we walked across the street, this was going to be exciting. 

OU HARRY YOU FUCKER. sooo basically harry wants her aunt because her and braelynn look like almost exactly like each other! okay, so the next chapter is  skipping like far ahead. this book needs to  conclude soon! ALSO! thank you so much for commenting where you're from, i was actually in tears reading how far this fanfic has reached, you don't even understand! xxbella

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