On tour with One Direction

I always dreamed of performing. I use to have my hair brush glued to my hand as a child, singing my favorite songs in the mirror, making up dance moves to every song that came out.

Now I'm doing it in front of millions of people, only this time, I'm doing it with One Direction.


8. oh sh*t

8:            Plllllllease don't read my stuff if you don't like that I make one of the boys look & act like an ass. ITS WRITING PEOPLE A FUCKING ART! Please do not get mad at me for making harry be the asshole. YES TOTALLY CLICHÈ but there's a reason. So stop and just listen, read what I'm saying and don't be so goddamn rude. Jesus, anyway, probably going to get a little smutty, enjoy 😁🙊          


The way that she performs, the way that she flings her hair. I bit on my finger to try and stop the feeling I was getting to get any worse. I'm already having trouble trying to keep it down.   

She's performing Diva right now and she's killing it, all the boys are starring at her on the monitor, just watching. Even though three of them shouldn't be this excited and this interested I watching her.   

She dips down and flips her hair up, still not missing a single beat. Her hands on the stage floor with her butt half way in the air as she crawls against the stage. She hits the floor with her hands before shooting back up and finishing her last song of the night.   

Holy shit, what I would give right now to have her in my hands. Her body is curvy, fitting right into me. "Oh my god the adrenaline!" She comes back screaming. I wait for her to give hugs to all the boys, besides Harry before I grab her and hug her. This was only her second show and she's already got male fans coming to see her.   

"You did so good!" I tell her and she blushes, smiling and biting her lip at me. Her hair covers half her face as she tucks the other side behind her ear. "I'll take care of you later." I whisper in her ear and kiss her cheek before I get dragged off on to stage. 

  "You like her eh?" Liam says to me while Harry sings his part.    I shrug, "she's a looker." I try and play cool but the taste that comes to my mouth as I the words leave my tongue. Braelynn is more than just a looker, she's a fucking goddess. 

  "No way mate, someone like her does not need someone like us." Zayn says to me. I cock an eyebrow at him, "she'd be eaten by the fans. She probably wouldn't even get any hype anymore whenever she comes on stage, instead of the boys boxers being thrown at her it'd be rotten veggies."   

I laughed, even though I knew for a fact it would be true. My turn came up and I looked into the camera that showed us up on the big screen, knowing that's the camera that shows the monitor out back. "You'll never love yourself like I love you." I finished and stared into the camera, this was going to be a long night.   

***     "Night guys!" I said and opened the hotel door. I walked in and seen a huge mess, it looked like someone had broken in and torn everything apart. "Hello?" I asked and dropped my bag. The only thing that was torn apart was Braelynn's stuff, nothing of mine was opened. "Braelynn?" I called and I slowly pushed the bathroom door opened. 

She's in a ball on the floor of the bathroom with her head in her hands, I don't know what to do. I sit in front of her and pry her arms away from her face. "Braelynn?" I whisper to her and she looks at me, her skin pale and her eyes red and puffy. "What's wrong?" I asked and softly touched her cheek. 

"My mom died." She said and then started to shake uncontrollably. She's trying to talk to me but I can't make her out so I just hold her on the bathroom floor while she screams and cries into my shirt.  I pick her up off the cold floor and put her in my lap, she cuddles into me and slowly she starts stop. Her ear is pressed against my heart and her fingers play with the buttons on my flannel shirt. My hand is in her hair trying to calm her down while the other holds her and draws circles on her thigh.

"What happened?" I whisper and she shifts.  "They don't know. My aunt said she hasn't heard from her in almost a week so she went over." She paused, sniffing and then going back to playing with my shirt.

"She went in the house and she was just there, on the living room couch with the TV on." She shudders, I can feel the goosebumps forming threw her pants. 

"I'm sorry..." I said and kissed her forehead. 

"It's okay." She says and sits up, her legs going to either side of mine. She lays her head on my shoulder with her arms tucked into her body, still playing with my shirt. "Niall." Her voice is soft but cracked. 

"Hmm?" I Ask with my eyes closed, enjoying her company all too much.  "Are you really a player? Or do you just make it look like that so people don't know you're hurting." 

Read me like a book. "You're good at that." I kind of laughed. "But yes. It's not that I mean to, just in this business you have to make it look like you don't have feelings, if you show the least bit of emotion they take it and run with it." I explain to her. 

"You show me emotion." She whispered into my neck, her nose brushing my sweet spot as she shifts on lap and digs her face into my neck more. 

"Hmm I do." I say and move my neck more to the side. Her hand comes up from my shirt and she touches my cheek with it, making me look at her. Goddamn she's a piece of art, "what's your story hmm?" I ask her and she laughs, tears falling from her eyes. 

"Why do you ask?" She says with a smile. 

"Baby, you've got so much pain in your eyes it would make a grown man cry." I winked at her and she laughed again, more tears falling from her eyes.  "I've got a lot of stories." She sighs and looks down. "But they're in a vault, locked away and I don't know where I put the key." Her lips are touching my neck with every syllable she pronounces. "Can I?" She asks and sits up, starring at me and then looking to my shirt. I nod my head, staying seated on the floor as she does her job with taking my flannel off.  I lift my arms up for her to take my t-shirt off and she leaves kisses all over my chest, her hands dancing down my arms. I touch her sides, making her gasp and hold her breath. "Braelynn." I say as she reaches for my pants.  "Hmm?" She moans against me, taking almost every inch. She squeezes her lips around me and I look down to see her eyes looking at me through her eyelashes. I push her hair back out of her face and enjoy what she's doing, every part of my body just exploding.  "Fuck you do this good." I compliment when she uses her tongue to go up against me. She kisses the tip before leaving trails of kissing up my stomach. I grab her pants and pull them off, thanking God for gym pants being so easy.  Her head goes back she slides on to me with me ease. I grab her back, holding her in place and letting her do her work. My eyes close and my bottom lip is bitten as I try to let this run as long as it can. "Oh shit." I say when she pushed her hips down, making me go further.  Her head is place between my neck again, her finger nails tickling the sides of my ribs as I go. She is the first girl I've ever done this with that made it feel like it meant so much.   We sat there for a few moments just wrapped up in each other, my arms around her hips and hers around my torso. "Braelynn." I said to her and she moaned against my shoulder. "I-i think." I stuttered.  "You think what, nialler?" She giggled at my nickname and sat up to look at me. I took this moment to scan her up and down, touching her whole body.  "I-I think I lo-" I stopped myself, remembering what Zayn said. "I think I need sleep." I said and stood up with her still in my arms. I let her slide down my body until her feet touched the ground I walked out of the bathroom, cleaning myself off and pulling the sheets back.  I climbed into the bed and hugged my pillow. She came out of the bathroom a few minuets later with just my t-shirt on and goddamn did she even look good in it. Her thighs filled out the shirt and you could see the form of her chest threw it.  And as I felt her lips touched my temple before she got into her own bed, it was then I decided.  I'm in love.                not that long. But hey, this is a nice chapter. Yay or nay for Niall's POV?! Hahaha, xxbella. 

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