On tour with One Direction

I always dreamed of performing. I use to have my hair brush glued to my hand as a child, singing my favorite songs in the mirror, making up dance moves to every song that came out.

Now I'm doing it in front of millions of people, only this time, I'm doing it with One Direction.


22. Next stop, New York






[this is what Braelynn looks like.] 


Her back lays on the floor as Theo is in her arms above her head, she's been his airplane for almost half an hour. He's loving it  though, he keeps laughing harder than I've ever heard him laugh and he keeps begging her for even thought she's out of breath. I'm sitting on the  couch just watching the two, she's putting things in my head that I don't think should be there just yet.

I want a kid with her. 

The more I watch the way she reacts to Theo, chasing him around the house and throwing him in the air makes me want it even more. "Braelynn, I tired." Theo says and rubs his eyes.

"Come here." She holds her arms out to him and he gladly  accepts. He lays on her shoulder as she sits up on the couch beside me, I put my arm around her and lay on her  other shoulder. "My two babies." She says with a sleepy smile. I kiss her neck sweetly and she lays her head on mine as Theo falls asleep on top of her, not much later we all fall sleep. 


"Niall." Someone sings in my ear, lightly tapping me. I open my eyes and see my mum standing over top of me, I look around and breath out heavily. "Fall asleep?" She asks with an amused look on her face. I nod my head and look at Braelynn, she's still got Theo wrapped up her arms. "She's so beautiful, you did  a good job." 

"I know, and thank you." Greg's wife takes Theo off Braelynn but she doesn't wake up, she just lays there with her arms on her stomach like he was still there. "I'll take her to bed." I said and stood up, stretching my arms up and picking her up. She's heavy when she's dead weight but I managed. I laid her on my bed and pulled the blankets up to her and I changed myself into my pajamas before turning the light out and going back downstairs. 

"Still asleep?" Mum asks.

I nod, "Knocked out, actually." I say and she laughs. "Theo had her up and down all day, chasin' 'em around the house. She was his airplane for a good half hour." I explain and everyone laughs. 

"I don't know." Greg's voice makes me look over at him, "something doesn't seem right." He says and looks up at me.

"Excuse me?" I ask and he shakes his head. "What doesn't seem right?" I ask.

"She  was with Harry for three days." He says and I cock an eyebrow at him. "You would think that not seeing you for so long she would want the house just for you guys, she was quick to speak up to watch Theo." 

"And just what is it that you're trying to say?" I raise my voice a little, getting very defensive. 

"Niall, I'm just saying. It seems a little weird to me." He puts his hands in front of him and gets up, "Be careful, girls as pretty  as her have their way with everyone." He says to me.

"You're puttin' your foot in your mouth, don't ya think?" I ask, I'm about to punch him in the face. 

"Maybe, but I've always been right about the women you've taken home. You're trusting her a little too easily." He says and we all turn our heads whenever we hear someone cough. Braelynn's standing there with her arms crossed over her stomach, a women's defense technique whenever she's been hurt. Her eyes are brimming and I turn to Greg, shoving him before I run after her upstairs, I can hear my mum saying something to Greg and  the door slams. 

"Baby, come here." I say and she pulls her hand from me, walking in my room and standing with her back turned to me. "He's  a fucking asshole, don't listen to him." I speak softly and put my arms around her waist from behind and lay my head on her shoulder. I feel her tears hit my cheek and I turn myself around to her front, placing my arms over her shoulders and hugging her, she cries into my shirt. I rub her back and my hand goes to  her hair, my lips kiss her head. 

"That was so mean, he just met me." She whines and I touch her cheek when she pulls her face out of my shirt. "He doesn't even know me." She says.

"Shh, I know I know." I tell her and she wraps her arms around her torso. "Hey." I whisper and she  looks up at me with sad, watery eyes. "I don't care what he thinks, you're my everything okay?" I tell her and she nods her head, kissing me. She sighs and I wipe her tears off her cheeks, "I'm hungry." 

"I was just about to say that." She says and we both laugh. She cleans her face up and we go back downstairs after she changes into gym pants. "Are you okay?" My mum asks, putting her hands on her face, she's such a touchy person. Brealynn nods her head and smiles at my mum. 

"Mom." I whine whenever she kisses Braelynn's face all over, I laugh whenever Braelynn giggles though. "Mom, stop, leave some for me." I say and grab Braelynn  from my mum. 

"Niall James, you need to share." She teases and touches my cheek. "I guess you can have her back." Braelynn's laughing, probably at how red my cheeks are. We go into the kitchen and look for something to eat, we decide on popcorn and grab two water bottles. "Watch a movie too?" I ask and she nods her head. "You pick it." I tell her once we get in my room. 

She bends down in front of the TV and I don't mean to seethe out loud, but Jesus. She stands back up and looks at me, "No no, keep doing what you're doing." I wave my fingers at her and she looks at me confused, but went  back to picking out a movie. I sit up on the bed a little bed and look to see her bending down, her thong is sticking out a little bit and I wanna see more of that hot pink lace. I lick my lips as she stands back up, sticking her ass to the side, not on purpose, it's just how she's always stood. 

"How about this one?" She says and shows me Beauty and the Beast. "It's my favourite, can we please?" She's making this very hard me as she sticks her lip out at me.  

I nod my head, "I'd rather make our movie." I tell her and sit up on my knees on my bed and pull her closer to me, she giggles and bites her lip, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear. "Especially with you in these." I say and grab her ass, making her squeal a little bit. She pulls away and puts the movie in, once the sound starts she turns to me and crawls on the bed over top of me. "Oh my god." I whisper as  she dips her head  to my neck and leaves a trail of kisses. 

I try to sit up and touch her but she pins me back down, lifting my shirt as she licks down my stomach. My hands go to her hair and I move it out of her face as she tugs down my pants. 


"Bye mum, love you too!" I say before I grab my bags and walk out to the plane, Braelynn was tagging right behind me. There were a bunch of cameras flashing and Braelynn's face went into a stun mode, "They're  going to fucking kill me." She said to me, obviously talking about the fans. 

"I don't know, we'll make something up." I promised her and she nodded. We got on the plane and took off for the States, "Excited for your first interview?" I asked her and she shook her head, "They're really not that bad." I laughed and she looked out the window. 

"If those pictures get out, which they will, I'll have no career left." She muttered.

"Honestly, it would've been worse if you left the airport with Harry.  They don't really pay much attention to me like they do with the others, but yeah, leaving with Harry would've been much much worse." I explain  and she lays her head on mine. 

"I probably would have had  to take a different plane." She laughs.

"Probably. Next  stop, New York." I  tell her and kiss  her forehead.

this chapter sucked so bad!  i'm really sorry. like i said, i'm going threw a bit of a hard time!! and the worst part is that no one will talk to me ]; if you have kik,  kik me! deanna_gallant.  [isabella is my first name but I go by deanna to my friends!] 


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