On tour with One Direction

I always dreamed of performing. I use to have my hair brush glued to my hand as a child, singing my favorite songs in the mirror, making up dance moves to every song that came out.

Now I'm doing it in front of millions of people, only this time, I'm doing it with One Direction.


28. Jealousy







My heart was thumping the whole time on the plane, I was worried about what Marua was going to say. Niall had his arms wrapped around me, he fell asleep a few hours ago.

My eyes wouldn't come off the ring that was wrapped on my finger. It was beautiful. I had the song that he sang to me on repeat as we flew threw the air, Ed Sheeran always had my fan vote.

"Please be seated and buckle up as we may experience slight turbulence as we land." I shook Niall awake, he buckled his seat belt and went right back to the spot he was laying in.

It was a bit of a difficult land, my hands clenched the sides of my seat. I blew out a huge breath when we finally landed, taking my seat belt off and reaching for my carry-on. "Here, let me." He said and took it down for me

"It's just like the first time I met you!" I laughed and he kissed my forehead. "Did you tell your mom yet?" I asked and lazily shook his head.

"Not yet baby." He followed me off the plane, I wasn't surprised whenever there was a bunch of fans waiting inside. "We have to at least say hi." He said to me and I agreed. We walked into the terminal and waved to all the fans as we waited for our luggage.

We got out of the crowd and into the car that was waiting. I just can't wait until I can drive myself around, having someone else do it doesn't feel right to me. We pulled up in front of his moms house, my stomach was doing flips as we got out of the car.

The driver grabbed my luggage for me and helped me take it up to the doors. I knocked, Niall laughing behind me and making me blush. "You don't need to knock, Braelynn!" He called from the trunk.

The door opened and Marua instantly started screaming. She pulled me in the door still hugging me and started jumping up and down, screaming my name."Braelynn! I didn't know you'd be back, it's been months!" She said and I nodded and hugged her again.  

"Mum, don't mall her already." Niall said as he tripped over the luggage, Marua turned and screamed 'my baby' before attacking him in a hug. She pulled him down to her level and he smiled, breathing out and smiling to her. I almost fell over as the back of my legs were attacked, I grabbed the couch to balance myself and looked behind me. I instantly dropped to  the floor and grabbed Theo in my arms. "Braelynn, you back!" He said and latched onto my cheeks, kissing my lips. 

I laughed, "Hey little man." Niall said and grabbed him from me. "That's mine." He whined.

"No Niall, Braelynn's mine." I was so cute to hear his accent at such a young age, it was beautiful. 

"Oh yeah? That's why I'm the one that put a ring on it." Niall said and my head  shot towards Marua, just waiting for her reaction. She looked in between us and Niall pulled me to my feet, "Yes mum. We're getting married." Her hand went to her mouth and now she was actually crying. She slowly walked over to me and grabbed my hand, looking at it and then she looked at Niall with pooled over eyes. 

"Really, this isn;t a joke?" She whispered and Niall shook his head. She hugged him and then pulled me into their little huddle. "Niall, hunny, it's beautiful." She turned to me, her hand going on my cheek. "You are so beautiful." She whispered and my eyes started to water. She hugged me and told me how much she loved having me around and that's she's so happy for us. "We need to  celebrate!" She said and clapped her hands together, Theo doing the same. 


"What do I even wear?" I asked Niall as I searched through my bags that were currently thrown across the floor. Niall walked into the room with a white dress shirt and black pair of pants. He was trying to tie his tie, I was still in my bath robe whenever I walked over to him and tied it for him. "What do I wear!" I whined. 

"Ahh." He bent down and went through all the clothes, he pulled out a blue peplum dress that had the back cut out and a laced V going down the front. "This." 

"I don't think that's appropriate." I whispered to him and he laughed, leaving the room with me to look at the dress. I could make it work I guess. I walked to the bathroom with the dress in my hands, I laid it out on the toilet seat and starred at it. I went through my makeup bag and pulled out all my brushes and makeup, I got so use to Lou doing my makeup that I kinda forget how to do it.

I searched up a photo of a dark smokey eye and tried my hardest. After an hour of that and curling my hair I was finally done. I put the dress on and  checked myself out, it looked really good and the little frill on the stomach part kind of hid any traces of showing. I walked down stairs after grabbing a pair a black Converses. Niall was laughing at something Greg said, Marua touched his arm and he turned around. He shut his mouth real quick, almost dropping the glass of water he was holding.

Theo ran over to me, I picked him up and he kissed my  cheek. "You  look handsome." I said to him. He had something the same as Niall on, only his shirt was blue. 

"You look beautiful." He said and poked my cheek. I laughed and Niall came over to us, putting his arm around my waist and kissing the side of my head. I smiled and leaned into him, "ew dats gross." Theo said and hugged my neck. "Mine." He said to Niall and Niall squinted his eyes at him. 

"Are we ready to go?" Marua said and everyone nodded their heads. "Your father is going to be there." She said to Niall and he smiled, nodding his head and walking outside. I breathed out whenever I seen Niall's car in the  drive way,  "Follow us." His mum said and he nodded, he opened the door for me. 

"I wanna go!" Theo tugged at Niall's leg.

"You go with  daddy." He picked him up and handed him to Greg, who's been looking at me funny since I seen him. "I don't know what his problem is." Niall  said with a groan. I smiled and grabbed his hand as we drove to wherever we were going. "Hey babe," He said. I looked over at him, his face was in a state of thought. "Maybe do you think we could get our own place?" He asked, looking over at me  with a big smile. 

"I'd like that." I said and tightened my grip on him, "When do we start?" I asked. 

"Tomorrow." He leaned over and kissed me at the red light. He pulled away when the light turned green again, "You look beautiful." He said with a huge smile. I leaned my head on his shoulder and held his hand close to me as I also held onto his arm. He makes me so happy and I can't wait to start life with our little family. 

We arrived at restaurant, finally. We parked and got out of the car,Theo was screaming for Niall but Greg's wife held on to  him as we walked into the room. "Horan's?" The waitress asked, we all nodded. "Except two." Marua giggled. I forgot that she was divorced. We all sat down, I was feeling very awkward as Greg's  wife kept  staring at me.

"I'm Denise." She said in a voice that carried a little attitude.

"Braelynn." I said with a smile and shook her hand. 

"Where are you from?" Why is she grilling me.. 

"Canada." I said with so much pride. 

"Favourite hockey team?"

"Montreal Canadians. Of course." And they all looked at each other. I shrugged it off and just kind of kept to myself, Niall was laughing with his family at jokes they were saying that I didn't get. I was extremely awkward and didn't know what to say,I just kind of laughed whenever the family laughed. 

"Hey, sorry I'm late." I heard a deep  Irish voice say in front of me. Niall got up and let his dad  in the booth, I was in between the two of them. "How's everything been? How was the tour." He leaned over me, I'm feeling a little bit invisible. I gulped and sat back against the booth. 

"The tour was great, dad!" Niall said with such excitement. "I met Braelynn and went to Rio, it was beautiful."  

His dad sat back and looked at me, "So you're the famous Braelynn?" He asked with a smile. He looked so much like Niall, the same eyes and everything. I nodded my head, "She's beautiful Nialler." He said and Niall nodded, his arms going around my waist as he pulled me closer. I tucked my lips into each other, trying not to break out in a smile and blush. "When's the wedding?" He asked.

I shrugged. "I'm not overly sure." I said with a small laugh. I put my hand on my stomach, I don't know if we're going to have the wedding after the baby or before the baby. I hope before the baby so I can kind of look good in a dress, I don't want to wait until after and have all that baby weight to loose. Our food was giving to us not long after we had sat and ordered. 

"That's a lot of food for someone who's going to be getting in a wedding dress." Denise said. I had my face full of spinach and tomato, a little bit of dressing was in the corner of my mouth whenever I stopped chewing to look at her. I swallowed and licked the corner of my mouth, I smirked at her and looked her dead in the eye as I took a huge fork full of chocolate cake and shoved it in my mouth.

"Isn't it though." I winked at her and she sat back in her seat, completely appalled that I had just done that. Niall, his mom and dad were both trying hard not to laugh at my reaction. I can't help the food, this baby is hungry.I don't want to tell anyone that I'm pregnant just yet. 

Afterwards, I sat back in my seat and put my hands over my stomach. Niall let out a huge burp, "Niall James!" His mother scolded him, his cheeks heated up and he said sorry. We packed up our stuff and walked outside, "Thank you for coming." I said to his dad and he hugged me.

"Take care of my boy." He told me and I nodded, telling him always and he walked over to Niall. I stood by myself in the parking lot, it was getting cold out. I wrapped my arms around myself and watched everyone talk,  I didn't want to intrude so I just stay back by the car.   I watched Niall with Theo, he was such a proud uncle it made me wonder what he was going to be like with his own baby. 

He waved bye to his family and then ran over to me, "Ya could've gotten in the car, love." He said and I just shrugged, getting in and closing the door fast. I was freaking freezing, rubbing my hands up and down my arms. I was a little startled whenever he put his jacket on me, "Thank you." I said and leaned into him. He drove us home, I couldn't wait to get out of this dress.

"Sorry Denise was being a little rude." Niall muttered and kissed the top of my head. 

"It's okay, I think I handled that well." I laughed.

"That you did. I wasn't sure if you were going to get really  upset or not. I was surprised whenever you did  that." He said laughing. We pulled into the drive way, no one was here yet. "They're going back to Greg's for a few." He explained and unlocked the door. I went to the kitchen to grab a glass of water, Niall's hands went around me from behind, stopping on my belly. "I'm so excited." He said into my hair as he kissed my neck. 

"Can I ask a question?" I said and turned around, his hands now resting on the counter on either side of me. He nodded his head, "Who's Tessa? Whenever I was leaving Harry's he mentioned her and there was this girl who fit the description at that place tonight and she kept looking at you." 

"A lot of people look at me, baby." Whoa, cocky. "She's just an old fling, she threw me away and stepped on me whenever I went for X factor. Told me it was her or the show, and look where that got me." He raised his eyebrows. "Whenever I would come home we would hang out, nothing really happened, but every time I had to leave she would go nuts. She just  doesn't understand that being in One Direction comes with screaming fans throwing their bras at me, touching me and trying to kiss me." He rolled his eyes. 

"Ah, so you didn't even notice that someone was looking at you tonight?" I asked.

"How can I notice someone looking at me whenever I'm too busy looking at you." He smirked and kissed my lips, grabbing my thighs and pulling me into him. I squeaked at the sudden action, my hands going to  the back of his neck and pressing  myself to him. Minuets later, I was being carried into his room, the door kicked open and my back  laying  across the mattress as he hovered over top of me. 

This is  something I could get use to. 

BORING FUCKING CHAPTER!  I KNOW, I GET IT. just letting you guys know that i have no idea wtf denise and greg are like, but in this, THEY'RE DICKS! for a while anyway. basically it's just jealousy from denise and idk  what the hell greg's problem is. hahhaha,  i'm thinking like maybe five more chapters for this and then NEW STORY! so it's going to skin and harry's going to come back & loose his shit! hehehe xxbella. [p.s. can you guys comment where you're from? Like what state youre from, or if youre from canada?! what part, i just wanna see how far my stories reach (: ]

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