On tour with One Direction

I always dreamed of performing. I use to have my hair brush glued to my hand as a child, singing my favorite songs in the mirror, making up dance moves to every song that came out.

Now I'm doing it in front of millions of people, only this time, I'm doing it with One Direction.


23. First Interview






New York came fast, I  feel like I just landed. I was up at seven this morning getting ready  for my interview for ten. My hair is being tugged and pulled at, make was being put on and taken off my face. "Ugh, can we agree on something  soon? "I complain.

I probably sound like that rich, snoody bitch right now but I'm not meaning to it's just hurting me. "I don't mean to sound mean or anything, I'm just getting  really annoyed and my face is turning red." I explain and the makeup and hair artist nod their heads. I'm put into a tight black dress that has a cut out in the sides and replaced with a lace-like texture I'm pushed to wait outside until the girls call my name.

"She's been on tour with One Direction for a few months now,  and the boys have nothing but amazing things to say about her. Please  welcome, Braelynn Smith." Music starts in the back ground and I walk out on the set, there's a small audience up in the front  and they're  screaming. I look up at them, most of them are girls wearing shirts with my face on it, screaming my name and I think some  are actually  crying. I sit down on the couch and shake the girls hand, I don't really remember her name so I just nod whenever she speaks to me. "Now, we all wanna know what it's like to tour with One D, tell us a little about it!" She  says and I sigh.

"It is exhausting. I never thought that this job was going to be so physically demanding, but the boys make it so much better." I say with a smile,  she asks me to explain myself further. "They just make it fun, and they don't take it seriously. Honestly, if it wasn't for them  showing me  that you can  have fun while doing this you can do it even better, I would probably be way more tired on stage and probably wouldn't have the energy to greet fans."  I smile.

"Speaking of greeting your fans," a picture of me getting bombarded in Dublin shows up on the screen. "We all know that Niall is from  Ireland and you're Canadian, so why would you be in his home town? On his week off?" Her eyebrow perks up and I sigh, I knew this was coming.

"I actually have family there too, and Dublin's not his home town."  I  giggled,  "Mullingar  is." "Then why were you leaving the  airport with him whenever you were on your way here?" Goddamn, she went from  nice  to bitch in only a  few seconds. "We had the same flight time, why would they waste a plane trip whenever we can just take the same plane to the same  place? I know what it looks like, but Niall and I  are only friends, we're both very single." I nervously  laugh, I know  they're all out back watching, I hope Niall doesn't get mad.

"So whenever you were clearly holding to him for protection, that was just a friendly gesture?"

"It's hard  dealing with a bunch of people screaming your name and taking your photo when you know they're  going to make  silly assumptions, just like this, and you know there's nothing you can do about it." I say with my  hands out in front of me. She sits back in her chair, her cards on her crossed knee as she looks at me. "I come  from a very small place, so it's weird for me to have  cameras and hands shoved in my face at six in the morning. I would've clung to anyone, but Niall was there. So he was the one to experience my little panic attack."  

She nods her head and  then attacks me with the loss of my mother. "How did you go right back into the tour right after your  mom died?" She has so much judgment in her voice that it makes my blood boil.

"I didn't get right back  into it,  I stayed home for a little over a week.  It was my aunt that made me go back, I was actually planning on quitting because I didn't want my mom to  miss this." I said and my voice cracked, the last thing I wanted to do was show this  cunt any emotion. "She told me that if I really loved my fans then I would go back, and she was right.  I love my fans to death." I say into the camera.

"Well that's good to hear." She mutters and  shuffles threw her notes. "Some of your fans have questions for you." She says and stands up, passing me a mic.  "First up is.. Ella, she  traveled from  California to see  you here toady."

"Aww, thank you." I say  and she  stands up, waving  at me. I wave back and she asks her question, "Would you ever visit a children's  hospital without having to be paid?" She  asks and the question was weird to me. Why would someone  want to be paid to go visit sick kids?

"Of course, I don't know anyone who would actually take money to go visit sick kids? That  doesn't make sense to me.." I say. "Can you  come to California soon? There's a hospital over there full of young kids that love you, they've asked me to ask you." Her eyes are brimming.

"Meeting  you was my Wish." She tells me and my hand goes to my heart. I walk up to her and hug her with everything I got in me, I forgot I was still holding the mic whenever I spoke to her.

"You are so  brave." I whispered and she nodded her head into my stomach. "You and every kid there are so brave and you will all beat whatever it is you're battling. And I would be blessed to come meet you all, just give me the address and I'll  be there." I promise her, I turn my mic off whenever I realize I still had it in my hand. The crowd starts clapping and shouting my name,  I give her another hug  before I move on to the person and then to the next, giving them all hugs and having them ask me questions, signing photos.

I made sure they left with something from me. "One last question from Mia." The interviewer said and Mia stood up.

"So you and Niall  aren't actually thing? Because I totally ship you two." I laughed, she was a very cute kid. She about 12 maybe 13 and had long dark  curls that hung off her shoulders.

"No no,  but I would love to ship him and I." I wiggled my eyebrows at her, "is he your favourite?" She asked and I nodded. "Has been since You don't know you're beautiful came out." She  giggles and says that she feels the same.

"Thank  you to everyone who came out here  today! It means a lot, and thank you to all of you who took the time to ask questions." I kissed my fingers and  blow it out to the crowd. I walk out back and every one starts clapping, "What did I do?" I asked,  standing there stunned.

"You did that so well." Louis told me and hugged me. "You handled her very well,  you didn't get over offensive and you  didn't show  her any emotion." I smiled and laughed whenever  he started tickling me.




"I want to die. " I said when I finally got back to the hotel in New  York, but it didn't last long because we had rehearsals.  

"Welcome to tour life." Harry said before he took a drink of water. It's weird seeing him drink something that's not laced with alcohol,  it's weird seeing him sober. "But you need to get changed so we can  go, there's no way you're going to preform in  that, you can already barely move in it." He says and pulls at the end of the black dress  I wore on the show today.

"Yeah I know." I got up and changed into Lulu's and a baggy shirt, I walk out of the bathroom putting  my hair up and I grab my Converses. "Ready?" I say  to him and he nods. I'm glad that we can get along a  little  better. We meet the others out in the hall way and Niall  grabs me, pulling me into his side and nudging my cheek with his nose, making my giggle. We get downstairs and we're escorted  to the car.

I'm still not sure exactly where our venue is  tonight, " Where are we playing?" I asked  and Zayn laughs. "You don't know where  we're playing?" He asks me and I shake my head, obviously  Zayn, I wouldn't be asking if I fucking  knew. "MSG."  He says and my jaw  drops.

"WHAT." I  yell out and start screaming, wiggling in my seat. "No way, you're just  saying that." I said and they all shook their  heads, I was going to play and MSG tonight. Holy  shit. "And you get to  help us sing Teenage Dirtybag." Louis said and Liam nodded, "You get to help with the course and my part,  because you sound a little more girlier than me." Liam said with a wink. Oh my god, this  was  going to be the best night  of my life.

We pull up  in  front of the  entrance, I've never jumped out of car that's still half moving so fast in my life. "It's beautiful." I say and spin around, running into the building and screaming.  This was the happiest moment of my life. "Braelynn, vocals now!" I hear my manager  yell and I do as  I'm told, waving  myself off the boys  and going into the  back  room.

"We're changing your songs up, you're going to be doing a  Little Mix  song tonight and some stuff that's a little faster, easier to dance to." She tells me and I nod my head, she hands me a bunch of lyric papers. "Go now." She says and closes the door whenever I leave  the room. Bitch.

I walk into  the studio and sit down  with my dancers and show them  the sheets. The choreographer gets up and listens to the music  and then we get together  and get our dances, running threw them over and over again. My favourite songs  tonight are , "That's  me right  there." By Jasmine  V and "That's  right." By ciara. The dance moves are crazy to these songs, the only thing I'm a little disappointed with is my opening isn't  as long as  it usually is.

"Okay,  this  is going to be a great show. We need to  take it to the stage right now though." I  said and we  all got up, "Costumes." I breathe whenever I walk on stage  and see Lou standing there  with a smirk on  her face. I went over to her and she had me dressed in something a little classy for the Little Mix song,  Change your Life.

It was  a cute little pink dress that had a bow shaped cut out in the back. I hate how I have to strip  out on stage, the guys from the band don't mind, and I'm sure that Niall just has to use the bathroom whenever I take my shirt off. After we  run threw the first song and then move on to the rest, the other  two are nothing special, songs  that no one really listens to. But whenever it's  time to run threw That's me right there, I fall in love  with the costume.


[I pasted a link to the costume and dance!] 

  "I'm in love with this." Courtney, one of the dancers says  as she looks  at herself in the mirror. "I know, these are so bad ass." I say and  look at my ass in these pants. "Dang." I'm never one to talk about myself like this, but it was true,  we all looked smoking hot. Even better than we did whenever  we performed Upgrade  you, and those costumes  were mint.




Two hours later, we're ready for stage. First up, Change Your Life. One was that over it was over and we got threw the other two songs,  we got changed for That's Me right There. "I'm so excited for this one." I say and we all scream and jump around.

"Holy-" Niall stutters as he  walks out of the dressing room, Harry behind him. "How did I miss  this one?" He asked and came closer to me. Harry caught my attention as he stood back and licked his lips, but turning  away whenever Niall  kissed me. "I'm defiantly  watching this one." He whispers to me.

"Shit, where's my hat." I say whenever I realize I don't have it. Niall takes his  snapback off and puts  it on my head, "Thank you." I tell him and kiss his cheek, "Watch, I'll show off a little."  I whisper to him, making his breath  hitch. 

I was a bit upset that I wasn't booked a lot of time but after I finished my part I had half an hour before I went back on stage to sing Teenage Dirtbag with them. I sat in the dressing room for a few minuets, on my phone and scrolling Twitter. I was laughing the fact people were going off the wall about my interview. 

I had the papers for Cali sent to my room after the show and they're all signed and sent back. I leave for Cali in four days which is good because we're going there anyway. "It's time." Someone said, knocking on the door. I got up off my ass and dragged my body to the changing rooms. 

"I am not wearing this." I say whenever I look in the mirror. They're making me look like the girl in the video, tube socks and all. "Fuckkkkk. That." I say and start to get undressed. 
"You have to." Someone says. 

"Ah no, I'm not wearing this in stage and flaunting it in front of the boys, who three of them have girlfriends, and making them HAVE to "drool" over me. Nah huh, not happening:" I said and changed into a pair of ripped skinny jeans and a white tank top.

It looks good, it was simple and nice. I put in a pair of black heels with it and went to the stage, grabbing my mic. "Her name is Noel, I have a dream about her. She rings my bells." I hear Harry's voice singing, I've almost been in love with his voice whenever he's singing. 

I watched the TV back stage and they're all looking around for me to flaunt on stage wearing a gym class out fit, with the tubes socks. But he keeps singing anyway, completely confused. "But she doesn't know who I am, and she doesn't give a damn about me." And that's where I'm lifting on stage and I back up the chores for the song, everyone started screaming louder. 

I haven't performed with the boys other than when they helped me sing Heaven after my mum passed, but that wasn't a very fun song. Niall was the first to come over to me, dancing and having fun. "I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby! Yeah I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby, listen to Iron Madian baby with me! Ouuu." 

I was laughing when niall started singing, he was purposely saying the curse words so boldly. "Her boyfriends a DICK, and simple kick my ASS if he knew." He winked at me and my cheeks burned. 
I couldn't help but kind of be like Harry and hit my mic against the air whenever the drummer hit the drums and the lights flashed. Liam and I stood by each other while we walked very "sexily" over to the other boys that were pretending to freak out as we sung. 

"I've got two tickets to Iron Madian baby, come with me Friday don't say maybe. I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby like you. Ouuuu." Then we all broke out into the chores.

We locked our hands together and we all bowed, thanking everyone who came and then we walked off stage. "That was so much fun!" I screamed and hopped around. 

"It was, but where were you? I thought you were going to come out on stage as 'Noel'." Louis asked. 

"You should've seen the outfit. There was no way in hell it was going to wear that." I said and pointed to the rack it was now neatly put away in. "If I'm not called a whore yet, I would've been after tonight." 

We went out to eat afterwards, just to a pizza parlor where we ordered two pizzas that Niall ended up eating most of. I was so tired and full that I was about to pass out, I can't wait to get back to the hotel. "You can wear that outfit for me later." Niall said into my ear. 

"No, it's back on the bus." I told him and he winked, he stole the outfit! "Niall, you're bad." I said and pushed him. I laid back with my hand on my stomach, I'm so tired. 

We finally left the pizza place, we were informed whenever we got to the hotel that we will be living on a tour bus for almost the whole time we were in the states. I groaned, I didn't wanna be stuck on a bus with five boys, it's bad enough I have stay back stage with them half the time. 

They're so gross, Niall's always farting, Zayn burping, louis always yelling about something. I think the only ones that aren't annoying are Harry and Liam, and that's only because Liam's like that dad. Only there whenever things get out of hand and someone needs to be put in their place and Harry's that dick that just sits in the corner and smirks like he's got something over everyone. 

Ugh, I'm not going to like this at all. 

I fall on to my bed, "I'm so tired!" I scream into the pillow. 

"Again, welcome to tour life." Harry says while walking by me. I giggle into the sheets and sit up, I like watching him do things. He gets waaaaay too into it, he gets so concentrated on something doesn't stop until it's done right and finished. A good but annoying talent. 

He takes his shirt off while walking to the bathroom and placing it on the end of the bed before closing the door. I hear the shower start up and not even five minuets later he's out. A towel hung off his hips and he walked over to his suitcase, bending and pulling out sweats. 

His hair is much longer whenever it's wet, but his curls stay in it. "Can I help you?" He asks whenever he comes out of the bathroom again. "You've been staring at me since we got back here." 

"You're just really funny sometimes." I say with my hand on my lips, trying to contain my laugh. 

"I haven't even said anything even remotely funny?" He says and puts the towel on his head. "Is it bad that my hair has gotten so long that I can do that thing you girls do." He says as he twists the towel and puts it up. 

"Yes." I said laughing. "That would be my que to get a hair cut." I told him. 

"Maybe I'll just let it grow." He winked and laid on his bed. "What did that outfit even look like?" He asks, looking over at me. I unlocked my phone and showed him the picture someone took of me freaking out about it. "You were mad?" He asks.

"Yes, I didn't want to flaunt that on stage. They told me that you guys were suppose to like drool over me whenever you're singing your part. No thanks." I said as I took my phone back. 

"I was the only one suppose to do that. I was suppose to chase you." 

"No thank you. I don't need those rumors to stir up, look at the stupid little tube socks. And Nikes as runners? How cliche, I wonder how much we were suppose to get paid for that." We both break out into a laugh. "It's so like..." I'm at a loss for words as I can't find the right one. 

"So regular?" He asks and I nod my head. "It's your typical rich, popular, 'hey look at me' kind of girl in high school. The grey school t shirt and the gym pants cut into very short shorts."

I was laughing so hard. His accent was really coming out because he was so tired and him trying to explain the thoughts in his head. "I would love to keep talking, but I'm so tired." I said and turned my lamp off, snuggling into my blankets. 

"You're a cuddly kind of person aren't you." He asks. 

"How'd you know?" I ask, peaking my head up. 

"Because you always have your face and hands wrapped around you blankets with a pillow behind you." He says with a smile, I don't think I've seen him smile like that before. 

"You should smile more, it looks good on you." I tell him before falling asleep. 



I'm literally so freaking emotionally right now. Please bare with me, I'm going threw a very hard time! Xxbella 

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