On tour with One Direction

I always dreamed of performing. I use to have my hair brush glued to my hand as a child, singing my favorite songs in the mirror, making up dance moves to every song that came out.

Now I'm doing it in front of millions of people, only this time, I'm doing it with One Direction.


25. California








Make up was plastered on my face to try and cover up some of the bruising. It's gone away a lot since that night in New York but it's still there and the media was going nuts over it. People were calling me the morning after, asking questions on if I knew who he was, why the fight broke out and if I was laying charges. 

I explained the fight and why I got in the middle of it, saying no I didn't know who he was and that I was not going to press charges.

Why? Because that's what you do whenever you want to drag things on, you press charges, go to court and it never leaves. By not pressing charges you're avoiding any possible in counter with that fucker again and everything just dies down, the boys are pissed I'm not going further with it, even Management but I don't care. 

There was a shit ton of cameras outside the hospital, exactly what I didn't want. I stepped out of the car and started walking up to the doors, waving and smiling whenever said shouted my name.

I breathed in as soon as I was inside the doors, but it didn't stop there. There were news crews, paps everywhere and even Entertainment Tonight showed up? Don't they have anything better to do. TMZ was in my face first, "Are you getting money for this?" The guy aske.

"No, I made it pretty clear in my interview that I would not accept any awards to come here for these kids." I said in an angry tone. Why do people think I would actually take money for something like this? "That little girl used her wish to meet me and ask me this, that's more than money could ever buy for me." I told them and they stood there and looked at me, not the reaction they were looking for. 

I was giving key chain type thing to wear around my neck, showing people I was a visitor. The nurses were smiling at me whenever I walked into the hallway, all the nurses and doctors were standing outside each room. "The kids don't know you're here today." The nurse told me. I smiled a huge smile, this was an amazing feeling. "That's Ella's room." She whispered and knocked on the door. 

I slowly walked in, peaking my head around the door and seeing her pop her head up. She was sitting with a Bratz doll in her bed, which she was quick to throw and jump out of her bed whenever she seen me. She started screaming and then crying, latching on to my hip. "I didn't think you were actually going to come!" She screamed into my lap. 

"Of course I came." I said in a whisper to her, I sat on the floor and held this little girl in my lap until she calmed down. "How are you feeling?" I asked her. I knew she wasn't doing good, her skin was pale and you could tell she very sick. 

"I'm okay, they said I have a really good chance!" She said with such excitement.

"Course you do, you're the bravest girl I know." I said and she giggled as I touched her nose. "I'll be right back okay? I have to go see the other kids." She nodded and I lifted her up and put her back in bed, grabbing her Bratz doll and giving it back to her. 

I walked into every room they had, I was crying by the end of it because some of these kids are so sick they can barely move. Some can't even talk but you could tell how excited they were to have me there. The nurses and doctors all thanked me so much for what I've done for these kids, making me cry even harder. We got  picture in every room, I felt so welcomed by this hospital.


"Usually we have to beg or give money for someone  who's in the media to come here, we don't tell the kids that because they wouldn't like the idea of their idol having to be paid a bunch of money to see them." The doctor said to me.

"It was such an honor to be here, thank you so much!" I said and hugged him, I think they said he was the director of the hospital. "I'm going to go spend a little time with her." I told him and he nodded his head, I walked back in the room and she was staring at the door, clearly waiting for me. 

I spent almost three hours with her, watching movies and laughing. She told me that she was diagnosed with cancer whenever she was only three, it made me sad because she was such a beautiful young girl and I would do anything to take the cancer away from her.

She explained that her mum and dad can't bare to look at her because they don't want to see her go through this so they stopped coming by to see her after her cancer got really bad, but they still send money to try and help her get better. 

"I mean, I guess it makes sense." She said and her eyes fluttered up to me, she's way to smart for a 10 year old. "To try and forget instead of standing here watching." She shrugged her shoulders. 

"Take a selfie with me." I said to her laughing. I pulled my phone out and put the front camera on, she cuddled into me further on her bed we were laying in and snapped a bunch of silly photos. I put one of them as my home screen, which made her blush. "I wish I didn't have to go but I have rehearsals soon." I told her.

I was just about at the door whenever I thought of something. I walked out and asked around for the doctor and finally found him.

"Braelynn, hi." He said with a smile.

"How hard would it be to have most of these kids come to the concert tonight?" I asked.

His eyebrow raised, "I know that most of these kids can walk around and very capable of doing something such as getting dressed and coming to concert. I'll make sure they're in the front and they're the first ones in the building and they'll have chairs."


"I don't know, it sounds like a really good idea but these kids don't have the energy." 

"At least for some of it." I begged, "I'll get them back here in no time, you and the nurses can even come. Bring your kids! Whatever I have to do I'll do it, just please." I said and he looked at me.

"I'll give you a call okay?" He said and patted my shoulder. I left the hospital feeling really good about myself but also very depressed. I want these kids to have some kind of fun! My drive was waiting for me as soon as I got out of the hospital, my makeup was most likely running down my face but that was okay, very little people were outside now. 

I got in the car and they took me to the venue for tonight.


About half an hour later we arrived and I was escorted to my dressing room, the boys [except Harry] all tackled me whenever I got in the room. I smiled and hugged them all, "How was it?" Louis asked.

"So much fun but it was terrible at the same time, it broke my heart." I said and they all nodded, they know what that's like because of Comic Relief. "Ella, the girl that used her wish to meet me. She ah- she thinks she's doing really good but the doctors told me she probably won't make it." I said, shaking my head and feeling my heart break. "She's so damn brave though, she kept telling me she was going to kick the shit out cancer, she's fucking 10!" I screamed in agony, my hand over my heart.


"We should invite them to the concert as a surprise." Liam said. 

"I already thought of that. The doctor said he would call me once he's made a decision." I looked back whenever my name was called for my run though. I left the boys dressing room and went to find Lou, she was waiting with her makeup brushes and combs in her hand. 






Right before the show started I got a phone call, "Hello?" I answered.

"Braelynn, you need to promise that these kids will be okay  and that you will make sure that nothing bad happens to them okay? My staff will be there but I need to know that these kids are safe."


"You have my word and the boys word!" I promised,I put him on speaker so the boys heard everything he said. "We got them!" They all said.


"Come outside." The doctor said.We all went outside and the kids started screaming, Ella jumped in my arms and I held on to her for dear life. "Please." The doctor said and I promised him I would. Us and security led them all to the front stage and sat them down on super comfy chairs then everyone else started coming in. 

Soon the show started and I was on stage singing and dancing, thanking the fans.

"I have a special thanks for someone really important." I said and some fans went quiet but others kept screaming my name. I knelt down and got Ella on stage, she looked terrified as she stood there on stage. I asked her what her favourite song was by One Direction.


"Right now it's Act My Age." She giggled. 

"You heard her!" All the boys came on stage and she was giving a Mic, she shook her head at me but then calmed down whenever I got on my knees beside her. "This little girl's name is Ella and her and her friends are the bravest kids I know! And they're going to whoop the ass out of cancer! Am I right kids?!" I yelled and they all cheered.


"When I'm fat and old, and my kids think I'm joke because I move a little slow when I dance." We all sung and everyone joined in, even Ella. 

Afterwards we all said thank you and let everyone else move out of the arena before we moved the kids out. We said bye to all of them and then we went back into the arena to get ready for home, well for the next couple weeks, a tour bus.

"I'm not excited for this." I complained as the bus pulled up in front of us.

"Why not, babe?" Niall said and put his arm around my shoulder, standing to the side. "This could be fun." He winked and started running to the bus with all the other boys.

"Have fun. " Lou said and she went to her own bus. 

"Ugh." I got on the bus and they were already fighting about who was going to have which bed and blah blah blah. "Bitches." I said with a laugh and they all stopped fighting and looked at me, but I didn't pay attention, just went threw the stocked fridge and cupboards for something to eat. "I miss home cooked meals." I pouted. 

They all agreed, "I can cook us something." I said and they all nodded eagerly. There was actually an already roasted chicken in the fridge, it's from a grocery store but it's still something.

There was frozen veggies in the freezer, I put those on the stove to boil and baked potatoes in the oven. The bus was smelling real good by the time it was done. "It's ready!" I called and they all came for out back where the 'beds' were.

I placed a plate in front of each of them, watching their eyes go out of their head and start to drool over it. "You made this?" Zayn said, mouth watering.

"The chicken was from the grocery store, like already cooked just needed to be heated." I said, I was more for making from scratch, but what are you going to do?

"No no, this is amazing." Louis said and pulled out his phone. "I'm putting this on Instagram." He said asked for mine so he could tag me in it. I felt flattered that they were so into my cooking.

I sat down and ate also, I didn't find it all that nice only because I knew it wasn't actually a fully homemade supper but it was the best I could get. "Holy fuck, I'm going to marry you." Niall said with a mouth full of food.

Everyone looked over at him. "What?" He said with a shrug. He swallowed and put his fork down, "if you knew you would get to come home every night to this, or even better because she thinks this is rubbish. Wouldn't you? Don't be stupid boys." He told him and then they shrugged, agreeing. My cheeks heated up as I finished and put my plate in the sink.

I walked around the table and grabbed each of their plates and started the dishes. "Come on baby, those can wait." Niall said and wrapped his arm around me. "I need cuddles right now." He moped.

"These need to get done or they'll start to smell." I said and he agreed, letting go and dragging himself to the back of the room. I cleaned everything up and laid on the couch, my hand was placed just above my hair line and I groaned at the pains I was having. My period was coming soon. 

late/shitty update. but like i said... i'm having a very very hard time trying to pull myself together and i'm just taking it one day at a time! ALSO! I HAVE THHHHE BIGGEST PLOT TWIST COMING UP, SO HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS BECAUSE IT'S ABOUT TO GET FUCKING WILD! [just letting you know, this is about to skin a few months!] xxbella


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