On tour with One Direction

I always dreamed of performing. I use to have my hair brush glued to my hand as a child, singing my favorite songs in the mirror, making up dance moves to every song that came out.

Now I'm doing it in front of millions of people, only this time, I'm doing it with One Direction.


24. Bar Fights and Regrets


WARNING!: Little bit of violence in the first part, I'll explain it too. just try and keep up


My hands grab and tug at the guy who's trying to start shit with Liam, this is going to be all over the media tomorrow morning but I don't even care. "Fuck you, mate." He slurs and shoves me off him.

"No, fuck you!" I scream. Harry's beside me, trying to help Liam out. But Liam's completely cool with it, he's just there smirking at the guy. I know he's had a few drinks but he's not even trying to reason with the guy like he usually would, but Harry and I are way past drunk. "What are you even doing?" I say to him as he turns around, I don't even get time to think as he cracks me in the nose. "Ow, shit." I say and put my hand to my face.

"Hey!" I hear Harry scream and I look threw the blood to see him grabbing on to the guys collar and screaming in his face. The thing I hate most about being in the public eye is that guys seem to think that we're not even human, that we're invincible and that they think we can put up a good fight. I mean we can, but we don't want to. 

Tiny hands grab my face, I calm down right away and she looks my face over. "He broke it." She said with anger in her voice, she's not drinking because she offered to drive us back home. Maybe we should have left whenever she wanted to go. "He fucking broke your nose!" She yells out and turns to look at him. I wipe the blood away from my mouth and grab her arm whenever she leaves to go and tell him off. 

"Leave it baby, we've got it." I tell her and she just gives me a dirty look and shrugs me off. She marches over to the guy that's currently being held by Harry. 

"Who the fuck do you think you are?!" She screams and pushes him, she even surprised Harry at her strength. "Why are you even trying to start a fight with five guys that you know nothing about, and Liam of all people you're going to start shit with? You are literally so pathetic, he's not even selfish you fucking prick!" She screams, Liam's trying to stop her. 

The look this guy has on his face is starting to scare me. "Braelynn, maybe you should stop." I tell her with a paper towel pushed up my nose. She ignores me and flies into him again. "You're such an asshole American! What are you trying to prove, because the only thing you're proving to anyone here is how big of a fucking douche bag you are!" His eyes squint, and I know he's not scaring her but is he ever scaring me. 

All five of us are behind her, Harry and I on her sides and the rest behind us. Zayn and Louis are yelling things at him too but he only seems interested in what Braelynn's saying. Then he looks at me, dead straight at me, "Calm your bitch or I'll tame her for you." He says threw his teeth. 

"I'm no one's fucking bitch!" She screams, I'm trying so hard to get her to stop. "And tame me? What were you even raised by, fucking animals? Bet your mom is real fucking proud, waste of breath!" She screams, I know she's just trying to stand up for Liam and all of us but what she doesn't get is that men have testosterone, it's basically a steroid that's completely natural. It's not fair and by the looks of it, between Harry and I starting with him, his horomones running high.

"Go fuck yours-" She didn't even get the words out of her mouth and he punched her, his punch throwing her to the floor. She laid there, not even moving. We all looked at her and then back up at him, tackling him and all of us trying to get a punch in.   I leave the group and get Braelynn from the bouncers who picked her up off the floor, they grabbed the guy out of the huge group that formed around him. He was taking and thrown outside but didn't leave without giving me a dirty little smirk. 

"Oh fuck, I'll kill him!" I said and Liam came over to me, "We should leave." Liam says and grabs the keys out of Braelynn's pocket. We all sneak out the back and  Louis drives because he;s the most sober one, seeing as though he hasn't had a drink for the last two hours. 

She laying in my lap, steady breaths coming from her mouth. Louis keeps looking at her through the mirror and he scowls to himself. I don't know what to do, I don't know what to say because I'm a little too drunk for this to happen right now. I'm totally regretting drinking that much and not leaving when she said lets go, I wish she would've screamed at us like she was screaming at that guy for us to leave. 

I bite down on my knuckle as I look at her face, she's already bruising. "Why does this happen?" I say out loud to no one really.

"Because, people think we have no feelings." Liam says with his head down. 

We pulled up in to the hotel and I carried her on the front of me into the room. "Let her stay with me tonight." I begged Harry.

"No way." He said, which scared me. "She's my roomy." He said and opened his door for me to take her in. 

"Harry, please. Don't do this, why do you even care? Figured you would want Louis back anyways, you guys hate each other." He cocked an eyebrow at me, giving me his signature smirk. What does that even mean right now? "Fine, then I'm staying here with her." I said and took her in.

"Like hell you are." He says and stops me from getting in the bed beside her. He cringes his face whenever he sees her pull herself into me and nuzzle into my chest. "Get out." He tells me. I choose to ignore him and pull the blankets up over us, he storms out of the room which is fine because he forgot the room key. He couldn't come back even if he wanted to. 

3 hours earlier [Braelynn]

"Let's go out tonight!" Zayn said, barging in my room. I was watching TV while Harry was in the shower, Niall was beside me on the bed. I rolled my eyes, he's such a party animal. 

"No, you guys went out last night. You're such alcoholics." I groaned. I didn't like going out, something bad always happened. Either girls try and fight me because they apparently have history with one of the boys and they don't like the fact that I'm with them every night. Or the guys start with the boys because they're trying to prove something. 

"C'mon Braelynn!" Zayn whined. 

"I'll sober drive." I said with a sigh and got up to get ready. Zayn flew out the room and grabbed the others, within minuets they were back in my room ready to get drunk. Again. Niall left for a few to  get ready also and  Harry, of course, was all for the idea getting hammered with our last night in New York. 

We all went out to eat first, I'm getting real tired of fast food honestly. We don't really go out somewhere nice unless it's an award show or something Liam said, he claimed that it bothered him too because he's a pretty classy guy. He makes me  laugh very often. 

We pulled into McDonald's, all of us with our hoods up and sunglasses on as we went through the drivethru. I ordered everyone's food in a really funny accent and pulled up to the window, I figured someone one would have noticed us, but thankfully they didn't. We ate but I was hating myself for getting 10 chicken nuggets, I should not have gotten 10. 

"Ready?" I asked whenever I seen it was already 9:00.  I don't even know how I get into bars in New York, I'm only 20. Just by looking at the club from the outside I can tell this isn't going to be a good night, my stomach is about to throw up and it's not from over eating. I swallow as we walk into the club, "You okay?" Niall asks as he puts his hand around my hip.

"Yeah  I just don't have a good feeling about this." I said to him and laughed, basically telling me to lighten up. One thing I've learned is that my gut feeling is never wrong, I'm thinking I'm going to have to force them to come home early tonight. Hopefully they don't get  too drunk and not listen to  me. "Let's just behave, okay guys?" I say and they just ignore me and walk  in. I sit down at a booth and watch as they go to the bar and get drinks. 

First they all do shots with people they don't even know, there's a few girls that try with Niall but he just pushes them away and  moves to the other side of the bar. I wish people knew we were kind of thing but at the same time I like the fact that we have our privacy. 

I see them getting a little too loaded about an hour later, I get up from my spot and walk over to them. "Guys, maybe we should go." I said, tugging at Liam's sleeve. 

"Not yet, we're having fun." He says and touches my nose. 

"Yeah babe, not yet. Soon though okay?" Niall says and kisses my forehead. I sigh and knit my eyebrows together, "But I don't have a good feeling  about tonight,  Niall." I whine and  pull at him. But he's not paying attention, Harry's like gone and so  is Zayn. I sigh and bow my head, walking back to the booth and drinking my water. 

My stomach starts to turn and I'm watching over everyone making sure everything's going okay. Who knows? Something could happen whenever we get back, it might not be a feeling for here right now. I swallow and keep watching and not even ten minuets later of  almost begging to go home, there's a guy at the car getting in Liam's face. 

Liam's chill about it, just shaking his head at the guy as he yells stupid shit in his face. I stand up from my seat and walk over, careful not to get close. He keeps yelling at Liam, telling him he's a selfish celebrity and I laugh at that, Liam is the most selfless guy I know. This dude needs to get facts before he starts mouthing off.  I was honestly expecting Liam to do something, reason with him or something but he's just standing there like smirking at him? 

I can tell  that Niall and Harry both notice how calm Liam is as they yell at the guy. I wasn't  going to get involved until the guy cracks Niall's nose, I knew it was broken by the way it started to gush blood. He's so  mad right now it's almost scary. I walk over to him and put my hands on his face, making him bend to my level and I start to freak out. 

"He fucking broke it!" I scream and Niall grabs my arms, telling me not to worry about it. Like fuck I won't worry about it, who does this guy even think he is, coming up  in here and starting shit with us for no reason. Hell no. I get in his face and push him, I have clearly pissed him off and he gets even more mad whenever I start  screaming at him. 

He doesn't scare me, I've dealt with even bigger assholes than this. Bring it. 

"Calm your bitch or I'll tame her for you." He says, his eyes are burning into Niall and I know that Niall's blood is boiling. 

I freak out, trying to end my conversation with him by telling him to  go fuck himself, but I don't think I get that part out of my mouth because I wake up with Niall sleeping beside me. My mouth felt  like it had just been smashed with a brick and whenever I sit up, I wanna puke. I groan and get up, going to the bathroom and looking at myself  in the mirror, "Oh ew." I say and touch my lip. I have the biggest fat lip I've ever seen in my life, even my eyes are tinted black. 

I mutter fuck whenever I press some ice to it, trying to get the swelling down before we leave tomorrow night. The last thing I need is to show up at a Childrens Hospital with a fat lip and a black eye, although I'm more than sure that someone recorded me going off and getting my ass handed to me. 

I lay back beside Niall and fall back to sleep. 

this  is a very shitty update because i;m really realllllly sick and waaaaaaaaaay too  emotional right now. I worked so damn hard on my make up  today only to cry the bitch off! I'm so annoyed right now. I wasn't even going to update, but you all made me feel so happy by asking for an update. So here you go (: xxbella


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