On tour with One Direction

I always dreamed of performing. I use to have my hair brush glued to my hand as a child, singing my favorite songs in the mirror, making up dance moves to every song that came out.

Now I'm doing it in front of millions of people, only this time, I'm doing it with One Direction.


30. Baby (s)




8 and a half months later



I went to the doctor, it's been almost eight months since we've left the tour. Niall's been busy with coming up with a new record, I didn't mind, I liked having time to myself. 

"It's warm this time, I promise." The doctored laughed. Every time she tells me it's warm, it's the completely opposite. Sometimes so cold that it makes me jolt. 

"Ah, that's better." I said and she moved the stick around. 

Her face went into something of surprise as she moved her head closer to the screen. I sat up and tried to look at whatever it was she was looking at. "I cannot believe I missed this!" She said and stood up, moving the screen toward me. 

"What?" I asked as I searched for something. 

"Braelynn! You're having twins!" I gasped, a huge smile on my face. "And you've got the lucky pair! You're having a boy and a girl!" 

I smiled a full toothy smile, "oh my god!" I covered my mouth as I laughed and cried at the same time. 

"They're both very healthy, you're ready to go at any moment. Make sure that you tell Niall that he either needs to be around his phone at all times or be around you." She said while cleaning my belly off. 

My legs were propped up on the metal bars as she checked my cervix. "Braelynn hunny, you're already two centimeters. Make sure you call me okay?" She said and I nodded. 

I got changed and drove back home. As soon as I got in the door I called my aunt, "Sarah you'll never guess!" I screamed into the phone. 

"What?" She said with a worried voice. 

"I'm going to be a mommy of two!" I screeched and she didn't say anything, her voice kind of stuttered on the other line. "A boy and a girl! Sarah, I'm having twins!" I exclaimed, trying to jump around my floor. It was a little difficult due to my belly. 

I hung up the phone after talking to her, I can't wait till Niall gets home. I slowly made my way around the house, my hand was on my back as I tried to steady myself. It was hard being this big and this house didn't seem so large whenever I was a normal size. 

Being this pregnant makes things so hard to move around. I made a cup of tea and sat on the couch, a blanket over my legs as I rested my aching body. 

Niall was so good to me, he was home early everyday, brought me flowers. He even got up, sometimes at four in the morning, to make a run to the store because I was craving strawberries. He's going to be such an amazing dad. 

But having two kids is going to be hard, I've always said though that if I was going to have two kids, they would have to be twins. I found it weird though, my mum and Sarah were twins so it should have skipped my generation and went to my child. 

I smiled whenever I heard the door open, he was whistling a beautiful song as his keys were thrown on the counter. He walked into the living room and sat down at my feet, "I'm so glad to be home." He sighed. 

"Hmm." So am I. I almost giggled. 

"How was the doctors?" He asked and took my tea from me, taking a sip from it. "I really wanted to be there, and I'm sorry I couldn't." He always felt guilty whenever he missed my appointments, I didn't mind though, it gave me time to myself. 

"It's okay, you didn't miss much." I said and covered my mouth. "The only 'big' thing you missed was something the doctor missed." 

"What are you talking about?" He asked and looked at me, his eyes are what me burst out laughing. They were full of wonder and he looked like a baby furby. 

"Niall, how do you feel about twins?" I said and pushed myself to sit up, my hands on my overly grown stomach. He cocked his eyebrow at me, his mouth parted a little as he was in complete confusion. "Baby, we're having twins." 
"Holy fu- What!" He screamed and stood up. "You're lying!" He laughed, he was smiling and kissing my face. "You made twins! WE made twins! Oh Braelynn!" He kissed everywhere, not even leaving a small part of face un-kissed. "Do you know the sexes?" 

"Boy and a girl." I laughed as he jumped around the house. 

"Best of both worlds!" He laughed and tripped over the coffee table. 

"Niall, hunny. You need to be more careful." I said and slowly stood up. Everything was a struggle whenever you couldn't see your feet because your belly was so big. I couldn't even get out of bed it was so hard. 
Soon it would be worth it. I couldn't wait to hold my little babies in my arms, but better yet, I couldn't wait to see Niall's face. 

We had decided to put the wedding off until after the baby (s) was born because it just made more sense. We were too busy setting up for the baby to even think about a wedding right now, as long as this ring is on my finger, I'm good with waiting. 

"What else did she say?" He asked after he calmed down and stood beside me, helping me walk to the kitchen. 
I sat down on the stool at the island and looked at him.

"Ah, just basically that I'm ready to go at any minute and that you either need to stay close to me or stay extra close to your phone. I'm apparently already two centimeters." 

He spit his drink out, thank god it was only water because half of it sprayed all over me. My jaw hit the floor as I looked at him, "I'm so sorry baby." He said and started drying me off. "Two, already?" He asked and I nodded. "Holy shIT." He expressed the last two letters more boldly and sat down beside me. 

"Do we have any ice cream left?" I asked and he opened the freezer. "No wait, I think I have Nandos in the fridge!" He laughed at me, I've never had Nandos until I met Niall and now he's got addicted. 

"Sorry babe. I think you ate that last night." He walked over to me and kissed me, "why don't we go out?" He suggested. I looked down at my belly, "I'll help." He said and helped me to the bed room. 

"Just give me a sweater, I'm good with gym pants." I said and laughed, nodding his head. He threw me one of sweaters, they fit better and smell like him so I'm okay with that. I had troubles trying to get on because once you get this big it's hard to lift your arms over your head, which you're not really suppose to do. 

I got my arms in the sleeves but pouted at niall to help get the thing over my head. He was always laughing at me now, I'm so helpless without him. I finally got it on and we walked out the door, he sat me down in the car and jugged over to his side. 

We pulled into Nandos, and as usual there were a bunch of fans there waiting. They were all taking photos, Niall distracted them while I hobbled my way in and got a seat. They all took pictures with me threw the glass because Niall explained I was very exhausted. I waved and posed the best I could for them, which I guess was okay because they all screamed. 

"Can't go no where." Niall complained whenever he sat down. I laughed, I didn't really mind the fans. The only thing that pissed me off about them was they didn't really have any respect, nor brains. One time Niall and I were walking just after I had gotten pregnant, a group of them came running over, pushed me to the ground. 

I've never seen Niall get so mad at them. He later apologized on Twitter, stating that I was pregnant and me getting pushed probably wasn't the best thing.  My Twitter blew up after that, I think I even got a few death threats, but I don't care. Those things never follow threw. 

I smiled whenever my spaghetti came, Niall got wings, milk shakes, garlic bread and spaghetti. I ordered two extra meat balls with mine, I was really only craving those. "These babies are going to have a full head of hair." I said and leaned back with my hand on my chest. 

"How do you know?" He asked. 

"They've been giving me heart burn every since they could move." I reached in my purse for some tums and popped two in my mouth and chewed them. I pretty much shoveled my food into my mouth, almost moaning at the taste. I was glad that Niall and I were the same when it came to food, if we weren't I'd feel like such a fat ass in front of him. 

I almost choked on my food as one of the babies kicked me so hard in the ribs. "Hmm." I groaned, closing my  eyes. How hot does that look? Holding my side with noodles hanging out my mouth, almost crying. "Are you okay?" Niall asked, about to stand up. I put my hand up for him to sit, nodding my head yes before laying in on the table. "Kick you pretty hard?" He nervously asked. I nodded again. 

My seat suddenly felt really wet. "Oh shit." I said after I swallowed. "Niall." I looked at him and he looked back at me, chewing the wing he had in his mouth and then his face changed  from 'oh my god  this wing is so good' to 'oh shit.' I tried to stand up, but I let out a scream and sat back down, everyone was looking at us which caused attention because oh look, there's Niall and Braelynn. "I really wished they wouldn't take pictures right now. "I said whenever I seen flashes go off. 

"Fuck fuck fuck, I'm  not ready yet!" Niall said as  he tried to lift me out of my seat. "Baby, are you okay? How bad is the pain?" 

"I feel like someone's driving a fucking knife threw my vagina!" I screamed out, not even thinking that we're at fucking Nando's. "Niall, we need to go!" I almost squealed, my head going back and my teeth clenching together. He pulled out his phone and called his mum, he walked away from me and I was trying to keep my shit together by breathing like a lunatic. 

Some old lady came over to me, rubbing my belly and showing me how to breathe threw my mouth. She was telling me that she's done this three times, twice with twins. That made me want to throw up, she has five fucking kids? "Who's your doctor?" She asked and I told her it was Dr. Moerie. "She's a good doctor, she delivered for me." She said with a smile, and  I know she;s just trying to distract me, but get the fuck out of my face. Ugh.

"Niall!" I screamed out  in anger, he turned his face and he went pale. It took three people to take me out to our car and to sit me down, I called Dr. Moerie and she said she would meet us there. Niall explained that he called my aunt too and she was on her way. My hands grabbed at seat as I tried my hardest not to scream while he was driving, holy shit it was hard. "Oh my god!" I yelled. 

He looked back at me threw the mirror, I could tell he was scared and I felt bad but there was nothing I could do. He passed me his sweater he was wearing to put it under my head. I was propped up on my elbows in the back seat, "Niall, they're coming like now!" 

"Princess, just a few more blocks! Please hold them. " He didn't know what to say and I felt bad whenever I gave him a dirty look. I'll apologize afterwards. The bluetooth in the car started ringing, Niall answered. "Is it true, Nialler? Is your baby coming now?" Louis voice rang threw my ears. 

"It's twins!" Niall said with such pride, I couldn't handle it anymore. I started screaming and panting. 

"We're on our way!" Louis said and hung up.  What the fuck, they're going to come all the way over here for a baby? "Niall!" I screamed in pain and he put his hand on mine in the back seat, holding it and trying to shush me as we pulled into the hospital. He called ahead and told them we were coming, but I was still surprised whenever they were already outside the hospital when we got there. I was lifted out of the back seat and placed on to a bed, Niall was running after me but then got stopped outside the ER door. 

"What the hell are you doing! That's the father of these babies, let his ass in!" I screamed and they all looked at each other, "Let him in or you're not getting paid for this!" I demanded. Finally, Niall was let in and he grabbed my hand. He played with my hair and rubbed my forehead, "I'm so proud of you baby girl." He whispered to me, tears slipped form my eyes. 

"We need you to push, now." The nurse said and I held my legs, Niall backed away and stood in the corner. Bitch. "One, two, three!" I pushed as hard as I could, screaming in pain as I could feel the baby come. It felt like I was breaking every bone in my body but it was worth it. "Once more!" I pushed again, my eyes darted over to Niall. He had his hand in his mouth just staring, I thought he was going to passout. 

"There's one baby!" My doctor said with a smile, the nurse took it, they didn't tell me which one it was. "Okay Braelynn, one push and the second should be out." Moerie told me. I nodded, my body was full of sweat and it was aching like a bitch. "One! Two! Three!" I screamed out as I pushed the hardest I've ever pushed and the room filled with crying babies. 

Niall was crying as he held the first one, he cut the cords for both and looked at me. He was a mess, a good  daddy mess. "I'm a father." He said to me, still crying but laughing at the same time. "This one is Alec." He said to me and I nodded, a smile on my face as I closed my eyes. 

The monitors started beeping and suddenly I felt no pain at all. 

AHH WTF! THIS MADE ME EMOTIONAL! she's not dead, so don't freak out. BUT HEY AN UPDATE, I'll show you the babies in the next chapter. again, this is going to skip. so the babies are going to like.... two or three months. i think two more chapters and this is the end! OH NO, but a sequel is already brewing in my brain. I'll update the next chapter right after I post this, happy sunday! xxbella  

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