On tour with One Direction

I always dreamed of performing. I use to have my hair brush glued to my hand as a child, singing my favorite songs in the mirror, making up dance moves to every song that came out.

Now I'm doing it in front of millions of people, only this time, I'm doing it with One Direction.


31. Alec and Ciara

[These are the best photos i could find that looked remotely like niall and looked like each other at the same time. NO HATE, i'll kill you. and the first photo is the best photo i could find of niall as a baby. SO YES. THESE BABIES ARE NIALL'S! also, she's not dead. just whenever she had BOTH of the kids it took a lot out of her so she just kind of passed out. but she's fine, and this has skipped a few months. The kids are walking and starting to talk!]





"Ciara hunny, you can't do that. This is an airport." I said to her, making her giggle as I chased her around. "Why can't you sit with me and mummy like Alec?" I asked her and squeezed her sides, making her scream out in laughter. She's been a bad one ever since she could crawl, she gets into everything she sees and will do anything to get it. When she was a baby though, she was good. She always went to sleep and she didn't cry too much, only when she was hungry or hurt something. Alec on the other hand, that's all he did was cry and scream.

So many nights I would wake up to Braelynn trying to quiet him, she was the best mother anyone could ask for. She never lost patience with them, even though you could see it in her eyes that she wanted nothing more than to scream with him. Alec was defiantly a mama's boy, he did everything he could to please her, even at such a young age. Ciara was my baby, she went everywhere with me, Daddy's little girl.

"Be a good girl for daddy, please?"  I begged as I held her close to me. She smiled and latched herself around my neck, kissed my face as I sat back down. "Just go to sleep." I whined and she nuzzled herself into my chest. 

"You're so good with her." Braelynn said with a giggle and laid her head on my shoulder, "My babies." She whispered and soon fell asleep like the other two. I huffed to myself, today was the day we were going to London to kick off the tour again, I wanted them there so badly but I also wished they stayed home. I feel like Braelynn is going to loose her shit if someone touches the babies or if they run off. Taking care of two kids is a lot, and I'll be on stage so I can't help her. 

I kissed all of their foreheads and closed my eyes myself, I knew there was people taking photos of us but as long as they didn't crowd my kids, I was okay. Our flight was called and I woke up Braelynn, she nodded her head and slowly stood up with Alec in her arms and grabbed her luggage. Someone got us a cart to put the luggage in and also carried it for us, Braelynn and I said thank you and we walked to our plane. 

We gave our boarding passes and sat in our seats. I sighed to myself whenever Ciara woke up. "Baby, go back to sleep." I whispered to her and she rubbed her face on my shirt, she was staring at Braelynn and she made me funny face at Ciara, making her laugh. 

"What's mama's baby doing?" She whispered to her and she giggled. "Did you know, that I love you?" She asked with a funny voice, making me laugh too. Braelynn's finger tickled under Ciara's chin and she latched on to my neck before laughed out loud. "This makes me happy." Braelynn said and leaned back, Alec still sleeping in her arms as she closed her eyes. 

"I've never been in love so hard before." I said with a smile. 


We got off the plane, Alec was awake and he was torturing his mother. "Alec stop, pulling mummy's hair is not okay!" She said in a stern voice and put him down, grabbing his hand before he could run away. "Alec!" She screamed and chased after him, Ciara and I just laughed. She was still in my arms, one of her hands was holding on to the back of my t-shirt with her tiny hands, the other hand was touching chin. 

"What are ya doing?" Asked her and she laid her head on my shoulder. "Braelynn?" I called whenever I couldn't find her, she came around the corner with a crying Alec in her hands, rolling her eyes. "What happened?" I asked.

"I told him he couldn't get any icecream." She wiped the tears off his face and reached out for me, "Oh it's going to be that way is it?" She said to him and he nodded. I took him from her, bouncing both the kids up and trying to hold on to them. "Is that Louis?" Braelynn screamed and ran over to him, jumping on his back. "LOUIS!" He turned around with her still on his back and opened his arms to me. I laughed at her as she held on to him, clearly chocking him. 

"There's my favourite babies." He said and took Ciara off me and spun her around. "How's my favourite girl?" He asked her and she just kissed him. I looked around and seen Liam and Zayn walking down the hallway with icecream in their  hands. Alec squirmed in my arms and finally  got free, running over to them. Liam picked him up and Alec just stared at the icecream in his hands.

"Liam, I just told  him no." Braelynn said and put her hand on her head.

"When mummy says no, you ask the uncle." Liam winked and Alec nodded his head.

"Say thank you Alec." Braelynn said with a sigh. He looked at her and she started to pronounce it. It was no wonder my kids were already talking and walking, Braelynn didn't talk baby talk and she was constantly spending time with them getting them to talk. Ciara was walking at seven months and Alec was talking at five. "T-ank you." He finally said and Braelynn smiled with pride as she picked him up. 

"They look more and more like you every time I see them, Niall." Zayn said as he took Ciara from Liam. Ciara and Zayn have the deepest 'uncle' and niece relationship out of all of them, every time she seen us on TV she would touch my face on the screen and then go over to Zayn's picture, kissing it. It made me a little  jealous, but at least I know she'll never  be mistreated with Zayn there. "Are you  ready for your first tour?" He asked her and poked her belly.

"Yes." She said and hugged him. 

"Maybe it's time for you and Perrie to start." Braelynn joked,  Zayn's  face went blank. "I'm joking Zayn, chill." She laughed and let Alec down. He stayed in between us two, holding both our pant legs. "Where's  Harry?" She asked, she's always the first to ask about him, she doesn't ask about the others first. It's always  Harry. 

I rolled my eyes and he turned the corner, his hair has grown out and as soon as Alec seen him he bolted it. He bent down and held his arms open to him, picking him up and bringing him over to us. "They got so big." He said and chewed on his lip. 

"So did your hair." Braelynn laughed and swooped the ends of his hair. He give her a playful look that I didn't like and took  his hair back from her hands. We took off outside where  the cars were pulled up, we need two now because Braelynn and the kids are with us. I went with them and we met up at a hotel, the kids got free from our grips and ran into the lobby, Braelynn was calling their name and she ran after them. You would think that having two kids would've slowed  her down  a little bit but it didn't, she hardly had the weight on for two months after the kids were born.

I didn't mind her being a little bit bigger, it reminded me that two beautfiul babies came out of her. But her being a girl said she had to loose the weight or people were going to chew her up and spit her out. Sometimes I wish I wasn't in  the media. I  got the room keys and pulled our stuff behind us as she ran off the grab the two that were running for the elevator. "You can't go in there by yourselves!" Braelynn yelled and slapped the doors back opened.

I could hear her scolded the kids as she went up in the elevator. I waited for the others and we all smooshed into the elevator and waited for it to take us  back up. "I wonder if this is going to be a mistake." I said out loud.

"What? Taking the kids on tour with you?" Zayn asked  and I nodded. "Doubt it, Lou dealt with Lux by herself most of the time she was on tour. Braelynn will be fine, there's so many mothers and fathers on our crew. Lou will be so happy to see them." He patted my back and we walked over to our hotel rooms. 

Braelynn was on the floor trying to contain the two whenever I walked over to our room and opened it. I grabbed Alec, he was the one giving her the most trouble.  She muttered a thank you and walked in with Ciara following her. "I'm not impressed with you two." I told them and they sat on the bed, staring up at me. "Was it a bad idea for mommy and daddy to take you with us?" I asked them.

"No daddy." They said together and hopped off the bed, hugging my legs. I bent down to their level, "you need to be good for mum while I'm rehearsing, okay?" I told them and they nodded their heads. Braelynn came up from behind me and kissed my cheek. We walked over to Liam's room where he had ordered pizza before we go to the venue, the kids were more than happy, Braelynn's a little health freak when it came to them  so when they found out they were having pizza they went crazy. 

I could tell it drove her crazy watching them eat the pizza and drinking pop, I myself don't think the pop was a good idea. But they're only kids.  We had good laughs with each other and Braelynn was almost in tears as Louis talked about that time I tripped over a cord in an interview I was really late for. "Then Harry was like, 'Did you get that on camera?' 

"Ha ha, can you stop now?" I asked with my face bright red. "That was way before I met you." I told her.

"I know, I watched it on YouTube. Way before I met you." She laughed and sat on my lap.

"When's the wedding?" Louis asked.

"Soon, it's basically just me getting a dress and Niall getting a tux. Figuring out the wedding party, blah blah blah." She said while she wiped off Ciara's mouth that was full of pizza sauce. "Lou's my maid of honor, Gemma's in my wedding too." Harry looked up at her. Gemma and Harry haven't really been talking much, never really had. But Braelynn reached out to her after the tour and they became really good friends.

"Greg's my best man, obviously. And the rest of you are in it too, but you guys new that." They all nodded. Harry picked up Ciara and cleaned off a spot that Braelynn missed, she watched him do it and then looked at me. I just shrugged it off. "It's going to be in one of the castles." I told them.

"What, you didn't tell me that!" Braelynn said and stood up. "I thought just a church and all that, Niall, when did you decide this?" She asked with such excitement. I pulled her down on me and kissed her cheek. "We need to go, guys." She said and grabbed the kids hands before taking them back to the room to change them. 

We walked in and she went over to Ciara's suitcase and pulled out a cute little red and black flannel button up with a pair a dark blue skinny jeans. She looked around for her shoes and found her converses. "Like mother like daughter." I laughed as she threw me the clothes to dress her.  She put Alec in a white sweater that zipped up half in the front and black jeans. "Okay, now I need to get ready." She left me with two very tried kids as she got ready, this is why I always get ready first. 

I was already dressed in a white t-shirt and dark blue jeans with white Superas. "I want dat." Alec said as he pointed to my snapback. 

"It wouldn't fit you." I said and he pouted. "You can wear it for now okay?" I told him and he nodded, putting it on and putting his head back so he could look at me threw the beck of the hat. I laughed, "I told you." I should get him one of the hats like mine. 

She walks out of the bathroom with half her hair pulled back by a clip, dark skinny jeans and a white tank top. She slipped on a grey, wool cardigan and picked up Alec, "Ready?" She asked and I nodded my head, picking up my little girl and walking out the door. 


"Before we go, I wanted to tell everyone that my babies are here!" I announced, "It's their first time watching their dad and uncles perform live and from what I can hear, they're loving it!" I pointed to the ground gate where Braelynn held the two, they both screamed for me getting out of Braelynn grip and running over to the stage. 

I picked them both up, putting my guitar behind me and smiling at Braelynn. The crowd went crazy whenever I brought her up on stage with all of us, Alec whining for her and nuzzling his head into her neck. "These are my babies." I spoke into my mic and the rest of the boys came over, huddling us and laughing whenever Ciara said hi into the mic. "Have a good night, London!" We all said and we got off stage. 

"That was so cute." Braelynn said as the kids started to yawn. "Was it a big day?" She asked Alec, he nodded. "Did you have fun watching Daddy up there on that big stage? There was a lot of people weren't there?" She whispered to him and he nodded, kissing her cheek and closing his eyes. 

She out her head on his and swayed her body back and fourth, closing her eyes and kissing his head. I've never seen something more beautiful in my life.

this chapter is shitty,  i'm sorry! but i have to go to work, and then there's school tomorrow... ugh kill me now! i'll probably update both my stories later tonight, but it will probably be Curiosity 2 because the final chapter is after this IT'S THE WEEDDDDDING! which involves pictures and such. have a great night guys! and for those who are going back to school, Good luck! xxbella 

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