Costume Memories

Bring yourself back to those days where you were most excited about your Halloween costume.


1. Costume Memories



There are a lot of things

That people assume

Is a kid's favorite part of Halloween,

But for most, it's the costume


There is nothing better

Than the joy found in

Shopping for that perfect costume

Before Halloween is to begin


It's funny to see

The girls run to the dresses

While the boys wander 'round

Being hardly progressive


There it is,

The perfect one!

They can't wait 'till tomorrow

To start all the fun


The children rush to their rooms

The second they get home;

They go to bed early

And their minds start to roam


The next morning they squeal;

Their excitement is seen;

But there's no need to worry,

For today is Halloween


They want to put that costume now;

They don't want to wait;

They want to be that new person

Before it's too late


Now the time has come,

It's finally here,

Where they can be that new person

For one day a year


But when the day is done,

And they rip it all off,

The costume may be forgotten,

But the memories never lost

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