Living with 1 Direction

Will me and my sisters life Change once are older brother Harry go off and try to become famous? Will he forget us? Or will we live with him when we go on tour?Well lets see if he becomes famous


27. Where is she?

Nialls P.O.V

Where is she?She ran out of the room, and never came back.Now it has been 20 hours and still no sign of her.Nobody has noticed she is gone.Not Harry,Mel or even Louis!Am I the only one who has noticed.I ran to Harry, I have to tell Him.

"Harry have you noticed something?" I asked
"What that I am not wearing any pants?"He said
"No,like where is your sister at?"I asked
"She is right there"He said pointing to Mel
"No I mean your little sister!"I yelled
"She should be in her room, lets go check"He said
We walked to Christas room,she is not there..
"Oh no! CODE C!!!"Harry cried
"CODE C??"I heard Louis and Mel question
"Christas Missing?No my poor little sis!!!"Mel and Louis cried

We all ran around L.A calling her name.We contacted the police in America, then we Contacted the police in England.
"Hello this is Mr.Styles, Ms,Christa Styles is missing.Is there a record of her coming into England"Harry asked
"Hello Mr.Styles,yes Ms.Styles was recorded coming in with Mr.Jack Ross,the head Administrator of The London Reform School for Bad Girls" The Lady said
"When is she getting out"He asked
"10 weeks"She said
"What!?!?!"Harry said"We need to go to a wedding in 2 weeks is it possible she can get out for like 1 week?"
"Talk to Mr.Ben Hemmings her teacher, that's all I can tell you.Thank you for calling Mr.Styles"She said and ended the call
"Ben Hemmings?"I said"Isnt that Lukes brother?"
"Yep we need to call Luke.."He said
We rang Luke.
"Yo Luke what up" I asked
"Nothing Bro,"He said
"Hey um,we need Bens number"I said
"Why now?"He asked
"We need to get Christa out of the reform school in 2 weeks for 1 week,and we need to contact her teacher which is Ben" I said
"Okay.......Good Luck he hates her even more than me! So good luck!!"He said and hung up
We dialed the number and he picks up.
"Hello?"He said"Who is it?"
"Hello is this Mr.Hemmings?"I asked
"No this is Christa Styles..."She said
"Christa!!!! How are you?"I asked
"In pain,Niall I have to tell you something"She said
"What is it love?"I asked
"First tell Harry to get out of the room"She said
"Harry,leave the room now"I said
Harry left the room
"He left, now what was it darling?"I asked
"I am...."She got cut off
"STYLES"I heard in the background."TO THE CLASS NOW!!!!!"
"Niall I am having your child"She said crying"I don't know how many or what kind but I am having your children/child"
She then hung up and I was speechless.I am going to be a dad?!?I need to talk to Louis but at a park.

"Hey Lou, buddy come with me I need to talk to you?"I said
"Okay,Nialler just wait a second"He said and ran inside to get something
He came out with his coat and jumped in the car.And we drove to a private park.
"Okay what was it Nialler?"He asked
"I was talking to Chrissy and she told me something"I said
"Well what was it?"Lou asked
"The same thing Mel told you Lou"I said
The look on Louis' face was priceless.He looked shocked..
"She....she is??"He asked
"Yeah,and she is being put through hell right now in London because  she is in the reform school"I said
"Oh that's terrible!!!"Louis said
"I know,and guess who her teacher is.."I said
"Ben Hemmings..."He said
"Yep"I said popping the p.
This is terrible.My Baby is having a baby,and she is being put through hell!!! We gotta get her outta there...

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