Living with 1 Direction

Will me and my sisters life Change once are older brother Harry go off and try to become famous? Will he forget us? Or will we live with him when we go on tour?Well lets see if he becomes famous


26. Where am I???

Where am I?? All I remember is that I am pregnant, and then everything went totally black.Now I don't know where the heck,I am!!! can't be!!! No not back here again!!!!!! NOT AGAIN!!!!

"Welcome back Ms.Christa Marie Styles"He said
"God the reform school will never leave me alone will it?"I asked
"Yep, it wont. The motto of the London Reform School for Bad Girls is we never give up"He said
"Oh yeah, I forgot that Mr.NosePicker"I said then laughed,which caused me to get slapped across the face with a ruler from Ms.Witch.
"Well its nice to see things have never changed" I said sarcastically
Then I got slapped again by her.
"Ouch bitch,get,over it you will never change me"I said
"NEVER!!!!"She screamed
Next thing I knew I was picked up by two large men, and was carried to solitary confinement. Oh great, its in the same place as always.Infront of the worst teachers room ever,Mr.Hemmings, Lukes brother. He hates Luke, and especially me.
I have known him since I was 6, and lets just say he hates my guts. Big time....
"Well Well Well, look what trash they dragged back in"He said
"Ew, what smells like rotten teacher.." I said and looked at him in disgust.
"Well Styles, sounds like you met my brother Lucas"He said
"Yeah,he is nicer than you big time Hemmings"I spat
"Just sleep, because you got big time workout to do tomorrow, and big time test"He said as he slammed the door in my face.
I listened to him, I looked at the bed, stil the same bed sheets and bed as before. The bed had frozen bed sheets. ugh, I hate frozen now (Not Really)because Hemmings ruined it for me.He said"FROZEN IS A STUPID LITTLE MOVIE FOR CRY BABYS LIKE YOU STYLES"
Since then I never liked Frozen ever again.he was a noce teacher before I changed that.I always refused to do stuff. So he started hating my guts like everyone else, except one....Beiber,Justin he liked me had a crush on me.But he was ugly back then..
Now he is pretty cute considering he is a singer, I guess.I don't know anymore. I am just confused, I am pregnant and dont know where to turn next.I want to be home,with my boyfriend and my brother and sister.

*Next Morning*

"RISE AND SHINE STYLES!"I heard the evil voice call
I woke up got changed in some shorts and t-shirt, then I ran.
"MORNING STYLES 100 PUSH-UPS NOW!!!!"He screamed
So I started to 100 push ups and he then put a brick on my back,great just what I need, a brick even though my back hurts bad enough already.He then puts another and another.Then I finally fall,damn he loves to see me fail doesn't he.
"Just leave me alone, I am in pain!"I screamed back
He just put another brick on my back.. I then collapsed on the floor again
"YOUR SO WEAK STYLES!!!!!!"He yells
"I know, isn't it time for learning right now and not torture?" I asked
"Damn, your right styles.We will continue this later"He said

I then ran to my cell and changed into the ugly dresses they leave. I change into a light light pink long dress,white flats and straightened my hair.When I heard....

"STYLES to the phone,STYLES to the phone"Someone said
I ran to the phone and picked it up"Hello" I asked "Who is it?"

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