Living with 1 Direction

Will me and my sisters life Change once are older brother Harry go off and try to become famous? Will he forget us? Or will we live with him when we go on tour?Well lets see if he becomes famous


11. The Tour

Christas P.O.V

Last night we finished recording some songs,and designing some clothes.Before we went to bed though,the boys got excellent news!WERE GOING ON TOUR!!!!The best parts are where though.We are going on tour in Europe,Australia and AMERICA!!!!!I can't wait.Simon already told us to pack,because once tomorrow hits we're catching a plane to Germany,because thats our first stop.

*The Next Day*

"Boys hurry up you don't want to be late!!!"I yelled up the stairs.
"Quiet Mum!!!!"Harry said Sarcastically 
"Don't make me get mum over here Harry"I yelled
"Fine coming Chrissy!!!"He said

I watched as all 9 came down the stairs,I took attendance as they did.
"Harry Edward Styles?"
"Niall James Horan?"
"Liam James Payne?"
"Louis William Tomlinson"
"Zayn Javadd Malik"
"Luke Robert Hemmings"
"Michael Gordon Clifford"
"Here and never same my middle name again"
"Ashton Fletcher Irwin"
"Calum Thomas Hood"

Okay good they're all on the bus.The bus started moving and we were off to the private Jet.

"So Calum,how are you and lolly?you guys have a serious relationship now or no?"I asked
"Um yeah I guess,I love her a lot.In Like maybe a year or two I will propose"He said
"Nice"I said,as I cuddled on Nialls chest.

Once I cuddled into Nialls Chest I instantly fell asleep.The next thing I knew was,we were on the plane. Surprisingly,Meli got here just in time as well so of course she was with Louis.

"Niall are we almost there"I asked, then I yawned cutely.
"I think so"He said"Also, I think its so cute when you yawn..."
I just blushed like a lot!!!!! He really makes me feel good about myself.

Finally we arrived!!Were in Berlin,Germany.I can't believe were here.I always dreamed to see the world,and now I can with my brother,boyfriend, sister and basically my family.The boys are family to me.Tomorrow is going to be a long day,oi!!So I decided to check my e-mail,and it said I had one it was from some unknown person I opened it and it read.

Dear Ms.Christa Marie Styles,

I know who you are and who your sister is.I will kill you if you and your sister don't come outside.I will blow up your house,and don't even try telling anyone.Just wake her up and don't say anything lock the door and throw your keys in the woods.You're not coming back.You Have 20 minutes to pack and everything,so night and see you soon.

I packed my stuff and left a note saying:
Dear family,

I decided to go away, you don't need the trouble I cause.I had cut myself before and probably after I leave I will cut to.I am really sad to leave.Good luck,and please try to find me this is not my choice or Mels choice to leave so help and we love you.
Love, Christa and Mel <3 P.S find us soon and hurry..

With that I woke up her up and handed her a bag,she had just followed me.Once we got outside I threw my keys in the woods and Mel left a key under the mat.And we headed to this car in front of the house.Once we got in he drove off without a word.I loved my life for how long it lasted.All I was thinking was I should write a note of the address and mail it real quick.I should , and the second thing I was thinking was "I love you Niall James Horan"

Mels P.O.V

I didn't want to know where we were going.Plus, Christa wasn't telling me.And I had a really bad feeling about this guy.He looks really really weird.But I am not worried about that I am worried about Christa.But I cant help but think about Louis,"Louis I love you and only you" I said in my head. That all I remembered before it went black


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