Living with 1 Direction

Will me and my sisters life Change once are older brother Harry go off and try to become famous? Will he forget us? Or will we live with him when we go on tour?Well lets see if he becomes famous


9. The Carnival Date

First off I will start with Christa and Nialls Date.Then it will be Meli and Louis date.And  I will add Calum and Lollys Date.Enjoy!!!Btw dont forget to check out the account on polyvore.

Chrissys P.O.V

Its now the 26th of December and the boys promised me and the girls a carnival date,and of course we said yes!So right now the girls and I are getting ready..

"Chrissy!!" I heard meli call."Where are my black heels at?" 

"IDK"I said"I didn't touch them"

My hair was straight and I was wearing a dress, it was red and I had a long black coat on.Mel was wearing a tee with black skinny jeans and of course her black heels.Then their was Lolly,beautiful beautiful Lolly is wearing a black dress with black heels and a black furry coat.We then had put on our make-up, and we all took a groupie(Picture).

We started to walk down the stairs,I see all the boys ready with flowers in their hands.I walked down the stairs first only to be given flowers and for my dashing boyfriend to take my hand and lead me to the car.

*Time skip to when everybody is in*

"I can't believe we are all here with eachother,"I said"It was just about a couple of days but it felt like years"

"Yeah"Harry said"I miss you guys a lot"

"We do too" The three of us said

 We arrived at the carnival and we all had split up.Me and My romantic boyfriend Niall went to the ferris wheel which was super high up in the air!Oh lord,did I mention my fears.I have a fear of growing up and a fear of heights!

"Niall I am afraid of heights,"I said

"Its okay baby I am right here don't cry"He said

Niall whispered something to the guy when we were in line,this can't be good.As we got in we immediately got rose to the top.The guy said the ferris wheel is now closed go on other rides for now.That sneaky Niall!!!! He told the guy to leave us up here for a while.

"I love you Niall" I said after I kissed him

"I love you too Christa"He said then kissed back

Mels P.OV

"Louis where are you taking me?"I asked giggling non stop.

"Im not telling you its a suprize!!"He yelled

We finally got the "suprize" and he let go of me.Guess where we were at,the tunnel of love!!Figures he wanted to be really romantic.Before we got on we looked at the ferris wheel,guess who was at the top.Christa and Niall, Niall that sneaky bastard.Harry came over and saw us looking up,and oh he was pissed he marched right over there. Me and Louis on the other hand just sat in the seat and entered the tunnel.(You guys know what goes on in there mostly kissing but im not including that scene)

"I had a wonderful time Louis" I said

He just ignored it,but I saw him run over a prize booth.

"I am gonna win you that bear"He said.

And with that he won me my teddy bear.

"But Lou,I already have a bear"I said as he handed me the bear.

"What!?!" He said looking sad

"Oh don't worry its you Loubear"I said as I kissed Him.

Lollys P.O.V

"Cal, what are you doing??" I asked giggling

"Trying to win you a goldfish"He said

"Here gimme that lemme win YOU a goldfish" I said grabbing the golf ball.

He got really embarrassed so he took my hand leaned in for a kiss,which made me really dizzy.Which made him able to take the golf ball,and win me the goldfish.

I finally snapped back to reality and saw he won my the strange pink goldfish.

"Thank you!" I screamed "I love her"

"How do u know its a her?" He asked

I lightly slapped his face "Stop trying to act smart" I said

We both laughed,we saw one very angry Harry pass by us with a crying Christa in his arms.

"HARRY!!TAKE ME BACK TO NIALL!!!!"She screamed

"NEVER!!!!!"He screamed back

She then jumped out of Harrys arms and jumped into Nialls and stood there.Harry calmed down but just stormed out of the carnival.

"This is going to be a long night"I said

"Agreed" Calum said


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