Living with 1 Direction

Will me and my sisters life Change once are older brother Harry go off and try to become famous? Will he forget us? Or will we live with him when we go on tour?Well lets see if he becomes famous


4. The Boys got signed!?!?!/Contest!!!

Christas P.O.V

Todays the long day of practice.

"Shit, it's 8" I said is a horrible voice


They woke up immediately and we started getting ready. Me and Meli started laying out some outfits. We all got in our outfits and started putting make up on. We curled our hair (Hey don't forget to check this outfit out on Polyvore.) we were all wearing a snowflake necklace, Pink Shorts and Pink combat boots and a black hoodie. With our pink IPhone Case. We all headed out of our room to see, well 9 yawning boys.

"Don't you know what day it is?" I asked them

"Tuesday?"Niall said

"Yes, but its the day you meet Simon Cowell!!!" I said

"Plus you start recording WMYB today"

"Really, that's today?" Niall asked

"Yes Niall"

They all got dressed it took 15 mins and we all got into Harry's Car. The girls were sitting in the boys lap. Of course, I sat in Niall's lap, I mean it is tots obvious. Anyways it took us 15 mins to get over there.

"Boys,we need to talk"  Simon said, gesturing for them to come in to the office

"You as well girls" (This meaning 1D,and Little Mix)

They were talking for awhile it felt like an hour. They finally got out, and looked so glum. Niall then came up and started crying on my shoulder. This doesn't look good.

"We're not gonna start recording" Harry said all sadly.Then Niall picked me up and tackled me with kissed.


"YAY!!!"I screamed.

"Chrissy, Meli, I have exciting news." Harry said

"He got you some Acting and Modeling jobs, plus he says you can have some solos in a few of our songs."

"So that means you're officially a band?" I asked

"Yep, our name is going to be One Direction" Niall said

I screamed and cried. Our Childhood dreams had came true!!

"Plus Simon said, You and Niall have to get braces" Harry said as he dropped us off at the Brace Place.

We walked in and they were ready for us. I was really nervous, I don't want to get braces..

*2 Hours later*

Our braces were on and they were invisible but hurt like crazy. Then we got home and shared a milkshake. My dream come true, to share a milkshake with my boyfriend. Once we were done, we sat and watched a movie for the rest of the night.During the movie I fell asleep in Niall's arms. It was cute





Contest Time!!!

Hey Guys its Christa and Meli!! We are having a contest for in the story to be Calums GF..Poor Calum, He never gets the girls.Anyways send me a email or comment on me or Melis stories saying:

What you look like:

Your height:


Remember Calum is 14 in the story right now so, just remember btw my email is so email me or just comment on a story kk!!!

Bye Love Y'all!!

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