Living with 1 Direction

Will me and my sisters life Change once are older brother Harry go off and try to become famous? Will he forget us? Or will we live with him when we go on tour?Well lets see if he becomes famous


19. Preparing for my 16th birthday

Christas P.O.V

Oh god, I am almost 16. My birthday is in 2 days so were just making sure everything is in order.Right now, me and Niall are making sure our stuff fits. I of course, am wearing a light blue puffy dress and Niall is wearing a black tux.Mels wearing a purple puffy dress, and Lou is wearing a black tux as well.This is going to be perfect.But I hope my Dad is going to be there, along with my step dad and my mum.

"Niall, do you think my dad will come?"I asked
"I am not sure babe"He said
"I hope,because I really want you to meet him.Also, I want you to meet my step dad and my mum."I said
"I will babe,now hold still"He said
He told me to hold still, because the lady was fixing my dress in the back.Then I have to try on my heels,and flats.After that's all done, I got to go see Meli.She looked beautiful, she had a puffy purple dress, and she was wearing white flats to.

"Meli,you look beautiful"I said
"Thank you,Chrissy.You do to!"She said
"Thanks,want me to get Louis?So he can see you"I asked
"Um yeah,thanks."She said
I went to get Louis,and I heard him arguing with someone on the phone.
He then hung up the phone,and saw that I heard it.Oh god,he looked mad.
"Christa, its my ex,she keeps calling"He said
"Well okay,um Mel wants you to see her in her dress."I said
"Okay,I will go see her"He said and walked off.

Oi, Eleanor sounds mean and annoying.Anyways since its 17 hundred the news should be on by now.

"Model Eleanor Calder was talking Trash about Melissa Styles!!"The News Broadcaster said
"Here is the exact video"the news person said
"I don't care if she is a model like me,or if she can sing and design great clothes.(BTW this following part is not meant to be mean or anything and I would never say this about Meli,she is beautiful and sweet.)She is such a bitch,and so ugly.God I don't know what Louis Tomlinson sees in her,in my opinion he should've stayed with me."Eleanor said

Oh my god,she did not just say that about Meli.I got to find her she can't just say this about my sister and get away with it.So I found Eleanors contact on Louis' phone, and I called her.
"Ah Lou, I see your done with Melissa."
"Um Hey El, Um no this is Christa Styles"
"Oh Hello Christa,I thought you were Lou"
"Yeah its not, Now you said shit about My sister, and BITCH SHE IS PRETTIER THAN YOU.AT LEAST SHE DOESN'T BEG FOR BOYS ATTENTION LIKE YOU!!"
"WELL UM LETS SEE,OH YEAH I got nothing"
And with that I hung up, and to my luck it was already on the news.
"15 year old Christa Styles, has told off Eleanor Calder."The News Reporter said
I did so!And it felt right,she talked shit about my sister I talk shit about her.
"Hey Niall, ready to go home?"I asked
"Yeah, they are done touching up my suit so lets go home"He said"
And we headed off to go home,I am glad.I am so done with this day.

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