Living with 1 Direction

Will me and my sisters life Change once are older brother Harry go off and try to become famous? Will he forget us? Or will we live with him when we go on tour?Well lets see if he becomes famous


15. Kidnapped pt.4

Nialls P.O.V

"Boys didn't you see the girls?"I asked.
"Yeah,but they got taken away again by the same guy!"Louis said
"This time we should go by ourselves no police involved at all"Harry said
"But its not safe that way,Louis do you still have that gun?"Liam asked
"Yeah why?"Louis asked
"Take that with you,ask Simon for the money and lets go save the girls!"Calum and Luke said

So we headed off to save the girls,Louis has the gun.And he better not pull the same trick on us again I swear.

Christas P.O.V

Were still ductaped and I hope I really hope the boys will rescue us soon.Yes, I remember! I remember everything.I remember the day I had cut,the day we moved into the X-Factor house and the all my birthdays.And in like 2 years I will be 16!!I have been making plans already!!Come on boys hurry up!I can't tell the girls they won't believe me!!Help!!

Nialls P.O.V

Were at the guys house,god I hope this works this time.

"Oh good you here"He says
"First he girls,the REAL girls"Liam said
"Lemme see the money first"He said
I showed him the money
"Ah,Okay I will get the girls"He said
He brought the girls up,they looked terrible all beaten up and bruised.Christa wasn't moving her right arm I think its broken.I don't know,but I really care at the moment.
"Thanks for giving them back to us!"I said
"No prob"He said
As he did that he pulled out his gun and shot Christa in the stomach then ran off.
"CHRISTA!!!!!!"I yelled and fell on my knees right next to her..
"Someone CALL THE AMBULANCE PLEASE!!!!!"I yelled
"Its going to be okay baby"I whispered"I promise"

Christa and the rest of the girls were rushed to the Hospital.Christa is in a coma,god knows when she will be out of it.Mel has a fractured rib and a broken leg.And Alisha,she has a concussion and a sprained wrist.The doctor says the girls will be in here for a week,and in Christas case for a couple of months..My poor Princess!!

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