Living with 1 Direction

Will me and my sisters life Change once are older brother Harry go off and try to become famous? Will he forget us? Or will we live with him when we go on tour?Well lets see if he becomes famous


14. Kidnapped pt.3

Christas P.O.V

Who am I?Who are these girls right next to me?What am I doing here and why does my body hurt so much?

"Girls get ready!!Were leaving soon.."Someone said

Oh yeah I forgot,people say my name is Christina Simon,I have 2 other sisters.Melissa Simon,and Abbie(Alisha)Simon. We go to Highschool I am in 11th grade(third year) and my one sister Meli is in 12th(Last Year) and my sister Abbie is in 9th(First Year).We don't remember much,my parents say we were adopted. Thats why we look nothing like them.But kids in my school say I look like Christa Styles,Yeah right like I am that pretty.They are seriously funny.Others say the Melissa looks like Melissa Styles,and people say Abbie looks like Alisha Hood.We all laugh when people say that.Anyways, My sisters and I are leaving soon to go to a One Direction concert.GOD!! They are so Hot.I love Niall,Melissa loves Louis and Alisha likes their Music but she Loves Luke Hemmings from 5SOS I mean I wouldn't blame her.He is smoking hot..

"Coming Mom!!!!"I said

I was wearing a red dress with a ponytail with red flats. Abbie was wearing a 5SOS crop top,with black high waisted shorts,and black boots.Meli was wearing white jeans,with a multi-colored "Shut up and Kiss me" tank top,and blue vans.(Outfits on Polyvore) 

Once we got there,all the girls were speechless.They were whispering stuff to eachother.We just stood in line.We didn't give a shit.Once it was our turn,the body guard almost broke down in tears.What is wrong with everyone today.Mom didn't know what was going on either.Anyways, we got to our seats in the front row,and just waited until the concert started.

*Time Skip to the Concert Starting*

The concert had just started and I saw everyone of the boys look at us.YES!!!They think were attractive score!!!!Anyways,when we tried to leave this Mysterious guy that we all swore we saw before,grabbed the three of us and had kidnapped us.WHY US!!!The boys saw but they couldn't help.I swear I saw this before,Dejavu. Then I remebered something before I got adopted,I was kidnapped and I had a sister and a brother.He looked similar to Harry actually very similar.And my last thoughts were before I was kidnapped was about a Promise ring on my finger,and me saying I love u Niall James Horan.Wait,woah was I Harry Styles sister. I can't be,and am I promised to Niall?Did I make a promise to marry him.Then the ring on Melissas finger,she was engaged.But to whom,it all makes sense now.I am,Harry Styles little sister!!!

*Back to the kidnap place*

The guy left us downstairs in the basement again.

"Guys doesn't this seem familiar"I asked
"Yeah"They said
"Melissa, you know how you have that ring on your finger?"I asked
"Yeah,what about it?"She asked
"I know who your engaged to,and you wont believe me"I said
"Okay who is it"She asked
"Louis Tomlinson" I said
They just laughed at me.
"Its true!!!"You will see!!!

The guy came down,he slapped us and ductaped our mouths.He unchained us,and took pictures of us.And posted the on twitter.The caption he put was" @OneDirection Do you know these girls,you remember what to do.Dont do it again or they will be shot again!"

He hit us with a baseball bat in the head and that was all I remembered.


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