Living with 1 Direction

Will me and my sisters life Change once are older brother Harry go off and try to become famous? Will he forget us? Or will we live with him when we go on tour?Well lets see if he becomes famous


13. Kidnapped pt.2

Nialls P.O.V

"What are we going to do!!!" I asked
"Well we have to get the Police.."Liam said
"But if we bring them he will kill all three of them on the spot!"Luke said
"They can't kill them,I will miss them to much!"Harry said
"Well what are we going to do"Lou asked
"I have a plan,but were going to have to go to the police"Calum said

So we listened to Calum, and went to the Police.They said they can put wires on the 6 of us.(Meaning Calum,Niall,Luke,Harry,Louis,and Liam)Give us each a gun,knife,tazor, and handcuffs.We will also have trackers on us just so if anything goes wrong we will be fine,oh and of course bulletproof vest.I was shocked we needed all of this,but anything to save my Princess.

Alishas P.O.V

Where are we??How did I get here??All I know is that I am with Christa and Mel..I want Calum!!Now we arechained up!I cant move or anything!Will someone help us,please anyone just get my brother,get me Calum anyone anybody please.Just please!!I started crying,and so did Mel and Chrissy.

"I just want Niall and Harry"Christa said as she started to cry
"I just want Louis and Harry!!"Cried Mel
"I just want my brother!!!!!" I cried

We all just started crying,when the guy came down and slapped all three of us.He then ductaped our mouths.I guess we will never be seen again on this earth until we heard the guy talk to someone.

"Yeah there down there,oh its you 4.Yes you brought the money I see"He said "Okay I will get the girls"

He came quickly downstairs to get us,but he got these 3 other girls instead.What thats not us they look like us but thats not us!
"Here they are,Christa,Mel,and Alisha"He said 
"These are not the girls"Liam said
"Prove it"The guy said
"Okay one Christa has braces,this girl does not"Niall said
"Two,Mel has blonde hair now,not brown"Louis said
"Three,Alisha wouldn't dress like this"Calum said 
The guy then slammed the door in their faces and ran down to us.Then quickly the boys ran down also with the police.Thats all I remember before we all got shot in stomach,Me,Mel,and Chrissy all just blanked out.The boys got knocked out so did the police.Is this the end of Me,Mel and Chrissy?Will we be dead?Who knows....

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