Living with 1 Direction

Will me and my sisters life Change once are older brother Harry go off and try to become famous? Will he forget us? Or will we live with him when we go on tour?Well lets see if he becomes famous


12. Kidnapped pt. 1

Mels P.O.V

Its not worth fighting anymore.He is to powerful,Christa has a black eye now and so many cuts and bruises,and maybe a broken arm not sure.I have a black eye,a lot bruises,and a broken leg.The guy just finally left to call somebody.

"Christa,what did this guy say anyway?"I asked
"He said if we didn't leave he would kill everyone we know and loved"She said

Wow,this dude is messed up.LOUIS,NIALL COME SAVE US WHERE EVER YOU ARE!!!

Nialls P.O.V

I woke up this morning in an empty bed,I wonder were she went.I checked in the kitchen to see if she was making us breakfast.She wasn't there either.Oh no......

"Hey Lou, have u seen Chrissy?" I asked

"No but,have u seen Mel?" He asked

"No,wait I saw a paper on the side of my bed lets check it out"I said

So we went to my room to check it out,and it read. 

Dear family,

I decided to go away, you don't need the trouble I cause.I had cut myself before and probably after I leave I will cut to.I am really sad to leave.Good luck,and please try to find me this is not my choice or Mels choice to leave so help and we love you.
Love, Christa and Mel <3 P.S find us soon and hurry..

Oh no!!! They've been kidnapped.

"We got to go show the others!!!!" I said

We ran to show the others,and apparently we weren't the only ones..

"Niall,louis, have you seen Alisha?"Calum asked
"No, I am guessing she has been kidnapped also.."I said
"Wait, wheres Mel, and Chrissy?"He asked
"Thats what we were going to ask you.." I said
"We gotta tell Harry"Lou said

"Tell me what?"Harry asks
"Harry,mate,your going to want to sit down for this"We said

Harry sat down,and we told them about the kidnapping.He flipped out and started to cry. Thats when we got a phone call.

"Hello is this Mr.Horan,Mr.Tomlinson,Mr.Hood,and Mr.Styles."He asked
"Yes this is them"I answered
"Yes,hello"He said"As you probably noticed,your girlfriend/Sister/fiance is kidnapped.They will not be returning ever,unless you bring me 50,000 dollars in cash.Oh and if your bring the cops.I will shoot all 3 of them right in from of you.Good Luck and have fun.DONT TRY ANYTHING STUPID"

We all just cried as the rest of the boys entered the room.
"Whats the matter?"They asked
"The girls,they've been kidnapped"Calum said
"noooo!!!!"They screamed
Then we all ended up crying,what were we going to do!!!!!!!!!

Christas P.O.V

Every part of my body was sore,and sprained.I knew one thing was broken and that was my arm.Great,and it was my writing arm.But something still doesn't seem right.Where did he go?He left the three of us alone.He knows were BFFs right?We will help eachother.

"Okay ladies,your going somewhere else"The guy said
"What do you want with us?Were famous,but what did we do to you"I said
"Oh yeah I know that,but your ransom will cost alot of money!!"He said

He dragged us out of the room and into the basement where we were going to be chained to the walls.He chained me,then Alisha, then Meli. Why couldn't I be next to my sister!!WHY!!! Well Alisha is like a sister to me,but I need my actual sister.Could this day get any worse?

"Welcome to hell on earth,Population 3! lights out and good night"He said

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