Living with 1 Direction

Will me and my sisters life Change once are older brother Harry go off and try to become famous? Will he forget us? Or will we live with him when we go on tour?Well lets see if he becomes famous


2. He was in?!

Meli P.O.V

I was surprised to see our brother is in the X-Factor with four cute boys. We turn around to see each other. We're jumping up and down together as well, screaming. We hug each other. 

"Did you see it?!" I ask freak out.

"Yeah!!" She replied "He made it!! With four other boys!!!"

I couldn't believe it, our 16 year old brother, made it on the X-Factor.He is going to become rich and famous. Wait, does this mean we will never see him again?Will he take us with him or will we be left at home?.I just don't know, but I think we should go hug him.

Me and Chrissy(Christa), got in the car and drove to the X-Factor place. Once we got there we ran up to Harry! 

"Harry!!" We screamed

"Girls!!! I am so glad I made it!!"He said and ran up and hugged him.

Someone behind Harry cleared his throat.

"Oh I would like to introduce you to these boys" He said "This is Niall,Louis,Liam, and Zayn"

"Hello!!! Wats up?" I said

"H-H-hey" Christa stuttered  while waving to Niall blushing.

Niall waved back and blushed also.Everyone but Chrissy and Niall laughed. They had went to stand by eachother and I saw a little kiss on Nialls cheek implanted there by Christa.

"Christa Marie Styles, get your butt over here and dont you dare kiss another boy" Harry said,while giving a little smirk.

"Harry!!! Don't embarrass me in front of the cute boys!!" she said embarrassingly.

We all laughed and she just went to stand in the corner. Niall followed her and me and Harrys' eye had widened  when we saw Niall implant a kiss on Christas' lips. Oh lord, Harry was angry.Christa is in trouble now.

"Christa Marie, say  goodbye now." Harry said while picking up Christa and putting her on his shoulder.

"Hey Simon, can my little sisters stay with me? I don't trust them alone..." He asked

"Sure," He said

"Ladies go pack, starting tomorrow your living in the X-Factor house with me and the rest of One Direction" he said

We all set off to get our house. Harry ran up to his room and got some clothes and packed it away. 

Christas P.O.V

I grabbed the essentials, Curling Iron, straightening iron, make up, dresses, shorts, half tops, all my vans and my toothbrush and chargers.

Meli had paked all of her stuff. And so did Harry and we were off! I was so excited that I get to spend a month with Harry and the boys.Especially, Niall! He was so cute and funny.Also, I think Meli likes Louis, I am not sure yet. But I will sure find out. 

We got to the X-Factor Studios and got into a van and headed to the House. We all got to pick our rooms. I picked one with Niall, obviously. Harry and Meli shared a room. Then the rest of the boys shared one.I had already put my stuff away and when I headed out of the room I felt a pair of hands rest on my waist. The hands had spinned me around, so I can face their rightful owner. It was Niall, our Lips had smashed into each others and it was like I was in heaven. I felt sparks then somebody walks into the room. It was Meli, she didn't care that we were kissing.

"Just don't let Harry see you" she said

I nodded my head in reply and I told her to tell the boys that it was movie night tonight and that we were watching paranormal activity. She said she would go tell them right away. While she was doing that me and Niall slipped in our Pajamas. We were matching, we were both wearing pink Pjs.

Anyways, all the boys got downstairs and we started the movie. I was cuddled up in Nialls Chest.I was scared already because the power had just gone out and me and Meli were in panic. Niall just held me close and didn't let me go. Harry had called Simon and told him and they're gonna send someone down to check it out. I just held Niall. I heard the door kick open. I screamed!!!

"Aww look, 2 girls and 5 weak boys" The guy said

"I am gonna take the 2 girls and there is nothing you can do about it" He said and grabbed us. Niall punched the guy in the face.

"Let go of them, or else I will kick you where the sun doesn't shine." Niall said

The man let us go and Niall grabbed his arm and punched him in the face.And the guy knocked out on the floor, Harry called the police and I cried in Nialls arms. And Meli did the same thing but in Louis' arms. Ooooh, she really did like Louis, I just took a guess wow. I am good.

The Police arrived and arrested the guy. Then the electric guy came, and checked out why our electricity was out. Our fuse box had exploded.So we weren't going to have power for awhile. Which was good because everyone would be out of the house. So we decided to go on a romantic date. We went to an Italian restaurant,and enjoyed some spaghetti. We got home and went to sleep that was a very long day. I can't wait, for tomorrow time to write my diary entry.

July 3,2010 

Dear Diary,

Hey It's me Christa, I had an awesome day. I went out on a date with Niall.We did the lady and the tramp kiss. It was amazing.I don't know, I feel like Niall really loves me.Or is it just an Act. I feel like I am going to get in trouble if I date Niall .He is Irish and really cute and has brown hair just like me!!! Well Gtg Diary. Love ya!!!!

Sincerely Christa!





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