Living with 1 Direction

Will me and my sisters life Change once are older brother Harry go off and try to become famous? Will he forget us? Or will we live with him when we go on tour?Well lets see if he becomes famous


31. Having the Baby Early

Christas P.O.V

Got to do it..Who am I kidding, I am fucking totally sad I can't have my baby with me! I am losing my baby tomorrow! I got to escape this Island and fast. I have to have this baby, I will give it my love for two months. Then I will return and have a normal life. Knowing my baby boy, is safe and has a home in an orphanage and he will be able to find us one day, if he isn't mad at me for giving him up. Now all I have to do is call a helicopter to take me to England. I will be going to Birmingham, and I will be keeping low. I will have Paul do all my shopping so I won't get overwhelmed by fans. I will have Pauls wife to help me with the baby, and then when its time to leave, I will leave him in an orphanage.

"Paul it's time" I said through the phone.
"Alright Christa, I will be there in an hour"He said
"Alright see you then" I said as I hung up the phone.
I packed the clothes I will need for two months, then I headed off.
I left Nialls keys under the mat, along with my Phone. So nobody could contact me for 2 months.
As soon as I got everything ready, Paul was finally here. So I dashed to the Heli pad, and got into the Helicopter before anyone started to look for me.Then me and Paul were off.

Mels P.O.V

I can't believe she is going to cut again! I got to stop her.  I ran to her bungalow and the door was locked. But I heard something crack when I stepped on the mat. I lifted up the matt and I saw her phone and Nialls key. Her phone was cracked, so I am assuming she ran away. But I am not going to say anything, I know what she is going to do. She wants her baby, so she will keep her baby for so long.
I just hope she is okay, I know she is making the right choice for her and this baby.
Christas P.O.V

I got to the Birmingham Hospital and had the baby early. I named him James Lucas Styles, he looked so much like his father it made me want to cry. I really,really, missed Niall. But I am doing whats best for our first born son. I will eventually come back for my baby boy. But if I don't I want him to know I love him.



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