Living with 1 Direction

Will me and my sisters life Change once are older brother Harry go off and try to become famous? Will he forget us? Or will we live with him when we go on tour?Well lets see if he becomes famous


7. First Day on the Job *Melissa's Job*

I got dropped off from the plane. I'm in NYC! I wish I could be model. Soon, Meli! I got pick up by Limo Driver and he look so handsome in suit. But I can't flirt to him because I got Louis. It was 5 in the morning. I'm sleeping on the way to the apartment. Which is I have to live on my own for four years.

I drop my suitcase on my apartment and then I walk to get in limo. He take me to Studio Model company and when we arrive there. I get off of the limo and walk in Studio Model company called Ford Models. 

"Welcome Melissa!!Its so nice to finally meet you!!!" The lady said

"Um,Hi.Who are you?"I asked

"Oh silly me.I am Madam Bella, but you can call me Bella" She said

"Oh okay then"I said "So i guess I will be working with you for four years"

"Yes and I am very excited"Bella said

Yay, i thought in my mind.I really miss Christa, she is like my BFF. But of course we have Alisha to as our friend.I guess I have to try on some clothes and design a little.This will fun, I hope.

*5 hours later*

OH MY GOD! That was awesome!!! I tried on some clothes for Victoria secrets and I tried on some dresses that Chrissy is going to wear!!! Oh my god I have to tell her well when I get home.But I will be heading home in about an hour, I am so excited..

*Time Skip to when she is home*

I am home and may I say I love my little apartment.Since it was only me, if I had to room with other girls I would go crazy.Anyways, I am going to see if I got any emails from Christa.

Dear Mel Bell,

How are you?How is Modeling so far..I bet its great.Anyways,I had a long day already.I got here to L.A and guess who is with me??Its Alisha.We both share a mansion together.She has her very own room just like me.I will send you a pic of it in this email.Anyways, our closets were filled with halftops,flats,dresses,skirts,band t-shirts,red carpet dresses,anything you name we probably have.And maybe hopefully dresses that you modeled/designed one day,because you know I would totally wear a Mel original!!!Lol,anyways hope your having a great time in NYC!!!I miss you call soon and email back!!

Love You xoxoxoxo,

Chrissy your sissy..<3  

Dear Chrissy,

I am fine thanks for asking!! Modeling is actually really fun,I am missing you and Harry big time.Also, I think its really cool that you and Alisha share an apar- WAIT DID YOU SAY MANSION?!?! Damn gurl. Anyways I did model some dresses your gonna wear so enjoy!!!I will call you soon.


Mel Bell... <3

It was really nice for Christa to email me.I should call her.Like seriously I really really miss her I mean its almost Christmas so we get some time off I bet the boys and the girls are going to meet down at Christas mansion.So, lemme call Chrissy.

(C=Christa) and (M=Mel)

C: Mel?Is that you?

M:Yes its me how are you?!?!

C:I miss you so much!!!
M:me to!!!How are you
C:I am fine!!! Its so good to here your voice..Well anyway tomorrows the start of our time off.Are the boys coming here or are they going over there?
M:Over there,my place it really small....
C: Aww its okay Mel,you will be fine..

And with that my phone died.Damn you phone.Well tomorrow the boys will be at Christas better pack and take a flight tomorrow.And with that I climbed into bed and turned off the lights


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