Living with 1 Direction

Will me and my sisters life Change once are older brother Harry go off and try to become famous? Will he forget us? Or will we live with him when we go on tour?Well lets see if he becomes famous


6. First Day on the Job *Christas Job*

I just got dropped of in L.A, its 6 am in the morning here.And I am like fully awake.The limo driver dropped me and Alisha at this HUGE mansion.It was so pretty, I just couldn't believe it this, this was ours.....

"So I guess we should go in and get unpacked" Alisha said

"Yeah...Then we should call our brothers" I suggested

We got in and saw actually how huge this place was, I mean it was H.U.G.E HUGE!!!!We got into our rooms we had a king size bed,a desk a couple of windows and that was it.But it was beautiful,my room was light pink and purple!!My all time two fav colors.Just ask Mel,she would tell you.Anyways, I headed towards my closet and opened it.It was already packed with like dresses,skirts,flats,Half tops,and like red carpet dresses!!!Omg,this is totally awesome!!I better call Harry.

I dialed up Harrys Number and he picked up right away.
"You want to come home already?"He asked, I just giggled

"No silly you should see this house,its packed with lots of clothes already,and guess who I am rooming with.I am rooming with Alisha in this big Mansion!!!"I yelled

"Wow sounds like your having fun"He said

"Yeah, well I just wanted to tell you I am okay.I will call you at 18 hundred ok" I asked

"Alright,Love you Chrissy be safe.." He said

"Love you to big bro!Have fun recording"I said and then hung up.

Me and Alisha had to head to the studio in a few minutes.I just can't wait..

"Ali come on,we got to go to the studio!!" I yelled up the stairs.

She was dressed in a Polk-a-dot skirt,A "HOOD" Shirt that she made,and black flats.(Go Check PolyVore now to see outfits) I was wearing a black floral dress,with white vans.And my curly long brown hair flowing in the wind.

"Alright,Alright"She said"I am coming hold your horses"

The Limo driver finally got here and he took us to the studio.

And once we got there,the paparazzi just instantly noticed us a ran over here.We were asked billions of questions when finally are body guards came and got us.Wow, paparazzi are so annoying.Then once we finally got inside we met the Produer.

"Ah,you must be Christa Styles, and Alisha Hood.Its nice to finally meet you"She said as she shook our hands.

"Oh where our my manners, I am Arabella Acosta the Producer of this Movie." She said"Um I will have someone show you to your dressing rooms"

Did I just here her correctly??Dressing rooms!!!We get our own dressing rooms already!?!?!OH MY GOD!!!!!Someone, finally came to bring us to our dressing rooms.When we got there, mine said "Christa Styles" 

I couldn't believe it!!!!I have my own dressing room.When I got in there,I saw I had dresses,and my own make up person and hair dresser!I couldn't believe it!!!! This is like the best day ever!!! Anyway I left my dressing room and went and hugged Ali.

"This is the best day ever"we said in unison.We just laughed right after we just can't believe were here.

After a long day of shooting, I called harry and told him about this amazing day.He said it sounds great.He said they started recording WMYB today.I told him I had to go because I have a long day of recording tomorrow and that I should go.After I ended the call I decided to email Meli.


Dear Mel Bell,

How are you?How is Modeling so far..I bet its great.Anyways,I had a long day already.I got hear to L.A and guess who is with me??Its Alisha.We both share a mansion together.She has her very own room just like me.I will send you a pic of it in this email.Anyways, our closets were filled with halftops,flats,dresses,skirts,band t-shirts,red carpet dresses,anything you name we probably have.And maybe hopefully dresses the you modeled/designed one day,because you know I would totally wear a Mel original!!!Lol,anyways hope your having a great time in NYC!!!I miss you call soon and email back!!

Love You xoxoxoxo,

Chrissy your sissy..<3

After emailing her I decided to write in my diary.


Dear Diary,

Hey Its Christa!!! I miss england, I think I am a lil Homesick already and its only been a day.I miss Harry,I am miss Mel!!Oh why did I leave for L.A.Well at least I am in the same country as my sister that makes me feel a little better,but nothing I can do it about it now.Oh well,anyways I really miss my Nialler.His dreamy brown hair,blue eyes,his braces.Did I mention this before.That one we kissed and our braces got stuck together.It was funny.Anyways, he will always be with me in my heart.(He is not dead or anything its just I really really miss him)Oh well, guess its time to go.I hope Mel emails me back!!Night Diary Love you!!XOXOXOX :).

Sincerely, Christa

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