Living with 1 Direction

Will me and my sisters life Change once are older brother Harry go off and try to become famous? Will he forget us? Or will we live with him when we go on tour?Well lets see if he becomes famous


5. Different Jobs?

Meli P.O.V

Next day...

Christa and me sit on the chair and wait for Simon call us to come in his office. I can't believe he just offer us a real famous jobs. I would like to join in Modelling job but it's diffusion. Christa want to join in Acting job but I don't want to be acting. See what I mean? I just want to be Model.

A few minute later...

Finally, he called us. We stand up and walk inside his office together. 

"Good luck, Meli, Chrissy!" That was Harry called us.

As we walked in we started to get nervous.

"Okay, well first at all, Full names please?" He asked.

Of course! Christa went first.

"Christa Maria Styles" She said.

Then I went

"Melissa Sabrina Styles" I said.

"Okay, well you Christa will do well in acting. You act very well. And Meli, you will be great in Modeling you will have your own fashion line and everything! Plus you will be a Designer..."He said

We had finished our meetings,and came out crying...

Christa went to hug Niall, I went to hug Louis. Then me, Harry, Louis, Chrissy and Niall bear hugged.

"Me and Chrissy are going to do different jobs.." I said.

"Well whats so wrong with that? Isn't it Singing and Acting? Cuz they go hand in hand" He asked.

"No u got it wrong its Acting and Designing" Christa said.

"Also.... Contact say we have to do it for four years." I said.

"That's too long!" Harry whining.

 Everyone else decided crying as well... We weren't going to see each other, Christa was setting off tomorrow to do some vocals for a musical she is going to be in. I was setting off to America to start designing. And the boys had to start recording.

But we promised each other that we will have a long distance relationship (That is going towards Christa and Niall, also for Louis and Me)  And we told Harry that we would Skype him and the boys. I hope this is going to work. I mean we gonna miss them so much. They are funny, really cute guys and nice boys. I love them so much. They're like family to me.

Christa P.O.V

Next day...

We're all at airport and we all starting crying. We give them expect for Niall and Louis and when we finish. I give Niall a tight hug and he did same thing as I do. I never know about Calum have a girlfriend. 


 I turn around to see Meli as she do same thing and we hug each other. We pulled away.

"I miss you!" Me and Meli said in unison.

As we bid eachother good byes.We got on our plane.Of course,being famous and all, we got first class seats.I look next to me and I see Calums sister...

"Alisha!!" I yelled "What are you doing here"

"I am going to L.A To become an Actress with you!!!" She yelled.We both screamed with excitement!I was so happy I wouldn't be alone. Tomorrow is my first day on set I can't wait...

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