Living with 1 Direction

Will me and my sisters life Change once are older brother Harry go off and try to become famous? Will he forget us? Or will we live with him when we go on tour?Well lets see if he becomes famous


3. Date Night

*This includes 5SOS(Not known as 5SOS yet) and Little mix also Katy and Ariana*(My Friends) But little mix wasn't known as little mix for awhile.



Christas P.O.V

The power was finally back on, so I went and took a shower. When I got out, I screamed. There was a rat in my room

"Darling, whats wrong?" Niall asked

"Th-there is a gross rat!!" I said pointing to the rat.

Niall got a box and trapped it. I then came down from off the toilet, and he left the room and I got in some sweat pants, and in a t-shirt. I then headed downstairs and I saw 1 very handsome boy, 7 boys talking, 1 Louis and 1 sister cuddling and 6 girls talking about dresses.

"Whats going on here?" I asked

"Oh Chrissy, this is Perrie, Jesy, Jade and Leigh-Anne. Also, this is Ari and Katy!!" Zayn said

"Hello!!" I said

"You must be the girls the boys are competing with"

"Yeah we're known as Little Mix." Jade said (They are not famous yet,)

"Cool!!" I said

I went to sit next to Niall.

"Hey baby, want to go on a date tonight" He asked then went to kiss my neck.

That gave me goosebumps, and it made me flinch. I wanted to scream, because I was so happy.But I just went up to my room screamed in the pillow, and then I went and came back  down.

"Sure, what time?" I asked

"Guys does 7-8 sound good?" He asked

"Sure" They all said in unison

"That's settled then 7:30, wear something nice, beautiful.." He said and I giggled

All the girls and I ran upstairs to change.I asked Perrie to curl my hair, she said of course. 

"So, I am guessing by your Brown hair and green eyes that you're one of Harry's sisters?" She said

"Yeah, once Niall laid his eyes on me and I laid my eyes on him we couldn't get enough of each other" (Not In A fricking Dirty way) I said

Once she was done with my hair, I slipped into a dress (Which I will show a picture of with the heels) and light blue heels and Meli got a dress which is black dress and black heels as we walked down the stairs, Harry, Louis and Niall jaws dropped. I am guessing Harry thought we would never wear a dress like this, with heels this big.

"You look beautiful" Niall said

"Thanks" I said as I blushed

He looked very handsome, a white tux and and he got a white rose for me and everyone else got a red rose.

I am guessing everyone coward on Meli because she looks so beautiful. She got make up and long curly light brown. I'm so jealous of her at times, but we both know we're beautiful.

"You look beautiful tonight" I whispered in her ear.

"Thanks! You too." She said

We both came downstairs,and were greeted by our dates. It was Niall and me, Louis and Meli, Zayn and Perrie, Harry and Katy, Liam and Jade, Luke and Leigh-Anne, Ashton and Jesy, Then Michael and Ariana. I guess Calum had to be the lonely one. So he was the responsible person on this date.

So we were eating at this Expensive Fancy Resturaunt. The name was Carluccis. Me and Niall had some Eggplant Parmesian and every one else just had regular spaghetti. What boring people they are.

Melis P.O.V

We were at Carluccis it was a beautiful place.They had this bread that they would give you that had this awesome tomato sauce, I mean it was like I was in heaven it was that good.We all ordered a dessert and payed it. It was a fantastic evening. We all went back to the house.

"Two simple rules!!"Harry said

"One, Girls will be upstairs and boys will be downstairs. If any boy or girl leaves their places they will be pranked understood??" He said/asked

"Understood." We all said in unison.


"Yes sir" They mumbled 

"What was that??" He asked

"Nothing, Mr.Bossy Grumpy pants..." They mumbled again.

"That's it, time out!! Both of u!!!" He said

"What did we do???" They said in unison

"Ok we got to stop doing this its creepy."

"One of you upstairs the other one downstairs got it.." He said

"Got it" They said

As we got back to the house, Christa went downstairs and Niall went upstairs to face their punishment. His punishment was to get his ear talked off. Christa, on the other hand was getting tickled to death.

"So Niall, you really like Christa, don't you?" Perrie asked

"Yeah, she is smart intelligent and really pretty." He said

"Aww I am telling her you said that." Jesy said and ran down to tell her.

"Well we know who is getting pranked later" Niall  said

"Well time to really punish you." I said

I nodded to the girls, and we ran and got make up.

"Don't worry Niall, you will look pretty once were done with you" Leigh-Anne said. We all laughed and Niall laughed nervously. We got closer and closer and Niall just closed his eyes.

Harry P.O.V

We heard Niall laugh nervously and we all laughed. Christa was still laughing because we just got done tickling her. She is very very ticklish. Its super funny when we all tickled her she peed herself. I mean it was embarrassing but oh well. 

"Since you boyfriend up their is getting girl-a-fied its your turn to get boy-a-fied,"Luke said

We got a pair of Louis red trousers(Jeans) with suspenders, and a 5SOS T-shirt. We got her a red beanie and Niall's white shoes. She had a black pair of sun glasses on, she really looked like a boy it was super hilarious.

Me and Meli met half-way without crossing our borders and we told each other stuff and she said Niall was wearing a dress and heels.I told her what Christa was wearing and she laughed.

So we brought them up to see each other. They were shocked to see each other like this and we all just started cracking up on the floor. They didn't care they just went along with it.

"Well looks like this is my Beautiful Girlfriend" Christa said.

"And this is my very very dashing boyfriend" Niall said

That just made us crack up more, it was hilarious. The best part was they kissed and we just couldn't stop laughing.Anyways, we just went downstairs and went to sleep.

Christa P.O.V

The rest of the boys went back downstairs, Niall stayed up here. He knew what we were going to do. We got our make-up bags and headed downstairs.The boys were fast asleep. Everyone of them looked like a doll. Wait, none of them look like a doll. Something strange.

"Drop the bags, ladies and get down on your knees hands behind your back."He said

"Or what?" I asked testing who ever it was patience.

"Or you, my dear" He pause.

"Will be soaking wet"

I now recognized the voice to be none other than Nialls

"Niall!! How could you do this you betrayed us!" I said

"I did, I still love you. But I can't betray my mates" He said

With that I turned around and kissed him. I ran upstairs because he wouldn't be able to catch me, because he was so dizzy after that kiss that he fell and landed right on his tush. I laughed, all the girls did the same thing. It was funny. We all ran into the room and went to sleep because tomorrow would be a long praticing day

Christas Dress

Christas Heels

Melis Dress

Melis Heels

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