Living with 1 Direction

Will me and my sisters life Change once are older brother Harry go off and try to become famous? Will he forget us? Or will we live with him when we go on tour?Well lets see if he becomes famous


17. Christa in the Hospital pt.2

Christas P.O.V

Idk what is happening anymore.I couldn't breathe, it felt like I was a fish out of water.I don't know whats happening anymore I hear people crying and saying: "She may not make it" or  "Christa,stay with me please!".All I know is I want Niall,wait whoa. Whats this,its a wedding.And is that Mel and Louis?OMG it is!And there is this little girl, she looks like Mel and Louis.Wait am I going to have a niece,and there is me!In this beautiful dress,with Niall walking down the aisle.Is this reality?Will this happen oh my god!

Mels P.O.V

"Louis we have to start making wedding plans!" I said
"I know,MelBell"He said
"Well where do we want to go to have our wedding"I asked
"Hawaii,maybe we can fly everyone down"Louis suggested
"Yeah I would love that!"I said
"Good,who is going to be the bridemaids and the maid of honor"He asked
"Um,Maid of Honor: Christa.Brides maids:Alisha,Lolly,Jade,Perrie,and Leigh-Anne"I said
"Okay, but once Christa gets out of the hospital she has to go in for a fitting."Louis said
"Yeah,I know,what should the colors be?"I asked
"Um,Purple and Dark red?" He suggested
"Yeah!! Those are my two favorite colors!"I said
So we finally decided,and it was settled.Christa was going to wear a dark red dress,and the bridesmaids are going to wear a purple dress.I can't believe it,I am finally going to get married!!!After we settled that,Me and Louis shared a long passionate kiss.He picked me up and took me into the bedroom,And it was history from there.(If u know what I mean)

Christas P.O.V

I think today is the day I wake up,because it looks so bright.I can see a light,but not that light.Like a hospital light.The next few seconds,as I knew it my eyes fluttered open.I saw Niall,Harry, and Liam staring at me.Niall just threw his arms over me.

"I missed you Chrissy!"He said"Don't ever leave me again"
"I promise I will try not to"I said
"Christa your birthday is in a few weeks,everything is all set up for."He said"Are you excited?"
"Yeah,we have to go get my dress fitted and everything.."I said"Can we go now?"
"Yeah"He said"Get ready"
I got up and dressed myself in a black dress and white flats and I had let my hair just lay out.I can't believe I am out of the hospital.And I had just got call from meli.

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