Living with 1 Direction

Will me and my sisters life Change once are older brother Harry go off and try to become famous? Will he forget us? Or will we live with him when we go on tour?Well lets see if he becomes famous


29. And the Wedding Bells are ringing

Mels P.O.V

Its time, my wedding.I don't think I am ready at all.Oh lord, I love Louis and all,but am I ready to become a wife?
"Harry!!"I cry
Harry comes running in.
"Whats wrong?"He asks all worried
"I don't think I am ready"I said
"Trust me little sister you're ready"He says
He takes my hand and helps me up, and zips my dress in the back.
"Lets go shall we, Dad and step-dad are waiting to take your hand"He said
As we arrive to the stairs everyone starts walking.
First up is Christa and Niall,I see her in her beautiful red dress.I still cant believe we got her out for 2 weeks
Next is Alisha and Harry, Alisha is seriously rocking that purple dress.
Then its Lolly and Calum,then the rest and here comes my moment.As the ring barer and the flower girl go together that's the signal for me.As my fathers take me down the Aisle, Chrissy and Harry start crying. So does me mum. As we reach the end, they kiss me on my cheeks and I hug them both.I walk to Louis and we face the preist.He says what  he has to say yatta yatta yatta!Me and Louis face eachother.

"Do you Louis William Tomlinson,take Melissa Sabrina Styles to be your wedded wife to love and to hold, for richer for poorer,for sickness and in health,till death do you part"He said
"I do"Louis said
"And do you Melissa Sabrina Styles, take Louis William Tomlinson to be your wedded husband to love and to hold,for richer for poorer for sickness and in health till death do you part"He said again
"I do" I said
"Then I present for the first time ever,Mr and Mrs.Tomlinson"He said"Now you may kiss the bride"
Louis picked me up bridal styles and kissed me.Everyone was cheering,clapping, and crying.They all start walking down the aisle.Its so beautiful that I am crying myself,it feels like a dream.
It was finally our turn to walk down the aisle, oh god.I am so happy!!!!!

*The Reception!*
Now everyone is being introduced,here we go.
"May I introduce, soon to be Mr. and Mrs.Horan!!!!!"He said
Christa and Niall came in waving!!With these big clown glasses everyone was cheering and laughing.
"Here comes Ms.Hood, and Mr.Styles!!!"He says and they are dancing like weirdos,they would be such a cute couple.
He introduced everyone else but us.
"Here Comes,the beautiful new Family"
"Mr, and Mrs.Tomlinson!!! With there beautiful baby girl, Louise Tomlinson!"He said and they all cheered and we came in dancing like normal people..
"Now its time for the Father Daughter dance!"He said and my step-dad took my hand.We danced for what seemed like eternity, and then my dad stepped in.Then before you know it Christa was on the dance floor with Harry. We danced and then we switched dance partners.Everyone was staring and aww. I heard someone say so cute! I guess that was grandmother.Oh she is so cute though when she said that.
"Now I would like to welcome Mr.Tomlinson to the floor with Mr.Horan."He said
We both curtsied before our dates, and they bowed.We both danced for a long time.Then it was time to cut the cake. Me and Louis headed to the cake, he took my hand that had the knife in it and we cut the first piece slowly and we fed eachother. Then I smashed the piece in his face and ran.Christa did the same thing to Niall, and we ran around the dance floor until the boys caught up.They took us twirled us and then picked us up bridal style and kissed us.Oi we were dizzy,and fell on our butts. The boys high fived eachother, and we kicked their legs and now they were on the floor with us. Haha!!! We all laughed and then it was over.So we said goodbye to everyone except one direction, because they were coming with us on our honey moon.Were going to Carribean Islands! Well lets go!!

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