Living with 1 Direction

Will me and my sisters life Change once are older brother Harry go off and try to become famous? Will he forget us? Or will we live with him when we go on tour?Well lets see if he becomes famous


10. And The Bells will soon be ringing

Its now 2014, fours years have passed and Christa is now 16,Meli is 18 and the rest of the boys well you know there age...5SOS are now famous, so enjoy the chapter.


Christas P.O.V

Wow,its been four years already. I just can't believe it. Anyways since my contract is up, the mansion is still ours and I am heading back home to England!!!! I just can't wait I miss Mum and Meli and Harry.We haven't seen eachother since Christmas of 2010..Why we haven't seen each other since then Idk why,but we have our own lives since well I am still 16 but I have a life you know.

*I arrive in the airport in England*

Its been so long since I have been in England, my whole families faces are probably all around the country. Mels face is probably up in Victorias secrets. I am in advertisements and movie theaters all around the world.The rest of the boys faces are probably in teenage girls room cross the world(Including mine,well only Nialls face).As I walk out of the Plane, I saw 10 Faces that I haven't seen in four years.

"NIALLLLLLLLLL!!!!!" I screamed

"CHRISSSSSSSSSY!!!!!!!"He screamed

We ran and I jumped in his arms.We kissed for a couple of seconds.I then saw Harry,Liam,Louis, and Zayn.I ran and gave them each a hug.Then I saw the 5SOS boys, I gave them each a hug, oh and how could I forget Lolly.I ran to Lolly and squeezed the air out of her...

"Nice to see you to,"She managed to say

I was really really happy to see her, and it looked as if Alisha was to.

Then really we all talked and waited for my sister to come home.As we were waiting and waiting she finally got off the plane.She looked stunning, she had slimmed out more, she dyed her hair blonde and every boy was drooling over her..Even Niall!!! I saw it, I slapped him with my purse and ran out crying.First Day back, not going as well as I thought and hoped it would.

I got into the Limo,and he dropped me off home.

"Madam Styles, why are you crying?"He asked
"Oh its just my BF was just drooling over my sister and it made me jealous I guess"I said
"Dont be jealous your beautiful,and here we are your house"He said
"Thanks casper"I said

And with that I headed inside, I cried and cried.I decided that wasn't the solution to this problem.I went into he bathroom,I knew what I had to do.I got the blade, took my wrist and cut.I screamed in pain, but it felt right.I knew I needed to do this.I knew if Harry would find out he would kill me. So I changed to a long sleeve shirt and just laid in my bed and cried and cried.Until I heard a knock out the door,.

"GO AWAY!!!!" I yelled
"No I wont"Niall said as he opened the door.

He came and sat on my bed and he pulled me up by my arms.He touched the spot where I had cut deep.I winced in pain,and he saw so he rolled up my sleeve and saw what I did.

"Christa Marie Styles!!!"He said "How could you" 
"How could I?How could you drool over my sister!!!!"I said
"I didn't mean to!!!She is just so beautiful,but your-"He said before I had cut him off.
"If she is so beautiful then date her!!"I said before I walked into the bathroom.

I picked the blade back up and I had put it against my skin.To my luck he was still in my room and he walked in here.Great.

He had taken the blade and he flushed it down the toilet.

"My blade!!"I whisper yelled

He placed his hands on my waist and spun me around so I am facing him.

"Christa,I have love you since I was 17.And I still do and that wont change.Promise me,Promise me that you will marry me."He said
"I promise"I said, as he slipped on the promise ring.I kissed him and he kissed back...

Mels P.O.V

I guess Christa was pissed at me.I mean I can't help that I am beautiful.I love her, and I never meant for her boyfriend to drool over me.Great,just great Niall drooled over me.The good news is Louis did. That's all that I care about, that he drooled over me.Nah Jk,Idc I mean its a good thing but idc.

As soon as we got home I went to unpack when I saw Louis outside in the back in the garden.Which had palm trees and flowers of all different kinds and was home to our horses and some birds.After I finished unpacking I went down to see what he was doing.

"Hey Lou,whatcha doing?"I asked
"Oh hey Mel!"He said as he turned around with a bouquet of flowers in his hand."These are for you"
"Thanks LouBear"I said
"Mel there is something I have been wanting to ask you for awhile"He said.As he said that a church choir came and sang  "Go tell it on the mountains"

"Melissa Styles, will you make me the happiest man in the world ever"He said then paused,I saw the birds sit by his side and on bird was holding a ring with a heart shaped diamond on it.Louis took the ring,and finished his sentence"and marry me?"He asked.

"Of course LouBear!!!"I said,and he slipped the ring on.

I jumped in his arms and he carried me bridal style so we could go tell the boys and Chrissy.

"Guys we're engaged!!!" I said and Lou nodded his head in agreement
"He just proposed to me"

"Thats great!!!!"Zayn,Niall,and Liam said in unison.Harry on the other hand looked angry.

"YOU GUYS ARE WHAT!!!"Harry asked loudly

"Were engaged,"I said again

"I guess this is a bad time to say that me and Niall are promised to eachother?"Christa said

"YOU'RE WHAT!!!"Harry said

"Harry you got to realize that were not babies anymore,we're growing up"Christa said

"Yeah, Harry soon we will be married.And we will have our own families!! And you will be engaged probably soon!!! Don't you see,were happy can't you accept that?" I asked

"Yeah I am sorry"He said.

For the rest of the night we just stayed up recording some songs and designing some clothes.We were all happy,and glad that we were back home.I hope it will stay like this for awhile...



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