The Christmas Carnival

I welcome you to the Christmas Carnival, and promise you you'll be in for a surprise.

*For the Christmas Competition: Write a Christmassy poem.*


1. The Christmas Carnival

There's a man that's not so jolly
dressed in blood with strings attached
white fur trim and silver shackles
boots of dreary, dismal black.


Rides a sleigh of bone-white reindeer
whips them just as he is whipped
by the arm of blank-faced sales -
doesn't get one lousy tip. 


There's a wailing, sobbing snow-man
mourning for the melted dead
when the sun shines in the morning:
nothing but the ice they bled. 


Candied children seeping chocolate

drowning in the liquid stench

bodies limp with festive wreckage

waiting for the last event. 


Woolly ropes of Christmas jumpers
looped and knotted at the throat
round the necks of carol singers

singing till they keel and choke.


While the sprigs of velvet holly
kick their legs and stamp their feet
dance with but a show-girl's honour
reading cheap lines from a sheet. 


And the man that's not so jolly

smiles kindly for the crowd but

underneath his hat he's hurting,

the red sky his scarlet shroud. 


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