A Father's Lie

Baby Daniella is kidnapped the night she was born by another pack.

Dani grows up in life believing that the man and women that raised her are her parents.
As she ages her 16th birthday is closer and closer. Dani thinks that her mate is her best friend Dustin, her father has told her that just that.
Will Dani ever notice she doesn't look her parents?
What happens when Dani finds her mate?
What is Dani's reaction to her packs secret?
Will she meet her real parents?

Find out in 'A Father's Lie'



1. Gone

Unknown Nurse's POV

December 23rd, 1998 
(about 15 1/2 years ago)

"Push, Luna Annette!" A nurse in the room urged as Luna panted and groaned, but complied. 

Minutes later a beautiful baby was born, "It's a bouncing baby girl!" A nurse announced aloud in delight. 

After cleaning off the baby the nurse handed Alpha Roth his baby girl. 


Alpha Dylan Roth's POV

"Push, Luna Annette!" A nurse at my side yelled to my mate Annette. She panted and groaned in pain but pushed never the less.

Moments later the most adorable baby was born.

"It's a bouncing baby girl!" The same nurse exclaimed in joy. She cleaned off my baby girl and passed her to me.

I cradled her as if she was the most delicate flower. "My baby girl," I stroked her head with my thumb, "your so beautiful. I love you so much Daniella."

I continued to rock baby Daniella and hold my sleeping mates hand when my beta, Lucas, ran in. "Alpha!" 

My head snapped up at his panicked voice, "Lucas?"

"Alpha, another pack breached the boarder. Warriors have already started fighting against their forces." Beta Lucas explained. 

"I'm on my way." I replied turning around and walking to a cradle near the window. I set Dani (Daniella) in then gently tucked her in, it pained me to leave my girls here and go fight. I closed the window, kissed her forehead and set out. 
The threatening forces retreated hours later, without shifting back I sprinted back to the house running and sliding up the steps. 
In the room I went only to be stopped in shock. 

Glass was everywhere and my mate was on the floor. Running to her I noticed the knocked over cradle. My baby girl was gone. They took Daniella away from me. 
I howl out in despair to the pack.



Salute lovlies❤️

Was that okay? 
Is anyone going to read this? I'm so sorry I was MIA for a while. 
Please forgive me you few that are reading this! 

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