The Rogue Legacy

Follow-up from the last Shadownight Legacy. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, this is going to be awesome! :o


96. 71 - Extract from the Diary of Aldrin Rogue

 She left in a hurry, but she'd come home. My mother had come home and I was splitting at the seams just seeing her. She gave us each a hug - even Uncle William who she never really liked - and sat with us telling stories and eating as much as she could.
“You didn't kill him?” Bex and Annabeth exclaimed when they heard that Mum had left Mr Kenobi alive.
“It's... complicated,” was her only reply, but she made it clear that the Fountain of Youth and its whereabouts would never bother anyone again.
“You know Annabeth and me nearly died on Temple Mount?” Bex said, with a squint eye.
“Oh, did you? That sounds exciting!”
 “It wasn't!” Bex snapped, “It's so much worse when you're happy! God! Annabeth would be dead if I'd just come home like you asked me to.”
 “But... You didn't come home... And she isn't dead.”
 “But you're going to blame me for a death or two that didn't happen? Okay, you got me - I take full responsibility.”
 “Urgh!” Bex growled, “You are so irritating!”
 “You made a good decision. Granted, you would have died as well if you didn't have a super-speedy, temperamental vampire as a boyfriend; but things worked out nicely in the end. Most of it, anyway,” she smiled, “But I think we all learned a valuable lesson. Some mistakes are worth making, yes - but those of us who choose not to make them will only regret not doing them. As opposed to the rest of us morons who will regret having done them. And, between you and me, I'd rather regret not doing all the stupid things I've done in life.”

Mum then took me aside and told me that she met my father. My real father. I asked about him and she said that he'd gone back to his people for the moment. She doesn't know if he wanted me to join them, but he asked a lot about me apparently.
 I'm not entirely sure how I feel about that.
 Then she went to get Cortés and assured him that he wasn't going to die and she needed him to secure Navarre for the mercenaries. Apparently, Cortés was Queen Isabella's most prized possession.

 And then... Well, then she left. It was a nice day, but it feels like Mum was only here for minutes before she received a message and rushed off to the docks again.

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