The Rogue Legacy

Follow-up from the last Shadownight Legacy. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, this is going to be awesome! :o


8. 6 - Extract from the Diary of Asa Shadownight

Annabeth had always been an awkward subject for me.

I cared for her, of course, but it was just... weird being around her at times. Annabeth was not a Shadownight, but she had taken our family name - mainly because Georgia was still pregnant with her when we got married - but also to protect Annabeth. It was said that her father, Mr Kenobi, was a man who sided with a very dangerous cult located somewhere that used to be called the Holy Land.

But if dealing with Annabeth was strange, meeting her father only a few weeks ago was clean-cut deranged.

I had very little knowledge of him. Georgia refused to talk about Mr Kenobi almost exclusively and I had always assumed he was a point of embarrassment (which should come as no surprise - especially not after Amethyst, and Queenie's rumoured forced-miscarriage). All I knew - from my time as a soldier and from other far less-reliable sources - was that he was a fugitive everywhere. And this place that Midnight had bought, this place we live... It was a magnet to that breed of people, drawing them in like bears to a honey-pot.

When he arrived, I was under the impression that Mr Kenobi might want his daughter returned to him - which I was so thoroughly against. I wanted Annabeth to have nothing to do with that man if he was such a terrible influence (we already had too many bad influences in our family anyway).
But, as it turned out, my assumptions were incorrect.
It baffles me as to why a man would want to finally meet his one and only daughter after so long - perhaps more than twenty-five years - but that was all: he just wanted to see her, meet her.

Annabeth was about as shocked as I was. She had never even seen an image of the man, but something must have stirred in her when she set her sights on him. They hugged, wept and finally got around to talking. Not that I was spying or anything - I just wanted to make sure the girl was alright. He gifted her with a sword that seemed to glow with a peculiar light and then left. The only item Annabeth had from her father, before this, was a gift he had actually given Georgia - a thin silver necklace with a intricately beautiful pendant - and Annabeth had lost it many years ago.

I wonder what this sword is, and why Annabeth only just received it. The sudden appearance of Mr Kenobi worries me as much as it scares me.
What does it mean?
Our family has had enough crises as it is and the possibility of another is... greatly frustrating - and those of us who could step up and do something about it are far too old.
I hope Queenie gets back soon. She's no Midnight, but she'd know how to interpret all this and, more so, how to deal with it.
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