The Rogue Legacy

Follow-up from the last Shadownight Legacy. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, this is going to be awesome! :o


82. 58.i - Rough Transcript of a Conversation Between Midnight Rogue and Cecil son of Romulus


 MIDNIGHT: So, now I know your name, but who are you? And why did you want to see me?
 CECIL: Both very good questions, which I will answer in good time. But first I must ask you: How are you?
 MIDNIGHT: ...Excuse me?
 CECIL: Merely answer my question. I will explain in time.
 MIDNIGHT: I'm... fine and unfine. It's difficult to explain.
 CECIL: I see... I understand that you have a large family? Who have you left them to?
 MIDNIGHT: My son has agreed to keep things for me until I return.
 CECIL: Your son?
 MIDNIGHT: Yes. My son.


 CECIL: How old is he now?
 MIDNIGHT: Nineteen years, by our reckoning.
 CECIL: And you believe that he can manage such a house, such a family?
 MIDNIGHT: I would trust him with my life.
 CECIL: But what about the lives of your family members?
 MIDNIGHT: Indeed. But he is not alone in such a responsibility. My brother and his wife, as well as one of my nephews and my children will do what they can to help him.


 CECIL: Then I suppose it is time I shed my cloak, as awkward as this might sound. I am-

 EOMER: [Whining softly]

 MIDNIGHT: Begging your pardon. [Pause] You don't mind, do you?
 CECIL: [Laughter] If the boy must feed, then he must feed. I will not refuse him that.
 MIDNIGHT: So... Who are you?
 CECIL: I am the father of the children you and your mate have watched over for more than a decade.
 MIDNIGHT: You're Aldrin's father.
 CECIL: Aldrin?
 MIDNIGHT: I-I-I mean Simon. I had the thought in the back of my mind when I saw you, but I dismissed it immediately. I honestly never hoped to meet you. What... did you want?
 CECIL: I am Simon and Victoria's father, actually.
 MIDNIGHT: But... Tori isn't a furry.
 CECIL: A what?
 MIDNIGHT: It's what Simon calls his race.
 CECIL: [Laughter] That's... quite adorable. We are known as Sons of Romulus or Romulites.
 MIDNIGHT: I didn't know that... But you said you were THE son of Romulus?
 CECIL: And I am, though it's a shortened form. I am Cecil son of Bartleby son of Vincent son of-
 MIDNIGHT: [Laughter] I got it. I'm still at a loss to understand why you have come to me, though... And the fact that Tori isn't one of your kind, at least, I didn't think she was... You haven't come to take them away, have you?
 CECIL: No, no. I have not. You needn't fret. This... will take a while to explain. You see, it's custom among our kind to marry and mate amongst our own race. However, I fell in love with a human woman. Her name was Marie la Fleur.
 CECIL: I'd... rather not get into it. She's been gone for a while, but...
 MIDNIGHT: I understand.
 CECIL: Right, then. Moving on, I didn't know that children could come of our relationship, but as luck had it - they did. Either human or Romulite.

 MIDNIGHT: But... if you aren't here to claim your children, why are you here to see me?
 CECIL: I... knew the man you married. Thomas Rogue son of Kelly Rogue? Uh... It's complicated. [Pause] Not in the way you are thinking. You see, I met him a very long time ago. We were both stranded on an island, and we had to go through many struggles together. But Thomas was... unlike any man I had ever met. Unlike others, I didn't have to earn his trust or prove myself because I was of a different species. He treated me as though I were of him and he of me, as of we were the same.
 MIDNIGHT: That... sounds like him.
 CECIL: I'm... sorry. I know this must still be extremely fresh to you.
 MIDNIGHT: It's alright. Continue, please.
 CECIL: But we Romulites have a very strange ability. In a sense, Thomas and I became brothers-in-arms, but the connection runs deeper than that. Romulites are able to connect with another being on a telepathic level - but only a being that they have both saved from great danger and have been saved by from great danger. Our friendship lasted through the years in this way - we could share our thoughts when the fancy struck us and even exchange situations through dreams. Both Simon and Victoria were taken from me by slavers when they were very young, but when I discovered they had been handed over to orphanages in Italy - where you and Thomas were residing at the time - it was on my suggestion that he took both Victoria and Simon.


 CECIL: I know about your journey to the Fountain of Youth, your struggles with one named Kenobi. Thomas told me about the birth of your son. And when he died... It was like the light of a candle was blown out in my mind. I knew that he had passed from this world. And I felt the need to meet you and help you solve this crime against him.
 MIDNIGHT: But... How...? How did you know I would be in Normandy?
 CECIL: Truth be told, I didn't. Normandy is closer to me than the island on which you live, and I knew that I wouldn't be able to find it anyway. So when I came here, I spoke to your brother and he told me that you might be coming here. And if you didn't, then he would write to you concerning me.
 MIDNIGHT: This is... a lot to take in, Cecil.
 CECIL: I know. I sense some distrust on your person. And... a lot of pent-up grief.
 MIDNIGHT: [Sigh] I always... I always thought...
 CECIL: That, if anything, you would be first?

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