The Rogue Legacy

Follow-up from the last Shadownight Legacy. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, this is going to be awesome! :o


72. 50.i - Rough Transcript of the Narration of Midnight Rogue and Miguel Cortés

 MIDNIGHT: You've never really thought much of your mother, what her life was like before she met my brother, what her story was. And she was happy with none of you knowing. She used to live in Tibet. Asa met her when he was hired to fight in a factional war, as he held one of the mercenary fortresses in Bengal - but I doubt even he knows this. Georgia, to my knowledge, has never told this story to anyone - not to me either. I found this story on the lips of a sour prisoner Khadir captured for me recently.
 CORTÉS: ...The Chintimani Stone?
 MIDNIGHT: Aye. And your failure to get your hands on it before the Chess Pieces intervened and managed to destroy it.
 CORTÉS: Didn't you just ruin the story?
 MIDNIGHT: I have more than a dozen children I've looked after in my life and quite a few grandchildren - I think I know how to tell a story, Miguel.
 CORTÉS: [Sigh].
 MIDNIGHT: Georgia was trained from a young age as a virgin nun, taught in a magical art to protect a hidden city and a sacred stone. Her sorcery was so strong that she was one in a thousand that was chosen to hide the lost city of Shangri-La, at the heart of which was the Chintamani Stone. Like the Fountain of Youth, the Stone gave ever-lasting agelessness to all the inhabitants of Shangri-La. But, of course, such things didn't stay as hidden as Georgia's people would have liked. The Chess Pieces and the Sons of the Sword had read the myths, heard the legends and were eager to find its origins.
 CORTÉS: The Sons of the Sword got there first.
 MIDNIGHT: Kenobi managed to find Georgia, in the temple of which she was kept. He asked her questions, to which she gave vague answers. But she liked him and shared with him a place in her heart, so to speak. But once a... barrier was trespassed, her magic weakened and Kenobi's eyes were opened to anything she sought to cover.
 CORTÉS: Shangri-La became open for all the world to see, and was endangered immediately. Kenobi sought to take the Stone for the Sons of the Sword but an agent of the Chess Pieces came out of hiding and the two began fighting over it. Eventually, it came to a gory stalemate and the agent decided that if he could not take the Stone for his faction, he would not allow Kenobi to take it for his. So he destroyed it. How, I'm not entirely sure, but the hidden city fell - crumbled to ash and dust, all the buildings, the livestock, the people. Nothing remained.
 MIDNIGHT: How did you think we have been so safe here for all these years? And why do you think that only Mr Kenobi could find his way here on his own?

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