The Rogue Legacy

Follow-up from the last Shadownight Legacy. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, this is going to be awesome! :o


59. 40 - Extract from Kennedy Shadownight's Journal

I could hear shouting, and I knew it was Aunt Midnight. I left the gymnasium to Topaz and Tori as they sparred it out and went to see what all the fuss was about. I saw Uncle Thomas come out of the kitchen, with his face flushed a bright red.
“Uncle Thomas?” I said.
He glanced in my direction and said, “Not now, Kenny.”
I grabbed his arm when he tried to walk away from me, “Were you and Aunt Midnight arguing about something?”
“I said not now!”
“What happened?”
“Kenny, go away!”
“No! Tell me what happened.”
He looked away, “Your aunt and I're always fightin'.”
“But I've never seen you this worked-up because of some meaningless banter. Uncle Tom, what happened?”
Uncle Thomas sighed and sat down, “You're not goin' t'leave me be, are you?”
“You know me, Uncle Tom.”

“Your aunt's been... keepin' things from me.”
“What things? Has she destroyed all the rum again?”
“No... Well, yes, but not like that. It's... not really my place t'share it with ye.”
“So... secrets?”
Uncle Thomas nodded and mumbled, “Aye.”
“She's not allowed to have secrets?”
“That's not the point. She should've told me.”
“Maybe she was scared that you would do this.”
“Not if she'd told me sooner. Much sooner. Years and years ago.”
I gave him a look.
“What?” he said.
“Uncle Tom, you're being ridiculous. Aunt Midnight tells you everything. And if she kept this one thing, it's because even she doesn't want to know it.”
“Aunt Midnight trusts you, Uncle Tom. She's probably embarrassed by it or wants to forget it or something. Aunt Midnight should be allowed to keep secrets.”
“How would ye know, Kenny? What would ye know about any o' this?”
“Because I know you two. Aunt Midnight doesn't like a lot of people, but she likes you. More than anyone. You're, like, her most favourite person in the world. Do you really believe it's an issue of trust?”
“Just leave it alone, Uncle Tom. Don't be mad at Aunt Midnight.”

He nodded slowly, “You're right, Kenny,” he patted my head lightly, “Thank ye.”
“What are you going to do now?”
“Find some flowers and try to make up, I guess.”
“Should I talk to Aunt Midnight?”
“No... I think I can handle it,” he got up and sighed, “But I feel like this is still goin' t'bother me.”
“Just get the flowers, Uncle Tom,” I laughed.
He walked out and I helped him pick a nice bunch of various flowers. And then followed him to their bedroom. I could hear Eomer mewling from inside and Aunt Midnight was cooing to him softly so that he'd quieten.
“I hope this works,” Uncle Thomas mumbled.
“It will,” I said.
He smiled at me and then went in.

I stood by and listened.

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