The Rogue Legacy

Follow-up from the last Shadownight Legacy. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, this is going to be awesome! :o


58. 39 - Extract from the Diary of Asa Shadownight

This was bliss!
The house has never been so quiet and calm. It was like a dream. Though, Midnight tells me that Aldrin and Bex are on their way home soon. Better enjoy the peace while it lasts then, eh? Kenny's become a lot more comfortable with her surroundings and trains with Tori and Topaz when she can - though she seems to become fatigued very easily. She spends a lot of time outdoors, hunting with John some days and just sitting in the grass other days. She still seems much closer to Midnight and Thomas than I care to express, but that was the norm since she was a little girl.
And Georgia has never been so free of worry in her lifetime.
She talks about Bex and hopes that she's safe - but we've never had to worry about our bright little vampiress. Bex knew how to take care of herself.

But Midnight... she seemed preoccupied. With more than one thing, it was plain to see. I saw her making tea today, very quiet and pensive - she didn't even hear me come in. Usually, my sister was very alert - her reflexes akin to that of a meerkat - but she was just out of it today. But then again, she'd never seen me as a threat, so I don't suppose it's surprising that she'd ignore me.
She sighed.
“Asa?” she said, as she carried her beverage to the table, “...Tea?”
“I'm fine, thanks,” I replied.
Midnight shrugged and sat down, sipping at the piping drink scantily.

“Midnight?” I heard Thomas call, “I've been lookin' for you everywhere! Kenny's in the trainin' room, and she's givin' Tori and Topaz what for!” he laughed, striding past me with a quick tap on my shoulder, “You have t'see it.”
Midnight regarded him and then said, “Maybe another time, Thomas.”
“You alright? Something wrong wi' the baby?”
“No. Eomer is fine, he's sleeping.”
“And you...?”
“I'm... alright, Thomas. Did Mr Kenobi speak with you?”
“Aye, we talked some. He's a strange man, said he's goin' to stay the night.”
“What did you talk about?”
Thomas straightened and folded his arms, “About a certain interrogation that happened in this house not too long ago.”
Midnight rolled her eyes, “Thomas...”
“I'll tell you if ye tell me about Vasquez. You said later and now's later.”

Midnight sighed her reluctance, “Fine. Vasquez is a friend of a friend of a friend.”
“A few decades ago, there was a campaign I had to lead in Bengal, only it turned out to be an ambush. Long story short, a lot of my men died and I guess I needed to let out some pent-up aggression... Though that's probably putting it mildly. And it didn't help when my friend - who had aided my escape from Bengal - was killed under suspicious circumstances. So his friend suggested a... job in Tortuga and introduced me to Vasquez.”
“Wait... Was your friend a pirate?”
“Yes. Though, I don't know if you'd know him. His name was Callum O'Brien. And his friend was a pirate and so is Vasquez.”
“I've ne'er o' Captain Callum O'Brien, but I know a Vasquez alright. The crazy one?”
“That's about as much description as you need, I suppose. But anyway, Tortuga was overrun by British soldiers and I was hired to get rid of them all for the Brethren of the Coast... I was young and I had too much liberty.”
“You lost?”
“No. We won... Vasquez is an ex of mine, Thomas. I never liked him but... It just happened.”

Thomas was silent. He stared at Midnight.
“Wow,” he said after a long pause, “Um... I can see why ye weren't eager t'tell me that, but don't you think ye should've?”
Midnight laughed, “Did you want me to list all my past relationships and random flings? Though, admittedly, it wouldn't be hard. I don't have many.”
“I just think this subject should've been brought up some point. We've been married a long time.”

“Did she tell you about her previous marriage?” I cut in.

Midnight glared at me.
Thomas regarded me and then looked back at Midnight, “Previous... marriage? What's he on about?”
Midnight would not remove her glare from my face. She sighed coldly and stood up, “It wasn't a marriage, it was an engagement.”
“Are you sure?” I asked, “You two were together for nearly six or so years.”
“Asa, get out.”
“How could you not have told me about this?” Thomas said.
“It was never solemnized, Thomas. It was just an engagement,” Midnight tried.
“But six years! Forget your random flings, I should've known about this.”
“Nobody should have known about this!” Midnight snapped, “Not you, not anybody!” she looked away, “This is why we don't talk, Asa,” she said, before leaving the room.

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