The Rogue Legacy

Follow-up from the last Shadownight Legacy. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, this is going to be awesome! :o


57. 38 - Extract from the Notebook of Bex Shadownight

On the boat. Again.

Patrick was less than pleased to hear that we'd killed Vasquez and we needed to leave the island immediately, but he got us out of Tortuga as quick as his grumpy, drunken self allowed.
Was it safe to let a drunk man captain a ship...?
Eh, we'd probably be fine.
Anyway, Cortés was still with us. And Aldrin was trying out as many scare tactics as he could to try and prise information out of the guy - but Cortés was huge. It was going to be as difficult to impose on him as it would be to impose on Khadir or Thomas. And Queenie's tried to impose on Thomas before twice - let me tell you, it didn't go well.

If anything, Cortés just seemed upset that we were on the ship that used to be his. It was funny, if you thought about it. Though, he probably didn't think so.
When Aldrin was out of ideas and sick of talking to the Spaniard, Cortés exited the captain's room and went to stare idly out at sea.
I stood next to him and said, “We did save your life, you know.”
He scoffed, “Only to deliver me to someone who will most likely take it?”
“My aunt's not like that.”
He smiled, “Your aunt?”
“Yes. Midnight Shadownight-Rogue. She's the one that sent us out here to find you. She just wants to ask you some questions.”
“And she couldn't just, oh I don't know, write a letter? Everyone knows who I am, she wouldn't even need to supply an address.”
“She doesn't want you dead, Cortés.”
“Not yet,” he said, “You clearly don't know your aunt.”
“Why does everyone keep saying that?”
“Because you don't.”
“Well, have you ever met her?”
“Not personally, no.”
“Then how would you know? I've lived with her almost all my life.”
Cortés scoffed again, “You are family, you are a child. She would act towards you in a different manner, than she would towards her victims. I may not have met her, but I have met her victims. And let me tell you, there is a lot about your aunt that you have to learn - when she is outside of your view, outside of your home.”
“I still don't think she'd kill you.”
He shrugged, “To each their own, I suppose.”

“So... What were you doing out here?”
“Well, when your aunt and, I assume, uncle made off with my ship and the map I sought - I still had to have something to bring back. I knew there was a man who never aged on these isles and I used this lead to find him - Estaban Vasquez. I had intended to capture him, so he might lead me to the Fountain that so many had sought before but never found.”
“So all of that inane rambling from Vasquez was true then?”
“It seems I may have underestimated him.”
“No shit... Why are you telling me, but not Aldrin?”
“I felt like getting on his nerves.”
“Didn't he hit you once or twice?”
“Do I look like the kind of man that would be bothered by such a thing?”
“I guess not... But, did you really just want to discover the Fountain for Isabella? Claim it for Spain? Do you have any idea how many problems that could cause?”

He gave me a side-glance, “You have a lot to learn about this world. Not everything is as you see it. Not everything is as it should be, as you think or believe it should be.”

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