The Rogue Legacy

Follow-up from the last Shadownight Legacy. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, this is going to be awesome! :o


56. 37 - Extract from Annabeth Shadownight's Journal

I could not believe my eyes.
I didn't care if he was never here, Aunt Midnight can't just drag my father away like that!
They were talking in Aunt Midnight's study, so I opened the door and let myself in.

Aunt Midnight turned to me, “Annabeth?”
“How could you not inform me that my father was here?” I said.
“Apologies. My enthusiasm gets the better of me,” she gestured to Father, “Your father is here.”
I rolled my eyes and sat next to him.
“Hello, Annabeth. I'll admit, with your aunt's "enthusiasm" I didn't think I'd see you this soon,” he said, and then looked back at Aunt Midnight, “And, with all due respect, Midnight, I feel like this is more of an interrogation than a friendly conversation.”
“You're interrogating my father!” I gasped.
“Clearly, neither of you have experience in what one of my interrogations look like,” Aunt Midnight said, “I just want information, Mr Kenobi. What does your order stand for? I've asked Annabeth to join you, but I'd like to know what she's getting herself into. I'm sure you'd understand why I'd be concerned with such a thing.”

“I appreciate what you have done for my daughter and I mean that - but if Annabeth has decided to join me and my brothers, then you can be sure that I know what she is getting into and I know that she can handle it.”
“You've only seen your daughter twice - counting this time - how can you 'know' what she is and is not capable of?”
“She's my daughter, isn't she?”
“And I have three daughters born from a mercenary and a pirate that are as docile as lambs. What is your point?”
“My point is, I am Annabeth's father and I would never let anything bad befall her.”
“I'm sorry, but as this is the first time I've seen you and this is the second time she's seen you - I can't say I trust such a protestation! I have seen fathers do horrible things to their daughters, the subjugation and turmoil they throw them to! Mr Kenobi, I need to know.”
“Midnight, my order demands that I keep their interests a secret.”
“The innocent do not hide behind words, Mr Kenobi.”

“Aunt Midnight!” I cried.


“You said I had the choice to join my father or stay! You said I had to make my own way in life and you were right! Stop treating me like a child! Stop looking over my shoulder for me! Stop talking about me like I'm not even here!” I yelled, “I'm going with my father, that is final!”
“Annabeth-” Aunt Midnight tried.
“No, just... No! I have to do this. I don't care what it will cost me or what I'll have to do! I need to make this mistake!” I paused for breath, “Just like you said.”
“I just wanted to see you safe...”
“By badgering my father for answers and completely disregarding any sort of manner or courtesy?”
Aunt Midnight looked away, “I'll get out of your way then, Annabeth. Glad to see you've finally stepped out of your shell.”
“Midnight, wait-” Father said as Aunt Midnight turned to leave, “I was hoping to ask you a few things or, rather, your husband.”
“Thomas? What could you possibly want with him?” she asked.
Aunt Midnight looked suspicious and uncertain, “Thomas is in the gymnasium.”

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