The Rogue Legacy

Follow-up from the last Shadownight Legacy. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, this is going to be awesome! :o


45. 30 - Extract from the Diary of Aldrin Rogue

I don't even know how to put this down in words. I feel tainted, knowing what I know. But writing things out always helped before, so maybe it will now?

I don't know.

Let's start with something easy first: We found one of Cortés's men (well... we actually found about eight of them, but Bex was really thirsty, so... yeah). We brought him back to the fort by nightfall and Vasquez yelled at him in Spanish.
It was hard to stop laughing. I know I shouldn't have been laughing.
Anyway, I spoke to Vasquez about the things that were discussed and he said he knew where Cortés was and we'd lead an assault soon. He was "too tired" and "frustrated" to take battle plans seriously, and so said he'd explain strategy in the morning for me.

And then... Well, in a way, I brought it on myself.

“Vasquez?” I said.
“Sí?” he took a long swig from a brown bottle and then passed it me.
I sniffed it. Urgh, rum...
I refused the offer and said, “How do you know my mother?”
Vasquez scoffed, “That's not an answer you want, hermano.”
I blinked, “So... I'm guessing you slept with her?”
“Really? That's the worst thing you could think of?” Vasquez laughed. He became very animated, as if this was a story he enjoyed telling, “If you want, I'll tell you - but it's not something a son wants to hear about his mama.”
“Tell me.”

“This island? Your mother was the one that freed it for me - as a personal favour to a deceased friend, a pirate. Callum O'Brien, I think his name was. I don't know for sure, but one of my compadres that brought Midnight here told me that O'Brien was head-over- fucking-heels for the woman.”
“That's why he died?”
“Ah, no. O'Brien joined some cult, some rain-dancing group or whatever - people that dreamt of fairy dust and global peace. Shit like that. But he disagreed with their leader and they turned on him. Big time.”
“I thought you said you didn't know him?”
“Oh. Your mama told me all of that, after I fucked her. No offence meant. She seemed pretty hung up on him, though she insisted they were just friends.”
I looked away.

My mother is an adult with her own mind. She could do what ever she wanted in the past.
Keep telling myself that and I might be able to get passed this.

“And so?” I said.
“Tortuga was over-run by the British. And your mama,” he laughed, “She had a thing for killing those fucking guys in their frilly red-coats. She hated them more than I'd seen anyone hate British soldiers. Little ironic, being British herself.”
“Wow, you really paid attention to her...”
“She's quite the woman. Can't believe she's settled down though, with a pirate of all things. She always said she hated me, because I was a pirate.”
“Wait, she hated you?”
“Your mama hates everybody, Aldrin.”
“Then why would she sleep with you?”
“Love isn't a requirement for fuck, hermano. Attraction is enough sometimes. Midnight must have been... twenty-five, twenty-six? Can't even remember how old I was.”
“You said I wouldn't want to hear any of this...”
“And have you enjoyed it so far?”
“Well, no... But you just made this sound... Big.”

“I know your father as well,” Vasquez said, “Though... I never liked him as much.”
“Rogue could never win a fucking thing. At least, as far as I knew. And the one time...” Vasquez put his fist down on the banister, “This one time, I played dice with him. I was broke, and I thought playing with him might get me some money. I was stupid enough to fall for it. I bet with the only thing I had - a certain map - and he beat me. The mother-fucker beat me and took my map! I tried to fight for it back, but he plays swords much better than he plays dice,” he pointed to his face, “See this scar? Your fucking father gave me that.”
“But what has this-?”
“I can't believe Midnight married that fucking asshole! After everything...”
I stared at him, “Are you hung up on my mum?”
Vasquez clicked his jaw to a side, “Your mother is the scariest person I know. I've been trying to imitate her ways since I met her, but I can never seem to be as scary. She had this way... of making people run.”

He turned and began walking backwards, “Everything you've seen from me, I learned from her.”

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